THE CINNAMON STICKS ,which is also known as cinnamon bark is one of the most popular food condiments spice ingredient commonly used in various cuisines and cooking recipes. 

It gives and enhances the taste,flavors and aromas of food and beverages edible products. Cinnamon sticks known for it's hot pungent aromatic characteristic quality. It is used as whole bark sticks or in its ground powdered forms. 

Cinnamon tea , cinnamon water, cinnamon apple water, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon apple pie,cinnamon cookies, cinnamon apple crumble, cinnamon chocolate etc.many more delicious recipes are world famous throughout the world. 

Cinnamon contains almost 80 aromatic compounds in it with amazing healthy nutrients benefits for human body. An eugenol oily compound found in dry cinnamon sticks  from the leaves or bark of cinnamon trees. 

Many alcohol flavourant drinks are distilled and punched with cinnamon sticks bark such as cinnamon liqueur, cinnamon whiskey, cinnamon brandy like Rokomelo in Greece is very popular. 

Famous Christmas drink eggnog is punched and flavoured with cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder. 

Healthy cinnamon tea is one of the healthiest drink which is good for blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol level, heart disease, diabetes etc ; it is so simple healthy drink is made by just boiling water and cinnamon sticks. 

Apple cinnamon water improves and boost up body metabolism naturally with its zero calorie detox drink .As well it is very beneficial for dropping weight and gives instant energy in body, if you drink it regularly at moderate levels. 

Originally cinnamon is a natural plant spice from the inner bark of several trees species called Genus cinnamomum. It is obtained from an ever green tree with its oval shaped leaves, thick bark and berry fruit. When harvesting the spice , the bark and leaves are the main key parts of the plant used as food flavoring and condiments ingredients. 

In USA and Mexico,  cinnamon sugar is commonly sold which is widely used in cereals, baked foods, beverages as well in chicken and meat dishes. 

Cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder is one of the key kitchen food ingredients in many Indian dishes, used as part of Garam masala. Cinnamon powder is used for making Indian masala tea , which is hot healthily drink especially very popular tea in winter season in India. 


The flavour and aromas of cinnamon is basically due to its aromatic essential oil that mark up to 0.5 to 1% of its composition. The cinnamon essential oil is extracted  by pounding and grinding the dry cinnamon sticks .Macerating it in sea  water, and then qualify for its golden yellow color.

The hot  aromatic pungent taste and scents comes from its oily compound cinnamal dehyde.About 90% of cinnamon oil is taken out from bark .


Ground cinnamon powder is packed with around  11% water, 81% carbohydrate  ,53% dietary fiber which helps in digestion, 4% protein, 1% fat besides ground cinnamon powder is rich source of magnesium, calcium and iron components in it .


  1. Good source of strong antioxidant. 
  2. A perfect spice condiment for antibacterial benefits.
  3. Act as an antifungal food. 
  4. Good for digestion. 
  5. Cinnamon tea is good for lowering blood pressure. 
  6. Perfect medicine for hypertension issues. 
  7. Balances blood sugar levels. 
  8. Helps in building strong bones tissue. 
  9. Good for diabetes. 
  10. A perfect pain reliever. 
  11. Regular drinking of cinnamon tea helps in cold and flu problems. 
  12. Cinnamon powder is one the most delicious food ingredients that enhances food and beverages quality. 
  13. Goes well with cloves and staranise. 
  14. Cinnamon masala tea is healthy hot drink for winter season. 
  15. Good source of instant energy and mood booster since cinnamon is rich in carbohydrates. 
  16. Cinnamon chocolate is great source of energy. 
  17. Its strong smokey pungent flavors improves appetite. 
  18. Many Indian Ayurveda medicine is made with cinnamon oil and powder. 
  19. Cinnamon flavors matched easily with healthy fruit like apples. 
  20. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on coffee improves taste and aromas of coffee. 
  21. Cinnamon oil act as pain reliever for joints pain. 
  22. Cinnamon is good for weight loss since its contains very low level of fats compounds in it.
  23. It is rich source of mineral such as iron, magnesium, calcium. 
  24. Improves flavors of many cocktails and mocktails beverages. 
  25. Regular intake of cinnamon helps in brain function as well improves memory levels. 
  26. Cinnamon flavored liqueur are good for digestion. 


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