THE PEANUT is one of the most popular and healthiest food ingredients under an edible dry nuts which is liked by every one ,in its various healthy eating forms ;whether as dry roasted snacks and munching, boiled peanut masala, peanut sauce, yummy peanut butter , peanut oil ,as well as delicious peanut sauce with grilled chicken satay and so on .

It is also popularly known as poor man’s healthy cashew-nuts.  

This tiny and small ground nuts is considered to be one of the best healthy and nutritional super food ingredients in the world. Which is grown and being cultivated throughout world in every tropical and subtropical climate regions.

The peanuts are convenient source of protein and come with added extra super health full nutrients such as antioxidants properties with rich minerals substances as iron , calcium, potassium, magnesium and rich in dietary fibre and healthy fats oil content in it .The majority of mono saturated and poky saturated fats in peanut are very healthy and friendly for heart health and can lower down bad cholesterol in human body.

Eating peanuts in moderate quantity on daily basis provides good amount of healthy protein, vitamins , minerals since this amazing small tiny edible nuts contains 30 best healthy essential vitamins and minerals and are good source of healthy dietary fibres as well healthy beneficial healthy fats.

Despite being high in calories, peanuts are nutrients rich and very low in carbohydrates which offers less starch and sugar affects with eating of healthy peanuts in its various edible food products.

The peanut is also known as ground nut , goober , pinder , monkey nuts world wide , in Indian subcontinent regions peanut is called Mungfali in various local languages. This is the only dry nuts which is grown under earth , thats makes it super healthy food since it is rich content with various soil minerals,that is great beneficial and valuable for human consumption.

Besides eating peanuts as roasted or boiled peanuts snacks, sauce , dips etc ;  the peanut oil , peanut ground flour, peanut butter is also highly being consumed by almost every peanuts eating and loving foodie people. 

Peanut oil is extensively used in in cooking since it is very healthy and has a light mild flavours and high smoke point. Due to its high mono saturated fat content, it is considered more health full than saturated fat oils and it is good source of resistant to rancidity . There are various types of peanut oil available for healthy cooking purposes like Aromatic roasted peanut oil , Refined peanut oil , Extra virgin or cold pressed peanut oil and peanut extract. 

Finally peanut oil is one of the healthiest vegetable oil that is naturally contains trans fat -free , cholesterol free , and very low in saturated fats especially mono saturated fat same like one found in olive oil.

Peanut butter is a food paste or spread made from grinding dry peanuts , but it sometime contains additional flavouring ingredients that modify and stabilise the final edible and delicious texture of peanut butter products, such as salt . sweetener or emulsifiers. This healthy amazing butter is commonly used as spread on bread , toast, crackers, canapés, as well to make yummy and delicious sandwiches and burgers, even peanuts butter is too good and tasty to eat it as dips and sauce with fries and tits bits .

Eating daily peanut butter in moderate quantity is good for health and fitness since it is rich in various nutritional compounds in it . It is good for heart health. Skin , lowering cholesterol level in the body as well helps in fight free radicals and inflammation. Besides it helps in lowering cancer diseases, prevents gallstones, reduces risk of diabetes. Peanut butter is most favourite food among kids and bodybuilder people’ s rejoice , since it provides good amount of protein and vitamin B - 6 as well as healthy nutritional minerals.

Peanut flour is used in gluten free cooking. In the Indian subcontinent regions, peanuts are mostly eaten as light snacks as peanut masala, peanut sauce with coconut is eaten with various South Indian food delicacy. Peanut Chikki which is made with palm sugar and jaggery is one of famous savoury and sweets in India.


  1. It contains more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals.
  2. Good source of antioxidants and anti inflammatory issues.
  3. Good healthy food for skin health since peanut contains mono saturated fats and  vitamins C and E .
  4. It contains resveratrol compounds that acts as a potent anti -aging photochemical properties.
  5. Great plant food for heart disease since peanuts are loaded with mono saturated fats that helps in cut down and lowering cholesterol level in human body.
  6. Eating peanuts provides higher intake of healthy fats , dietary fibre, vitamin A , vitamin E , folate , calcium, magnesium, zinc , iron etc that leading to higher healthy living life.
  7. It helps in burn belly fats -despite the high fat and calories content that could actually helps in weight loss.
  8. Due to photochemical properties in peanuts have shown positive results in reducing cholesterol level.
  9. Great healthy food for brain health since it is packed with minerals especially iron and zinc .
  10. Good for gallstones since it is one of the healthiest plant based sources of protein and highly rich in various vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients compounds .
  11. Eating soaked peanuts is best for heart health, weight loss, control blood cholesterol and sugar level, it is too good for digestion and smooth functioning of the brain.
  12. Good healthy food should eaten to fight against depression and weakness , since it gives and boost up an instant energy in body.
  13. Peanut sauce , dips, peanut butter adds food value and texture in another food ingredients like peanut paste dressing in Thai crunchy salad , Japanese spinach salad, Grilled chicken satay etc .
  14. Peanut oil is as healthy as olive oil which is good for weight loss and cardiovascular disease.


Peanuts are very rich and packed with almost 30 natural plant nutrients essential in it . In 100 gram serving of raw peanuts can provide approx 570 Kcal as well as an excellent source of several vitamins B , Vitamin E , Vitamin C and minerals properties. It’s fully loaded with high protein content, approx 25 gram protein can be eaten with 100 gram raw peanut that is amazing and wonderful healthy eating in terms of getting protein. Scientific research and studied have proven that eating 1.5 ounces per day of peanut as part of diet lowers saturated fat and cholesterol level that is good for weight loss, heart health fitness as well reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. 


Calories 567 Kcal , Total Fat 49 mg , Sodium 18 mg , Potassium 705 mg , Carbohydrates 16 gm , Protein 25 gm , Dietary Fibre 9 gm , Sugar 4 gm , Calcium 9% , Iron 25% , Vitamin B-6 15% , Magnesium 42% .



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