Healthy Creamy Mushroom Risotto | A High -Starch Rice Used .

 THE ITALIAN RISOTTO, one of the healthiest creamy textured rice dish preparation in the world , which is liked by every food lover to have it in his food menu . Amazing secrets and fact about Risotto is that even without adding cream in it , can be cooked into creamy consistency and silky smooth texture, it is simply because only high starch rich short grain rice is being used in it’s recipe . Rice varieties such as Arborio , Baldo , Carnaroli, Marateeli , Violone and Nano rices are considered to be an appropriate rice quality for making yummy and delicious authentic Risotto dish .

The reasons behind using high - starch content rice which is rich in amylopectin nutritional components in it . Such rices are thick short to medium grain size and have quality and ability to absorb liquids and to release starchy consistency and creamy thick texture in Risotto. The rice is not to be pre-washed , rinsed , boiled or drained because pre- washing process will remove the starchy quality of rice . 

Making correct Risotto needs deep experience and skills as well patience while making it . There are various Risotto recipes with many numerous ingredients, but what basic cooking preparation required is that , they all based on quality of correct rice usage of appropriate varieties. Risotto, unlike other rice dishes preparation requires constant stirring, care and attention. Its final texture and consistency should be similar to thick porridge dish .

So , let us understand and know what exactly is Italian Risotto rice dish ? It is simple and humble Italian dish contains mostly Arborio rice cooked to a creamy consistency without adding cream, well if cream is added it is just for flavours and taste , by adding small quantity of hot chicken or fish broth, even vegetables and mushroom broth can be used and stirring frequently while cooking Risotto to get its own natural creamy consistency texture. This slow and continuous process helps Arborio rice to release starches which exactly makes the Risotto rice creamy and delicious to eat . 

The natural carbohydrates properties in Arborio rice do have fewer vitamins and minerals compounds too than white thick grains , eating Arborio rice Risotto can provide quick energy for the body when it is converted into glucose due to starch content in it . As well as any sea food based Risotto has healthy Omega - 3 fatty acid, which plays an important vital roles in reducing inflammation and can improve cardiovascular health benefits.

The word Risotto is associated with Italian word Riso meaning “ Rice” which is a traditional northern Italian rice dish . 

A classic rice dish which is cooked with hot broth until it achieved a thick creamy consistency. The hot broth can be extracted from meat , fish or vegetables. Risotto recipes contains olive oil , butter, garlic, onion, celery, rosemary, white wine and refrigerated Parmesan cheese 🧀. It is one of the very common staple rice dish of Italian social food culture since long time. 

Saffron was originally used for flavours and its signature natural yellow colour texture. 

While making creamy delicious mushroom risotto needs to used mushroom slices as well as hot mushroom broth. Besides there are low carb cauliflower rice risotto, pumpkin risotto, Pearl barely risotto, shrimps risotto, black truffle mushroom risotto with healthy truffle oil and many more ....

Parsley, celery, green peas, truffle slices, sautéed mushroom slices is best ingredients for garnishing Risotto along with grated Parmesan cheese 🧀.

As per its traditional recipe the rice is sautéed in butter, onion, garlic, sausage and bone marrow with hot meat or vegetables broth with saffron gradually added in making of creamy Risotto.

This classic dish of Italian cuisine is normally served as first course meal or entree before the main course, but usually Risotto alla Milanese is often served with Ossobuco alla Milanese as a main course. 


  • Oven -baked chicken breast to really let the Risotto shine .
  • A cold crunchy salad with vinaigrette dressing.
  • Steamed glazed broccoli and carrots makes for colourful side dish with Risotto.
  • Cooked Sausages 
  • Fried or Poached eggs with buttered asparagus tips.
  • Ricotta 
  • Seasoned Scallops 
  • Spinach pesto with almond and feta 
  • Sautéed glazed mushroom slices 
  • Fresh mint and peas soup 
  • Parmesan cheese 
  • Garlic roasted green beans 
  • Caprese Salad 
  • Grilled beef short cut ribs over creamy mushroom Risotto 
  • Pinot Noir red wine 
  • Nebbiolo red wine 
  • Full bodied Chardonnay white wine, Pinot Gris , Chablis 

Approx 400 gram of fully cooked and served Risotto can provide following nutritional value in human body 

Calories : 358 Kcal | Carbohydrate: 46 gm | Protein: 1 gm | Fat : 3 gm | Saturated fats : 6 gm | Cholesterol:22 mg | Sodium: 831 mg | Potassium: 586 mg | Fiber : 3 gm | Sugar: 3 gm | Vitamin A : 247 mg | Vitamin C : 15 mg | Calcium: 109 mg | Iron : 3 mg 

Finally the Risotto is full loaded and packed with many healthy nutritional value, only because a high starch rich rice like Arborio is main key ingredients in making creamy Risotto. It is contained with easy digestive compounds which also helps in digestive system as well as restores belly bowel function.


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