GOA is a small beautiful costal state in India located along India’s west coast  on the front sea shore of the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most attractive and popular tourist destination in the world. 

Goan food is basically spicy and fiery in taste texture and flavours. Rice , seafood, coconut, vegetables, meat , pork, duck and local hot pungent spices are some main key ingredients used in local Goan food .

The area is situated and located in a hot humid tropical climate which is the main reason that spices and food flavours are intense and use of sour tangy KOKUM is an another distinct taste and flavours in Goan cuisine. 

The local Goan food is incomplete without fish and rice . 

The cuisine is mostly seafood based and the rice and fish curry is the main traditional staple food . 

King fish - vison or visvan also known as surmai is one of most popular fish eaten here. Other very popular seafood consumed included pomfret, shark , sole , tuna , sardines, mackerel are easily available in much quantity due to sea coastal areas. 

Among the shellfish are crabs , lobster, tiger prawn, squid, mussels as well as Octopus is quite available here being sea shore location.

In local Goan food the impact of Christians and Portuguese cuisine influence is very common since Portuguese were first to discover this small state of India before Independence. Portuguese had set up many colonial society in Goa .

Let us explore two famous and traditional local dish of Goa which is delicious & yummy since many years till date from the every local household kitchen and chefs  from local Goan state . 

                         1.  GOAN FISH CURRY  


King Fish 500 gm.

Onion 50 gm.

Red chilli dry 5-10 gm.

Turmeric 1/2 tsp.

Cumin 1/2 tsp.

Whole Coriander 10 gm.

Coconut 150 gm. 

Tomatoes 60 gm.

Green Chillies 5 gm.

Curry Leaves 2 Sprigs 

Tamarind 15 gm. 

Salt 10 gm 

Black Pepper powder 10 gm.

Refined Oil 20 ml.  


1.Chop onion. Roast and grind red chillies, turmeric, cumin and coriander 2. Grind coconut into a find paste and mix with spices. 3 . Heat oil . Fry onions, add coconut paste and slit green chillies 4. Fry for 3-5 minutes, add chopped tomatoes and sufficient water. 5. Soak tamarind in little water yo get its pulp.  6. Clean and cut king fish into slices, wash well, smear with salt , black pepper and turmeric. 7. Add sliced and smeared  cut fish into simmering gravy. 8 . Add tamarind pulp, curry leaves and salt & black pepper and simmer on slow fire till fish is cooked. 9 . Finally serve this yummy delicious prepared Goan fish curry with steamed rice along with pickles, lemon slices. 

                           2. GOAN MUTTON VINDALOO.

Vindaloo is one of second most traditional dish of local Goan cuisine which is red fiery curry dish preparation in which mainly mutton or pork meat is marinated as preserved meat then cooked finally in local curry paste .

Traditionally Vindaloo is a Portuguese dish which is also known as Vindalho as well Came de Vinha  . It is marinated in red wine and garlic or with palm vinegar and garlic paste for over night for succulent and delicious flavours , dry red chilli and black pepper are main flavouring ingredients with other Indian spices. 


 Mutton 500 gm. 

Potatoes 225 gm.

Tomatoes 115 gm.

Whole Cumin 5 gm.

Cinamon  2 small pieces 

Red chillies dry 5 gm. 

Black Pepper 5 gm. 

Mustard Seeds 5 gm. 

Garlic 5 flakes. 

Ginger 10 gm. 

Onion  50 gm. 

Salt  to taste 

Palm vinegar or Red wine 50 ml. 

Mutton Fat OR Pork Fat  100 gm. 


1. Clean and cut meat . 2. Grind all spices with palm vinegar or red wine . 3. Smear spices on mutton pieces and set aside for marination for 3-4 hours 4. Heat fat . Fry marinated mutton pieces. 5. Add remaining red wine or palm vinegar and more water if required to get gravy curry consistency. 6. When three - fourth done , add up peeled potatoes cut into quarter and balanced chopped tomatoes in vindaloo gravy with salt to taste. 7 . Remove from the fire once mutton pieces and potatoes are tender and soft to eat and served with steamed rice.



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