The human body is built and powered by exceptionally and solely by what we eat and drink in our daily life for survive . The food and beverage is the source of all calories and energy we required for a healthy body fitness and disease free life . The reason for having food is not only required that we feel hungry, that’s not at all . People get energy and calories from food and beverage we consumed , we need energy, strength, stamina and internal vitality and vigorous feeling all the time through out the day , when we run , jump , study , work and even we sleep. We create all the essential energy and calories by eating and drinking various healthy beneficial food ingredients as per our daily life style.

The structured food components that  creates the human body , such as  building of muscles, organs , bones, vein , tissues and blood cell all are composed of the food and beverage nutrients contained in the every healthy food and beverage. This why eating and taking of food nutrients that produce and provides energy and calories become the key root components of our body’s overall structure and building health fitness, it is an basic essential for sustainability and survival of human life in healthy and happy manners for life long journey.

Nutrients are the substances found in food and beverage ingredients which drive a biological chemical process and function in our body to get various healthy food nutritional, Vitamins value in human body. Such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fibre, mineral, fats, natural water etc. So good healthy food nutrition is an important parts of leading one happy & healthy life style combined with daily physical exercise and work out 💪 that helps us to maintain weight loss  , reduces and cut down the risk of various external virus 🦠 and infection as well as many chorionic diseases like blood pressure, hypertension, diabetics, joint pain, heart strokes, cancer, obesity, kidney stones, indigestion etc .

So in brief sentences nutrients are an basic root essential for the human body that helps us to maintain health fitness, improve our ability to fight against various diseases, boost up our immune system, maintain weight loss, lower blood cholesterol level as well as reduce high blood pressure, improves our brain function, helps to maintain skins, helps in recovery from injury and illness and more importantly saves us from various chronic diseases and symptoms.


1. Carbohydrates: Another word for carbohydrates is Saccharide or Carbs . Provides energy and regulate of blood glucose in calories.  It will prevent the degradation of muscles, bones and other body tissues such as heart , liver, kidney, carbohydrates breakdowns the protein for energy as well as key player in fat metabolism function in our body.

SOURCES OF CARBOHYDRATES: All starchy vegetables, carrots, beets , rice , wheat , barley, oats, Quinoa, green peas, tomato., kale , spinach, cucumber, brown rice, lentils, pasta, kidney beans.multigrain breads.

2 . PROTEIN:   Proteins are the main key food nutrition for our body as main building blocks of our body structure, pretty much all lean and non fat tissues in our body is composed and comprised of protein hence it is one of the most valuable macronutrients. Our hair and nails are made of protein as well as protein helps to make enzymes in the body besides hormones and all other body structures like bones, teeth, muscles, skin and blood cells.

SOURCES OF PROTEINS :  Eggs, lean meat , chicken, fish , cheese, milk, breads, nuts , pulses, almonds. peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, cod liver oil , hemps seed, beef , tuna , lamb chop, pork chops, salmon, lentils, beans, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, edamame beans, Greek yogurt.

3. VITAMINS:  Our body required multiple vitamins such as vitamins A , B , C , D , B12 , K , E and many more since vitamins performs hundreds of key important roles in the human body. They help shore up bones, heal wounds, and boost up our immune system as well as vitamins helps to convert food intake into energy & calories and repairs cellular damages in the human body.

SOURCES OF MULTIPLE VITAMINS:   Vitamins C is mainly found in lemon, cucumber, orange, red pepper, yellow pepper. banana, water melon, guava, strawberry , cranberry, papaya, kale , spinach and pineapple, mango etc.     Vitamins A is available in carrots, cod liver oil , duck liver, beef liver, goat cheese, ghee, fish eggs, tuna , mackerel, eggs etc . Vitamins B 12 is found in oats , mushroom, milk, cheese, tuna , fish , crab , pork liver, salmon, octopus, oysters, beef liver, red meat, herrings.

Vitamins D - the direct sunlight is the beast source of obtaining vitamins D , it’s help in improving immune system and skin quality. The main key source of vitamins D in the food ingredients are all sea food and shellfish, caviar, salmon. Chicken fat , fortified milk , tofu , eggs , tuna etc .

4. MINERALS:  There are various forms of healthy nutritional minerals are available in food and beverage ingredients such as Iron , zinc, copper. calcium, phosphorus, iodine, sodium, magnesium .
Minerals components and compounds helps our body’ growth and development that helps to stay healthy, it helps blood cell to carry oxygen in our entire body system as well as blood purifier too. Some minerals are even used to make blood cells and hormones that helps in maintaining healthy heart beat and pulses.

SOURCES OF MINERALS: Red meat , lean beef meat , oyster, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat grass, spinach, black beans, milk, orange juice, banana, potato, avocado, sea vegetables, chia seeds.

5. FATS :  Food dietary fats are essential to give and get our body instant energy and it supports cell growth. They also helps protect our organs and keep our body temperature stable, besides fats absorbs some nutrients and produce important hormones in our body.

SOURCES OF FATS : Butter, cream, omega-3  fatty acids, caviar, salmon, olive oil, avocado, peanut, chocolate, meat , chicken, pork meat, cheese, sunflower oil, canola oil , coconut, whipped cream, nuts

6. FIBRE:   Every food dietary fibres plays an important vital roles in upkeep and healthy smooth function of our stomach it normalised the bowel movements . Dietary fibres increases our weight as well as stabilise and softens stool , lower cholesterol level, control blood sugar and improve insulin level in our body.

SOURCES OF DIETARY FIBRES : Whole grain cereal, Oats bran. brown rice , Quinoa, Corn , barley, dates. rye , beans, apple, wheat beans seeds, all leafy vegetables, lentils, pears, prune, flex seeds, Cinamon and Cardamom, Fennel seeds.

 7. WATER :  As we know water is life for human life survival on this earth. we should drink at least 3-4 litres water in a day since water produce and enhances energy in our body, it keeps us fresh , removes fatigue symptoms, keep cool and balanced body temperature, helps in digestion and weight loss, our brain is mostly water only with blood cells and oxygen in it , in addition water flushed out all toxins from our body, improves quality of skin, enhances focus and concentration level of brain and eyes , most important function of water is to regulates easy and healthy blood circulation in our body as well as prevents us from dehydration.

SOURCES OF NATURAL WATER IN FOOD : Cucumber, Tomato. Onion, Water melon , Sugar canes, Mint and Lemon , Parsley, Coriander, Raw green coconut.


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