THE WHEAT GRASS is a 100% natural super organic healthy food which is obtained from young green leaves of wheat plant which is also known as Tritium aestivum . It is consumed in two ways as fresh wheat grass juice and dried wheat grass powder mixing with hot water, juice, milk , smoothie.

This is the micro  green freshly sprouted first green leaves of the common wheat plant. It’s is one of the healthiest dietary supplement organic food. 

Wheat grass is served freeze dried in powder form or it’s fresh juice is extracted from its tiny micro organic plant hence it is separate and differs from wheat grain malt which is dried ,wheat grass is allowed to grow up longer and taller than wheat malt. 

Like any other micro green plant , wheat grass contains chlorophyll, amino acid, minerals, vitamins and enzymes hence it is considered as super healthy nutritional organic plant which is fully loaded with potassium, dietary fibre, thiamin ,riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, C, E, K as well as vitamin B6 , it is naturally packed with healthy minerals components like iron, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium. 

Protein content is too very higher in micro organic green wheat grass which provides approx 2 grams protein from every 30 grams of natural wheat grass . 


It is traditionally used in both Persian and Indian Hindu religion, so wheat seeds are put in soil to grow on the very first day of famous Indian festivals Navratra Pooja in which devotes offers saplings of wheat grass to the goddess Durga on the last day of Navratri festivals as old religious rituals in India. 


This is very popular and growing demand in current modern diet and weight loss habits among every health conscious people. Fresh tiny micro organic wheat grass plant being grown in every household kitchen garden to extract its fresh juice to drink early morning in empty stomach besides every juice vendor shops, bars offering healthy yummy wheat grass mixed drink on their menu since it’s growing demand is too high from health and nutritional point of view. 

It’s pure natural 100% gluten free fresh organic juice. 

Even it is available in every food store as tablets, frozen juice and in power form . 

Drinking regularly fresh wheat grass juice is perfect source of several effective healing health issues since it contains chlorophyll, all minerals, multiple vitamins A, B, C , E, K as well as it is extremely rich with protein and 17 amino acids substances which is the key components in building blocks of protein in human body. 

So must take daily shot of fresh wheat grass juice for healthy wellness.


The standard and moderate quantity of drinking fresh wheat grass juice or mixed wheat grass powder is maximum 2 glass in a day once in the morning with empty stomach and secondly in the afternoon. 

The wheat grass powder is an effective health healer since it contains many essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants properties needed by the human body. It contains high amount of chlorophyll which is important in purifying blood as well blood cells building with haemoglobin. Wheat grass powder strengthens and boost up our body immune system and has antibacterial qualities. It is a nutritionally complete organic food source. 

The best healthy and delicious way to consume fresh wheat grass juice or its powder in a smoothie or juice, hot water, coconut water, since it does has an overpowering taste , mixing it with on any fruit ingredients that has strong taste such as mango, pineapple, sugar cane juice, pomegranate juice, coffee powder etc. 

The other best options are mixing wheat grass powder with honey, milk , fruit juice and drink it like chilled frappe or iced smoothie. Even wheat grass mojito is an excellent ways to enjoy this natural organic micro plant food . 

Finally I would say wheat grass fresh juice or wheat grass powder mixed beverage is 100% fat free, cholesterol free and carbohydrates free healthy food which helps in loosing weight too. 


1. Apply a paste of wheat grass powder with milk can heal many skin issues as acne, dark skin, brackets etc . 

2. Helps in blood sugar level and it’s regulation.

3. Good for helping in inflammation symptoms.

4. Can help in promote weight loss plan.

5. It can eliminate toxins of the body and helps in digestion.

6. Good for immunity system as well as metabolism function of the human body.

7 . Lower down cholesterol level which is like a wax substance found in entire body.

8. Good food for lowering down blood pressure level that is beneficial for heart health and diabetes symptoms. 

9. Regular consumption of wheat grass juice or wheat grass powder drink shown proven results in reverse gray hair back to it’s natural black colour.

10. Great benefits for reducing cancer cells and it stops development of chorionic cancer cells growth in body.

11. Good for eyes vision. 

12. Wheat grass is good source of plant based protein as about 85% of its weight is protein only. 

13. It is perfect dose of antioxidants that helps in flushing out all toxins debris from human body. 

14. Good for smooth healthy function of kidney and liver.

15. Wheat grass plant act as perfect antiseptic medicine due to natural content of chlorophyll and anti bacterial properties found in it . 

16. It is complete 100% gluten free drink as the micro tiny plant being used for human consumption before wheat grain would start to develop and grown as complete wheat grain.

17. May aid in treating stomach ulcers colitis due to its anti inflammatory qualities. 

18. Good for skin disorders as well as very beneficial for arthritis issues too. 

19. Wheat grass cleanses the blood, organ and gastrointestinal issues. 

So the bottom line learning from this my article about organic micro wheat grass plant is that it is supernatural living  food and a perfect healthy tonic for complete healthy wellness of human body. 



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