Healthy Bay Leaf Cinnamon Tea | It’s Mood Refreshing Beverage..

 THE BAY LEAF is one of most common aromatic and flavoured food herb and spices being used in various food and beverage preparation since long time. It is almost easily available in spices jar and containers in every kitchen. Bay leaves are known and to be considered the blessings of the God which provides numerous healthy benefits for human body.

When you burn  dry bay leaves at your home , it bring and improves one healthy and relaxing auroa and environment inside the room . Its strong and rustic smokey aroma helps to relieves stress, anxiety, reduces inflammation, boost up mind and mood feelings and passion, refreshing respiratory system as well burning bay leaves is good sign and symbol of good luck and prosperity in life .

This light humble leaves widely used in cooking mainly to add up strong flavours in food. In Indian subcontinent it is known as TEZPATTA and very common and essential ingredients in every Indian garam masala ingredients.

Bay leaves basically comes from bay laurel tree, hence it is also known as laurel leaves. There are various types of bay leaves are there like Mexican bay leaves, Indonesian bay leaves, Mediterranean bay leaves, Californian bay leaves and world famous Indian bay leaves which is also called TEZPATTA in India. 

There are few old folks stories about healthy bay leaves like “ WITCHES OF LOVE “ which says that , write your wishes or questions on bay leaves and then burn it , if the leaf crackles and burn bright then outcome and hope is positive, but if leaf refuses to burn or smokes then the outcome is negative.

There is very famous traditional drinking tea in west India is called BAY LEAF CINNAMON TEA which is good for heart health and digestive system in human body. Just use 4-5 dry bay leaves, one cinnamon sticks and one litre water in pot bring to boil over high heat and let it boil for 3 minutes and leave to simmer on slow fire for 20 minutes,  strain and drink or add sugar free or sweeten to fit into your taste buds. 

BENEFITS OF HAVING BAY LEAF TEA: Its an incredible interesting and unique flavours healthy beverage to drink . It must in drink like SORREL. It helps in healing pain , an anti inflammatory drink , good for gastric disorder, osteoarthritis,  colds , fever and painful muscles. In addition drinking bay leaves tea on regular basis is very healthy and refreshing since bay leaves is fully packed with vitamin A , vitamin C , iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium. So consider this healthy tea is one perfect refreshing beverage to get mindfulness experience.

Even , bay leaves essential oil is very useful since it contains anti microbial, Insecticidal and repellent activity .

Consuming and using bay leaves in food and beverage preparation as well it has been proved that bay leaves are good for migraines, reduces and lowers blood sugar level as well can improve heart health. They are extremely anti - oxidennt and helps in insulin production in body which is good for diabetics , besides bay leaves consumption helps in lowering bad cholesterol, reduces anxiety and lowering blood sugar and high blood pressure symptoms.

Its leaves contains about 1.5% essential oil that is packed with one specific compounds called Lina lool which helps in  against any anxiety symptoms. As well as it is great benefits in digestion and stomach ulcers by stimulating the healthy nutritional secretions of stomach acids that helps in break down food particles during digestion process. 

Due to presence of healthy cafteic acid and rutin in bay leaves helps to enhance the cardiovascular diseases by eliminating the bad cholesterol , in addition the bay leaves plays a vital roles in reducing body and mind anxiety symptoms since it contains linalool compounds in it . Snelling bay leaves for just 10 minutes can instantly help you feel better as well this specific compounds is also well known for enhancing communication quality strength in human body.

Using this healthy nutritional herbal leaves is good against bacterial diseases, infection, detoxification and improves good heart health since it is rich in minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A , vitamin C which is good source of antioxidants properties as well helps in fighting against migraines disease symptoms in human body.

Due to presence of photochemical and healthy natural oil content helps in improving insulin and metabolism function which is good for digestion process in body besides its Polyphenols properties helps in controlling sugar levels in body that is good for diabetics and blood cholesterol and blood pressure level which results in good benefits against any heart disease. 


  1. A natural aromatic and flavouring ingredients in food preparation that improves the taste and delicacy of food.
  2. Helps in fights against cancer due to various healthy nutritional compounds available in bay leaves.
  3. Burning bay leaves helps in killing germs. bacteria, viruses since its release strong pungent smokey smell and aroma. 
  4. Bay leaves cinnamon tea is very useful for overall body and mind function as well mainly for brain and nervous system .
  5. Good for breathing and entire respiratory system.
  6. Good source of antioxidants and anti inflammatory.
  7. Relives from any pain 
  8. Lowers down blood cholesterol level. 
  9. A good healthy herbs for reducing  stress and anxiety.
  10. Bay leaf  essential oil is good aromatherapy. 
  11. Relives from any wounds and injuries 
  12. Drinking bay leaves tea is good for hair growth and skin . 
  13. The best pain killer food herb and Spices.
  14. Good for healthy memory and brain function.
  15. Bay leaves essential healthy oils plays an important roles as insecticide, pest control as well as perfect room freshener too   
  16. Good for skin glow tone since it is packed with Vitamin C . 
  17. Drinking bay leaves tea is perfect selection for immune boost up as well as refreshing and mindfulness.



  1. well written article, provided really helpful information. Definitely gonna try to use this a bit more in my daily foods to boost my body.


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