THE TAMARIND OR IMLI is well known for its yummy delicious taste and flavours that really stimulates and burst human taste buds once we consume it in our food. 

This sweet , sour and tangy natural food ingredients is being widely used in various cuisine and food preparation from South Indian cuisine to North Indian street food snacks as well as in Pan Asian, Mexican , African cuisine. 

In Mexico and Caribbean countries the famous refreshing drink “ Agua de Tamarinde “ is made with tamarind pulp, sugar and water. 

Tamarind Imli pulp is widely used in making of sauce, Chutney, dips which is highly popular in Indian cuisine mainly in South Indian cuisine such as Rasam , Sambhar , Tamarind rice , coconut and tamarind desserts etc. It’s sweet and sour with tangy taste and flavours is most delicious food ingredients in India . 

This healthy food ingredients is originated from Africa but India is largest producer of Tamarind in the world. It’s a leguminous tree fruit which is grown in tropical African and Indian subcontinent regions. 

The giant tamarind tree provides brown , pod -like fruits that is loaded with sweet & sour and tangy taste . Tamarind pulp and paste used in food preparation besides tamarind oil is obtained from its hard stiff dry seeds, the oil is one of best healing medicine for many healthy benefits. 

Even soft tender tiny tamarind leaves are used in various South Indian cuisine. In African country Ghana , green tamarind pulp is used to make healthy delicious dish called YAMS. 

A certain varieties of Tamarind Masala Chai Tea is quite popular in across Middle East and more interesting in Philippine the whole tamarind fruit is used to make their traditional delicacy “ Sinigang “ to add sour taste, even in Indonesia tamarind pulp based soup is very popular called      “ Sayar Asem”. 

The famous Worcestershire and HP sauce contains good amount of tamarind pulp in it . 

The tamarind fruits has fleshy, juicy, acidic pulp and is fully loaded with many nutritional properties in it like tartaric acid, sugar, vitamin B, vitamin C and more surprisingly it’s fruit contains calcium too. 

It’s a good source of antuoxilent that fights against cancer cells and contains carotenes , flavonoid as well as very rich content in tamarind is Thiamin approx 36% , vitamin A , folic acid and riboflavin substances. 


100 gm of Tamarind pulp can provide 239 kcal energy, carbohydrates 62.5 gm, Sugar 57.4 gm, Dietary fiber 5.1 gm ,fat 0.8 gm.  protein 2.8 gm , vitamin A 3.5 gm , vitamin C 2.59 gm , protein 2.8 gm , minerals, calcium, copper, iron , selenium 1.3 gm , water 31.40 gm . 


1. The Polyphenols compounds in tamarind act as an antioxidants and anti inflammatory agent. Which can can protect our body from heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. 

2. It’s oil is great healthy helping in weight loss and liver enzymes. 

3. A good digestive food ingredients which cures digestive tissues besides it’s stimulates bile production that leads quicker and effective digestion system. 

4. It contains flavonoids and Polyphenols properties as well as it’s packed with hydroelectric acid that helps in cut down appetite and amylase enzymes that converts carbohydrates into fat . 

5. Keep liver and heart safe from diseases. 

6. Good for weight loss plan. 

7. Prevents stomach peptic ulcers in internal intestines due to Polyphenols components in tamarind. 

8. Good remedies for allergies, asthma, cold and cough because of its antihistamines properties.

9 . Due to vitamin C presence in tamarind is good for immune system to protect against cold & flue viral infection. 

10. Natural laxative as well as improves skin health quality.

11. Great food ingredients for anti - aging care. 

12. Removes dark spots and rashes from skin . 

13. Good for improving nerves function since 100 gm tamarind pulp contains approx 36% THIAMINE in it . 

14. Tamarind act as good food appetizer that’s stimulates our taste buds to eat consume good quantity of healthy food as per required calories and energy in human body . 

15 . Mix tamarind pulp with sugar and lemon is good remedies for cellulite scrub. 

16 . Tamarind with water and turmeric good for skin health tone. 

17. To prevent hair loss just try tamarind pulp with honey . 

18. Tamarind paste &  yogurt is great remedies for  anti aging .





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