The dates ( Khajur ) is known to be most healthiest dry fruit which is source of perfect healthy energy booster in body. It is rich in fibres, natural sugar and zero cholesterol along with various vitamins and minerals compounds packed in it .

This humble dry fruit is most common staple food in entire Middle East and Arabian countries since it is widely cultivated and grown in these country’s hot climate as dessert farm palm fruit trees. It is believed that the origin of dates palm tree was in Egypt and Mesopotamia regions but this healthy fruit plants are widely grown in African and South Asian regions too. 

The dates ( Khajur ) provides a wide range of healthy essential nutrients which is needed to maintain one complete healthy body as well healthy mind and nervous system. 

It is fully loaded with dietary fibre , potassium , protein and carbohydrates with rich in natural sugar and zero saturated fat , which makes it a super food for weight loss as well as for weight gain too. 

Daily eating of 3-5 dates on an empty stomach gives the body with many important healthy benefits since it contains a high amount of dietary fibre and potassium which is good for digestion and smooth easy regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar level that is required to avoid any hypertension and heart diseases.

It is believed and advised to consume dates in winter with warm milk since it is good source of natural heat generator in human body which helps in increasing body heat , that is good for cough & cold and for any viral and flue symptoms. As per Indian Ayurvedic principles our body has three basic types of Doshas - Vatta - Pitta and Kapha ;so better healthy reason these all three Doshas need to be balanced hence dates or khajur is perfect for maintaining body heat . 

The best ways to eat dates in summer with always any cold fruit juice to maintain one healthy balance body heat and temperature.

There is one vital life mantra about eating dates is that , before sleeping in night must take two dates with eight almonds that will offer around 150-200 calories and helps  body to develop and produce healthy hormones melatonin later in the evening; which is crucial for good night’s sleep and also beneficial for weight loss. 

Eating dates khajur is a good reliever in constipation  and digestion since it is loaded with higher amount of dietary fibre and potassium in it as well helps in cooling and hydrating our body system.In addition it helps in cleansing intestinal tract . 

Good for person suffering from anemia and iron deficiency issues; just eat and enjoy 3-5 dates per day after soaking it in water. 

It is useful to eat dates in limited and moderate quantity to maintain weight loss where as too much eating of this dry fruit can lead to weight gain since it is packed with good amount of natural sugar and calories content; so better to have maximum 5 dates khajur in a day .


  • Energy ( Kcal ) 325 
  • Protein 2.31g
  • Carbohydrates 78.88g
  • Natural sugar 69.18g
  • Total Fat 0.30g
  • Saturated Fat NIL
  • Trans Fat NIL
  • Dietary Fibre 7.35 g
  • Sodium 1.54mg
  • Potassium 666mg
  • Calcium 68.2mg
  • Iron 6.34mg
The sugar content of ripe dates is about 80% and remainder consists of protein, fibre, and healthy trace elements such as iron, cobalt, copper, fluorine , magnesium, selenium and zinc.

Dates is naturally loaded with potassium and yet contains little sodium too that gives our body a long way in keeping our nervous system and brain health in order .

Even dates Khajur oil is an essential healthy oil mostly used in cosmetics and dermatology usages. The oil contains beneficial Lauric acid and Oelic acid that is good for skin glow and skin acne symptoms.


  1. A good healthy dry fruit for weight loss as well as gaining weight too.
  2. Rich in protein, vitamins, iron promoters digestion and improves skin health.
  3. Improves eye sight.
  4. Lowers cholesterol level hence good for heart health.
  5. Good for Arthritis and bones building and muscles strength.
  6. A good source of natural heat in body to maintain and balance body temperature in winter.
  7. Good for hair growth and scalp since it is rich in iron. 
  8. Prevents anemia and blood related diseases.
  9. An instant energy booster because it contains very high amount of carbohydrates and natural sugar compounds.
  10. Prevents colon cancer cells.
  11. Good for against diarrheas dishes.
  12. Boosting brain health as well best fruit for digestion system in body.
  13. Relives blood pressure level.
  14. Good for pregnant women for healthy pregnancy delivery.
  15. Perfect for respiratory system in body .
  16. Balances our nervous system function.
  17. Relives the risk of heart strokes.
  18. Excellent source of fibre that helps in immune system.
  19. Good for intestinal function.
  20. A super energy booster dry fruit.
  21. Improves the count of red blood cells in body.
  22. A perfect desserts fruit after main meal.
  23. Good healthy dry fruit for any abdominal cancer diseases.
  24. Good for enzymes and metabolism function in body.
  25. Dates Khajur can be eaten as good mouth freshener stuffed with saffron and along with PAAN leaves.
A perfect dry fruit with warm milk for caring and protection from cold & flue symptoms mainly for kids and aged persons.  


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