The Oysters are like secret sea Pearls & Gems , it’s healthy eating benefits are as secret and wide as sea itself. Eating and enjoying Oysters is just a paradise and heaven experience for every seafood lovers who are passionate about oysters’s valuable healthy food quality and it’s texture and taste . 

This amazing shellfish always taste great and one of the most popular healthy seafood for every seafood lovers . It is considered and highly believed that Oyster is packed with protein and zinc low in fat &  calories and perfect for long drive in bedroom since it is rich source of minerals ZINC in it that plays very effective vital roles in increasing sexual energy and stamina for both men and women . 

Hence this dream delicious healthy food for seafood lovers.

It is mostly eaten raw with dash of lemon juice & tabasco sauce  on the bed of crushed crystals chilled ice with glass of Chardonnay, Chablis ,chilled champagne or chilled Guiness beer 🍺. The basic reason for eating fresh raw oysters is that it gives yummy delicious sea salt and fresh fishy taste with dash of lemon juice. 

Actually in raw fresh oysters there is one specific natural liquid is found which is called oysters juice but basically it is oysters liquor that keeps the oysters 🦪 alive when it is taken out of the sea water- that’s the secret magic behind eating oysters raw and fresh with its soft juicy healthy fleshy meat in one single shot . 

Eating fresh and raw oysters is not always healthy and safe from health safety point of view since being a shellfish species it contains various harmful bacteria in it that is known as food borne PATHOGENIC BACTERIA 🦠, this can lead to serious illnesses for any human body who mostly prefers to eat and enjoy fresh raw oysters. In addition never ever eat any dead or canned oysters even this can lead to any severe illness in human body due to food contamination. 

The best safest and healthy ways to eat and enjoy oysters is by steaming, broiling , grilled, stir fry, baked cooking methods and it should be always cooked with another food ingredients for better taste and delicacy such as bacon wrapped oysters, miso oysters grilled, Parmesan garlic baked oysters etc . 
My personal true advise is that we should eat and consume oysters in the eight months of the year that contains the letter “R” in the name , which means September through April month and the other four months of the year from May to August- are off limits and we should avoid eating oysters during these four off season months for every seafood, fish , shellfish. 


1. It is fully loaded with various highly effective food nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, zinc , calcium, vitamin D , iron , copper, phosphorus as well as vitamin C and riboflavin compounds properties. 

2. Oysters are rich in minerals components ZINC, which is an essential for testosterone production and maintaining the quality and quantity of Sprem besides eating oysters helps to boost up sexual hormones and power in both men and women.

3. Good for hair and skin growth since oysters are rich in Zinc minerals, it keeps up the hair growth and maintain a healthy oil glands that is required for proper hair growth in human body since it is studied proven and evident that due to lack and low Zinc minerals in our body results dandruff and hair loss. 

4. Oysters are very low in calories, in a serving of six medium sized oysters gives 50 calories that 50 calories total makes the healthy heart wellness. 

5. Rich in protein and antioxidants properties that helps to boost up our immune system, six pieces of oysters can provide approx 20 grams of protein which is equal to 20 oz of red meat . 

6. Good for women above the age of 40 years as women get older they can really benefit from the rich nutrients components found in oysters such as minerals, copper, zinc.

7. Promote muscles and bond growth due to phosphorus and calcium available in it . 

8. Boost Libido and sexual energy in men and women both. 

9. Promote good cardiovascular health as well as mental health due to low fat and rich mineral compounds in oysters. 

10. Oysters are packed with rich protein and amino acids that helps to regulate hormones in human body as well as keeps the cells healthy and functioning well .

11. This amazing shellfish is naturally very low in fat and calories that is good for weight loss . 


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