The tender soft and healthy yummy delicious asparagus is a very common greens veggies ingredients which is widely used in every cuisine and food preparations. It is one of the best healthy nutrients food ingredient used in pan asian, Italian, continental, Japanese cuisine to improve a healthy menu for  every food lovers and health conscious people besides asparagus add on an attractive eye appealing texture in food menu .

It is from a flowering plant family called perennial plant which grows up to 45- 60 inch tall with stout  stems along with branches in feathery foliage. Its leaves are intact together needle like in the axils of scales leaves . Asparagus is also known as spring green vegetable since its soft tender shoots are used for consumption. There are three varieties of asparagus, white , green, purple green, when buds of asparagus starts to open then it’s tender shots picked up with stems to form eatable asparagus bundles for kitchen purposes.

The secret key reason behind the healthy nutritional value of asparagus is that due to it’s natural distinct flavours in cooking as well as in medicine too due to its DIURETIC properties which act as water pills which is act like medication tends to increase the amount of salt and water expelled from the human body besides it’s DIURETIC  components also very beneficial for controlling and treating well high blood pressure level in our body- that’s is healthy benefits secrets behind asparagus as one of the highly used green vegetables in every kitchen food preparation.


Asparagus is very low in calories and with 0% fats in it as well as great source of nutritional value including soluble dietary fibre, folate, minerals, vitamins A , C.  K , E . Additionally eating asparagus has a number of potential healthy benefits including weight loss , improves digestion, healthy pregnancy, lower blood pressure . Eating asparagus improves the function of kidney, liver since due to its excessive water content helps in flush out toxins from human body that’s prevents us  from the kidney stones formation in our stomach , in addition it is fully loaded with low calories essential vitamins, minerals and useful antioxidants properties in it .

It’s  proven fact that half cup of asparagus approx 80 grams contains- 20 calories, protein 2.5 gm, fat 0.20 gm, dietary fibre 1.9 gm, vitamin C 12% , vitamin A 18% , vitamin K 57% , folate 34% , potassium 6%, phosphorus 5% and vitamin E 7% .

                                    HEALTHY ADVANTAGES OF EATING ASPARAGUS. 

1. Good source of antioxidants that protect our body cells for beneficial effects of free radicals and oxidative stress in body .

2. An excellent source of Vitamin K which is an essential nutrients in blood clotting and healthy bones  structure .

3. Due to soluble dietary fibre in asparagus it’s helps in digestion as well as smooth function of bowel movements in stomach.

4. Purple asparagus contains powerful pigments which gives vibrant colour and creates antioxidants effects on our body.

5. Asparagus is very healthy greens during pregnancy of women due to presence of FOLATE properties in it which is also known as vitamins B9 , it is an essential nutrients that improves the formation of red blood cells and healthy creation of DNA in body for better health growth.

6. Lower blood pressure and maintain cholesterol level due to potassium minerals compounds available in asparagus, besides due to minerals in it helps release of excess salt through urine that provides relaxation and wellness to the walls of blood vessels in human body.

7. Daily eating of approx 100 gram asparagus is great helpful in weight loss plan due to low calories and low fat content in asparagus  besides asparagus contains 94% water food properties too , as well as very rich in soluble dietary fibre nutrients which is directly related to lower body weight and weight loss plan.

                                  YUMMY AND DELICIOUS ASPARAGUS BASED DISHES  .

1. Asparagus creamy garlic soup , Wok tossed soya chilli asparagus,  Bacon wrapped asparagus.

2. Asparagus and Avocado salad, Garlic butter asparagus, Sautéed asparagus, Air fryer asparagus.

3. Creamy garlic asparagus penne pasta, Asparagus pastas salad with olive oil, Asparagus feta quiche.

4. Garlic butter asparagus, Roasted asparagus, Parmesan pankon asparagus, Steamed asparagus tips with rosemary.

5. Roasted shrimp and asparagus salad, Asparagus au-gratin, Grilled asparagus with feta cheese 🧀.

6. Asparagus and tofu salad, Blanched asparagus with oyster sauce, Asparagus and dry chilli, Tangy asparagus dim sum, Asparagus tempura sushi.


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