The Saffron which is also known as Saffron Crocus world wide and Kesar or Zafran in Indian subcontinent regions. It is one of the most expensive and rarest food spice available in all most every country . Iran , India , Morocco, Greece is associated with origin of Saffron.This wonderful aromatic and flavouring food spice is fully loaded with various nutritional and healthy benefits besides Saffron is used in colouring textiles also .

Basically Saffron strands is extracted from the flower of Crocus Sativus plants. Hence it is popularly known as Saffron Crocus. Kesar and Kumkum is very common word used in India and Kashmir valley is famous for this expensive and amazing healthy flower food spice.An ancient healing ally as well as one of most healthy Ayurvedic medicine used in India since long time.

The Iran 🇮🇷 is considered to be higher production of best quality Saffron in the world . In the 21st century Iran 🇮🇷 produced approx 90% of the world’s total Saffron production at most expensive price US $ 5000 per kg . Alone Iran 🇮🇷 is responsible for 90-93% of total global production of Saffron with much of their produced Saffron is exported world wide.

The Saffron Kesar being so expensive food spice of the world; its basics reasons are because small dried part of the flower is used in food, medicine, dying etc . It takes about 75000 Saffron flowers to make one pound of Saffron spice. Besides its production ,cultivation and final assemble of Saffron strands need higher numbers of labourers with the true fact that its final harvesting must be done completely manually by hand, leads to Saffron’s by majorly an expensive spice. 

Saffron Kesar is a dried crispy reddish - golden coloured food flavouring and dying wonderful natural minute stigma threads and strands as shown in above picture . The vivid crimson stigma and styles, called saffron threads are collected and dried for multiple purposes. Its taste and iodoform - live or hay - like fragrance results from its photochemical, Crocin and safranal. It also contains a carotene and colour pigment Crocin , which imparts a rich golden yellow colour to various food preparation and textiles dyeing. 

In India Saffron Kesar is traditionally used in various worship and religious activities as one most believed auspicious parts of worship.Besides it is used in making of healthy healing Indian Ayurvedic medicine too . 

This unique natural spice plays an important and vital roles in various food preparation as an essential food ingredients such as in Indian biryani , Kabab, curry and gravy and sweets.  Saffron mainly used in every classic traditional delicious Indian food to add rich aroma and flavours as well natural golden yellow colour in food. 

Even in famous Italian dish Milanese Risotto, Jewelled rice and Khoresh dish in Persian and Iranian cuisine , the paella rice of Spain , the bouillabaisse dish of France . One of the most classic and esteemed use of Saffron is in the preparation of the Golden Ham in which Saffron is used as flavouring and colouring ingredients from San Gimignano. 

The Saffron is known to be most healthiest food ingredients due to its valuable nutritional properties. It is a powerful antioxidants, may have good for chorionic cancer diseases, good for skin glow tone , as well as very healthy food spice to improve appetite and weight loss , its regular intake may add benefits to your diet. 

Drinking Saffron Kesar tea and Saffron turmeric milk is very beneficial from health point of view since it is naturally one warm food ingredients spice which imparts heat in human body as well as drives sexual strength and stamina . 

Daily intake of Saffron Kesar with turmeric and milk relives from cold and cough health issues. Mainly it is good for pregnant women during pregnancy.

  1. Good for healing  depression symptoms.
  2. Healthy to boost your sex drive if it is taken with warm milk.
  3. Relives body pain as well helps in blood circulation and improves sleep and body immune function. 
  4. Helps in asthma. menstrual cramps , insomnia, cough and cold and improves lungs function by providing better lung oxygenation . 
  5. Good for respiratory system as well for hair and skin.
  6. It is good mood booster and rejuvenates the brain and mind .
  7. Control blood cholesterol level as well good for diabetics patients and heart disease.
  8. One of the best natural food spice for skin health, Saffron by purifying your blood and removing blemish can make skin glow .
  9. Additionally daily intake of Saffron can protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun and fights photo damage.
  10. Helps in blood cells production, maintain healthy blood pressure level as well helps in blood cells formation.
  11. Use Saffron and milk for acne, Saffron and honey scrubs, Saffron and almonds face mask and Saffron and olive oil massage are all good remedies for improving healthy skin quality.
  12. Good source of an Antioxidants properties.
  13. A perfect food spice for skin fairness 
  14. Standard moderate quantity of daily consumption of Saffron is max 1.5 gm per day best with turmeric milk .


 Dried Saffron is 65% carbohydrates, 6% natural fat , 2% protein and 12% water.

One tbsp of Saffron ( 2gm) contains about 6 Kcal calories, 2.3 gm carbohydrates, 0.3 gm protein, 0.1gm fiber, 0.1 gm fat , 0.6 mg magnesium 28% DV , 1.6 mg Vitamin C  3% DV, 0.2 mg iron 1% DV , 5 mg phosphorus 1% DV and 34.5 mg potassium 1% DV 

SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION ABOUT SAFFRON KESAR: Being an expensive and rare food spice ingredients in the world it is one of the super natural healthy food ingredients which should be drink in your daily healthy eating and drinking habits. Especially consume Saffron as Saffron tea and with turmeric milk to enjoy its unique natural aroma and flavours as well as its wonderful health benefits to maintain healthy mind and body.


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