The Pomegranate which is popularly known as the “ exotic  fruit of paradise “ its juicy , crystal ruby red seeds are symbols and indications of prosperity and fertility in many human cultures as well the pomegranate is regarded as an exotic healthy fruit.

.In fact it is believed that either an apple or pomegranate was the very first fruit on the earth in the “ Garden of Eden “ 

Eating pomegranate seeds and drinking healthy pomegranate juice is great remedies and healers for healthy skin quality; it improves digestion and speed up smooth function of blood circulation flow in human body which gives radiant glow skin. Hence daily intake of fresh pomegranate juice or 100 grams pomegranate seeds provides amazing healthy benefits.

The pomegranate fruit acts like vigra medicine for improvement of sexual energy and fertility in men and women both since it is natural healthy fruit having no side effects and it is fully packed with very high content of antioxidants properties that helps in increasing blood flow in our genital part of the body; if we regularly eat pomegranate seeds or having its freshly squeezed juice.

The arils is an edible reddish juicy seeds of pomegranate, which is found in an ample quantity inside the pomegranate .

These healthy juicy seeds are fully loaded with rich nutritional value such as protein, fibre, vitamin C, minerals and bio tree compounds along with less sugar content too.

Approx 20%  valuable dietary fibre is available in healthy pomegranate seeds which helps in digestion as well smooth function of human intestines.

The hard stiff outer skin of pomegranate fruit is also very healthy and beneficial for dietary supplements medicine and for food preservation since its skin contains nutritional substances like Polyphenols, condenserl tannins in it . Besides the pomegranate seeds oil which is extracted from dry seeds contains very healthy benefits such as punicic acid 65% , palmitic acid 5% , stearic acid 2% , oleic acid 6% and linoleic acid 7% - these are good for joints , bones and muscles pain reliever and healing touch.

Regular intake of pomegranate seeds can have anti-inflammatory benefits and can protect human body from various diseases like diabetics and obesity besides good for digestion and bowel function of stomach. 

It helps in reducing weight since pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, Polyphenols and conjugated acid - these all nutritional components is good for burning and reducing fat and wax cholesterol in body as well boost up metabolism function that improves suppressing of human appetite.

This is one of most healthiest fruit for hair growth and it’s strength since pomegranate is full of antioxidants compounds that helps blood circulation supply in hair roots scalps; this is main factors which helps to stimulate and speed up healthy hair growth. 

Its freshly squeezed juice consumption aids in refreshing, repairing, rejuvenate entire health fitness as well as gives beauty and glow signs in human skin. The basic reasons are anti microbial compounds of vitamin C in pomegranate which may helps fight against bacteria and fungus in skin to protect from skin acnes and its break outs .

Its seeds are known as Anar Dana powder; which is basically a Persian word combination of Anar + Dana . Fresh pomegranate seeds are sun-dried for 10-15 days to obtain dry anar dana which is most delicious and healthy food ingredients used in many Indian food preparation as flavouring agents in Kabab and Curry . Dry anar dana powder is good digestive food ingredients since it consists of very healthy dietary fibre components. 

More interesting fact is that pomegranate juice, molasses, vinegar is widely used in Iranian cuisine where it’s juice and seeds are spooned over duck or other poultry, rice , pulao, biryani in Persian and Iranian food preparation; the soup which is known as  Ash - E -Anar is made with pomegranate juice.

One cup of pomegranate seeds can offer 25 grams of sugar and 150 calories:
Dietary fibre 8 gm , Protein 38 gm , Vitamin C 30% , Vitamin K 36% , Folate 16% , Potassium 12% , Carbs 18.7 gm, Fat 1.17gm, 


  1. Its seeds are loaded and rich in three types of most healthy food nutritional compounds of antioxidants as Tannins, Antholyannis and ellagic acid- these are great remedies for anti -cancer and anti - ageing.
  2. Consumption of pomegranate makes blood thinner that stops from any blood clotting issues in body.
  3. Eating this super healthy fruit act as oxygen mask in human health fitness.
  4. Good for arthritis ,joints  pains as well as bone building tissues in body.
  5. Great fruit for overall skin health quality which prevents us from free radicals symptoms.
  6. This exotic fruit is loaded with many healthy beneficial nutrients.
  7. Good for digestion as it contains dietary fibre in it .
  8. High with antioxidants that fights against cancer cell. 
  9. Pomegranate juice is perfect for growth of red blood cells in human body.
  10. Due to Punicic acid properties it good for heart health and blood vessels function. 
  11. Good stress and hypertension buster fruit if consumed daily.
  12. Good for maintaining heart muscles.
  13. Protects body tissues & cells as well heals wounds and injuries.
  14. Good healthy fruit for pregnant women.
  15. Perfect body Immune booster.
  16. One of the best exotic and erotic fruit that improves the fertility and sexual energy level as vigara.
  17. Help hair growth.
  18. A perfect fat free fruit for maintaining low blood pressure as well lowers cholesterol level in human body.


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