Healthy Eating Red Capsicum | Rich in Vitamin A ,C .

 THE CAPSICUM ,which is also known as bell peppers world wide .It has green, red , orange, yellow colour varieties. This is one of healthiest nutritional food ingredients used in almost every culinary and cuisine to prepare various healthy yummy delicious dishes in various ways of using it in food recipes. All four varieties of capsicum are rich in various healthy vitamins and minerals that is essential and highly needed for healthy wellness of human body.

Among these red capsicum or red bell peppers are more beneficial to eat since its fully loaded with high content of Vitamin A , Vitamin C , Vitamin K and minerals rich iron in it ,as well rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds. In fact one medium sized red capsicum contains 170% of the RDI for vitamin C ,required daily calories amount in healthy human body . Reason being the red colour capsicum have been on the vine with its fruits and plant for long time , since green, yellow, orange colour capsicum harvested earlier, before they have full chance to ripe and matured more as it happens with complete matured fruits of red capsicum.

Capsicum originally is a genus of flowering pepper plant in the night shade family plant species Solanaceace . Its plants species are native to America where they have been cultivated for thousands of years, but this healthy vegetables are grown and cultivated world wide and very easily available in every household kitchen as well as its permanent and mandatory presence on every food menu . 

The generic name capsicum derives from old Latin word CAPSA which mean box as well as it is believed that its name is related with Greek word KAPTO means to gulp. The name PEPPER related to Piquance that’s mean Spiciness or heat of the flavours to that of black pepper. 

Capsicum consists of about 25-27 species varieties of which only five species varieties are grown and cultivated more for human consumption and are domesticated as Annuum, Baccatum, Chinese, Fruteseens and Pubescanes .

The capsicum chili peppers are of great importance in native Americans medicine and capsaicin is used in modern medicine preparation as Topical medication as circulatory stimulant and analgesic. 

The capsicum-bell peppers are so tender and soft that it can be eaten raw in tossed salad to get its natural value of rich vitamins minerals as healthy food eating, besides it is lightly baked and grilled as well as mixed with other dishes to make one complete fullness meal . 

Few yummy and delicious food preparation are like corn and capsicum tossed salad, Three peppers and pineapple salad, Quinoa corn capsicum salad, Beef stuffed capsicum, Chick peas and Cous Cous stuffed capsicum, Italian stuffed peppers with cheese, Chorizo stuffed capsicum, Stuffed capsicum with rice , Kadai Paneer, Capsicum rice , Dry capsicum and aloo, Capsicum Chutney, Mexican Quinoa stuffed capsicum, Capsicum peanut masala curry, Grilled tandoori salad , Three peppers paneer tikka, Stuffed and Baked capsicum and more in various cuisine preparation as one of the main key ingredients. 

Eating capsicum regularly helps in many healthy cardiovascular stimulant as it regulates blood pressure and lowers down cholesterol level in the body. It is too good for hair growth and scalp quality since it is rich in Iron and various minerals content, which prevents hair fall and help you to maintain thicker and fuller hair growth.

Green capsicum is also very good source of nutrients and fibre. A medium size green capsicum has around 95 miligram of vitamin C , while red capsicum has 150 miligram - in comparison. An orange and yellow capsicum has around 50 miligram of Vitamin C , so overall it is considered that capsicum is good source of immune booster in body since it is rich in Vitamin C . 

Red capsicum is super powerful healthy one among all types of capsicum since red capsicum contains almost 11 times more Beta Carotene properties and 2 times more Vitamin C in compared with Green, Yellow, Orange capsicum. Hence due to rich in Beta Carotene and Vitamin C , it is good for eye vision health and may reduce the risk of various chronic disease. So all in all capsicum- bell peppers are an excellent addition to our healthy diet plan menu .

Daily eating of red capsicum as well other capsicum is good for cholesterol level and lowering blood sugar as well perfect for weight loss since it is very low in starch, carbohydrates, calories and eating capsicum really helps in burning extra fats from body due to Capsaicin compounds available in capsicum. It helps to burn more calories as well as red capsicum can provide 300% of your daily vitamins C intake. 

Red capsicums are fully loaded with antioxidants properties are packed with good source of Vitamin B6 and magnesium, besides it is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C , in addition it is packed with nutritional properties like dietary fibres . Vitamin E , B 6 and folate acid. So to boost and maintain your immunity strength better eat capsicum than having orange. 

We do experience the touch of sweetness in red , yellow capsicum it is due to presence of natural sugar substances in 
it but being a natural sugar it is not harmful at all for human body .  Capsicums are naturally packed with water and carbs along with very high content of Vitamin A , C , K . 


Overall eating capsicum in moderate quantity approx 120 gram in your daily meal plan is great benefits in many healthy nutritional positive results. Since they are packed and fully loaded with vitamins, minerals, and low in calories. fats, carbohydrates as well contains healthy dose of dietary fibre, folate and iron. 

Calories 37 kcal , Calories from fat 3 g , Total fat 1% , Cholesterol 0 mg , Sodium 0 mg , Total carbohydrates 7 g, Dietary fibre 2 g , Sugar 5 g, Protein 18 g , Vitamin A 75% DV , Vitamin C 235 % DV , Calcium 1% DV , Iron 3% , Vitamin K 60% DV .


  1. Rich in vitamin C which is good source of antioxidants and beneficial for glow skin health.
  2. Presence of vitamin A and beta carotene is great components for better eyes vision health in night as well perfect nutritional substances for hair growth.
  3. Eating daily bell peppers is good for bones building and strength due to content of Vitamin K and Iron found in capsicum.
  4. Good immune booster in body as well as an inflammatory due to rich quantity of vitamin C available in all capsicum varieties. 
  5. Contains natural glucose sugar especially in red capsicum.
  6. Good for digestion since rice in dietary fibre.
  7. Perfect for metabolism function in stomach since it contains good amount of protein in it .
  8. Easy to eat and digest since capsicums are very light, tender and soft vegetables.
  9. Good reason to eat capsicum for weight loss watchers since it is low in calories. 
  10. Reduces inflammation during the intensity of pain and beneficial for arthritis issues.
  11. Contains natural plant Phytonutrients that is essential for antioxidants properties in human body. 
  12. Due to it’s attractive and eye ball catching colourful natural texture as green, red , yellow and orange appearance, easily stimulates appetite and feelings to eat it .
  13. Good for heart health and other cardiovascular disease since eating capsicum helps in controlling and reducing blood sugar, blood pressure level since it helps to maintain balance cholesterol level in body   
  14. Very useful and healthy veggies for reproduction and growth of RBC in blood due to folic acids and folate compounds in it . 
  15. Boost up metabolism function. 
  16. Prevents many chronic cancer diseases.
  17. Prevents hypertension issues due to low in fat and carbs.
  18. Cures deficiency since it’s rich in minerals.
  19. Red bell peppers have more fibre and minerals content.
  20. Add colourful texture in other food preparation as an healthy ingredients. 


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