Currently as we all know that entire world and our earth planet is facing most severe corona virus pandemic since March 2020 . Many people have lost their lives in every part of the world from this deadly virus pandemic disease. We all well know the basic facts and safety from this current corona virus 🦠 pandemic is to boost up and strengthen our body immune system as concrete safe guard from this virus pandemic, every body is more focused on how to maintain strong healthy life during corona pandemic, by eating and drinking good beneficial nutritional food and beverage to survive during such tough and challenging life against corona pandemic. 

So, THE TURMERIC is one of the most vital food ingredients and spice that greatly helps and enhances our body’s immune system. 

Immunity is our body’s key root natural defence system against various diseases sourced from many harmful virus 🦠 and bacteria, strong immune system can cut down the risk of getting sick and suffering from any external pandemic virus. 

Turmeric is super antioxidants, anti inflammatory, anti septic. anti -bacterial since turmeric being used since 4000 years ago as one natural medicinal food ingredients mainly in Indian AYURVEDIC medicine. 

It contains CURCUMINIS natural substances that makes turmeric so healthy and defensive for human body against every pandemic diseases. CURCUMINIS is bright yellow bio chemical products which is developed by curcuma long plants from ginger family, it is key properties found in turmeric. 

Turmeric is fully packed with various bioactive compounds with powerful effective medical properties for our healthy body’ s safeguards. 

Drinking daily a glass of warm milk with turmeric is a great healthy beverage to improve our immune system- it keeps us away from flue , cough and cold, fever as well prevents us from various pandemic diseases and virus . 

Curcuin food compounds helps to fight against growing cancer cells in human body- it is scientifically proven. 

So finally it is learnt and believe that turmeric aids in making our immunity stronger, the key life saving ingredients in turmeric is about 5-8% of Curcumin , which is one phyto-derivative act as best food components in turmeric as health healing properties . 

In Indian cuisine and food preparation, turmeric is known as HALDI which is used as warm spice to add flavours and colour in various dishes , curries and gravy,besides turmeric being widely used in India for colouring and dyeing purposes. 

This golden yellow colour warm food spice basically is a under soil grown roots  in clusters that is known as CURCUMA plant species. Turmeric can be used as raw , dry, powdered mixed with various food & beverage ingredients for healthy consumption to boost up overall health. 

The flat green turmeric leaves can be used to make various yummy and delicious Indian sweet dishes too , In South Indian cuisine one famous classic sweet dish called PATOLEO , which is prepared by layering rice flour and coconut- jaggery mixture on the turmeric leaf , the closing and steaming in steamers kitchen utensil. 


One tablespoon of ground turmeric powder provides 30 calories which is approx 1 gram of protein , 2 gram of dietary fibre and 6 gram of carbohydrates. Turmeric contains minerals such as iron , manganese. phosphorus and potassium. Such valuable nutrients in turmeric can spells to keep us strong and healthy and can fight with various pandemic diseases. 


1. A perfect natural medicine for antioxidants and anti- inflammation symptoms in human body . 

2. The presence of  CURCUIN compounds in turmeric helps to fight against various cancer cells. 

3. It a healthy blood purifier and improves blood vessels function. 

4. Act as an antiseptic as well as it’s a natural analgesic which speed up recovery from any wound and injuries. 

5. Great medicine for arthritis, joints pains and bone fractures. 

6. Helps in respiratory diseases such as many bronchial symptoms like sinusitis , sines , breathing problems. 

7. Lower cholesterol and fat metabolism in body that is good for weight loss and heart health. 

8. Regular consumption of turmeric and using it as face massage liquid can help in improving skin glow as well kills all external germs and bacteria on the human skin. 

8. Daily drinking of one glass warm  milk with turmeric is best healthy habits to avoid cough and cold , flu.fever symptoms. 

10. Act as one of the best natural food ingredients for human immune boost us . 


  1. Turmeric is one of the best spices for multiple health benefits.

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