The Olive oil is one of the healthiest food ingredients in the world , it is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine as drizzle over salad , pasta , seasoning and dressing in various food preparation. The people who consumed and uses olive oil in their daily diet food have 51% less risk of heart related diseases compared with those never use olive oil . Chefs call it one best secret sauce in all Mediterranean cuisine food preparation as a super healthy food ingredients.

The olive’s fruit also known as olive universally and it is the key ingredients in every Mediterranean food. This is the only healthy oil which is produced 100% in natural ways, the olive fruit is crushed and pressed to extract and obtain olive oil without using any chemicals process which is done with any other seeds oil products as soybeans oil , sunflower oil , corn oil , mustard oil etc.

This super healthy eating oil is fully loaded with natural vegetable fat like mono saturated fatty acids, hence it is considered a legendary cooking oil in Mediterranean cuisine since it content high protent antioxidants and anti - inflammation properties in it thus very beneficial for heart health, low cholesterol, weight loss, skin care , cancer, building of bones and muscles too . It said that take oil of olive oil and massage with it - it is god blessed fruits from olive trees. Basically there are black and green olive is prime fruit products from olive trees in Mediterranean basin region. In Greece there are olive trees grown since 4000 years ago besides olive trees is closely related with an ancient Roman history and culture. The botanical science hidden and proven fact is that olive fruit is rich in oil which is rich in natural compound called Polyphenols.

The antioxidants substance called Polyphenols  which is beneficial in improving our body immune system as well . One tablespoon approx 14 grams olive oil contains saturated fat 12% , healthy  Mono saturated fat 75% , Vitamin E 13% , Vitamin K 17% . Using raw 2 tablespoon of olive oil is best standard quantity like a medicine, since olive oil should not used for cooking with application of heat as the heat temperature can destroy the natural healthy benefits of olive oil since olive oil is mostly produced by cold pressing methods. The best healthy method to consume olive oil is with dash of lemon juice that’s makes it more palatable and also give kick and boost to our digestive system.

Due to various crushing and pressing process to extract natural olive oil it is classified under various grade and quality level. The best quality of olive oil is always Extra virgin olive oil which is least pressed and refined oil hence it is considered the healthiest type of olive oil due to it’s natural extraction oil process defines its certain sensory qualities like taste and smell . The best extra virgin olive oil brands are like California olive ranch , Napa valley natural organic extra virgin olive oil etc.


1. It is rich in mono saturated fat which helps to protect against diabetes diseases & it’s symptoms.

2. Due to antioxidants and anti - inflammation properties in olive oil, which great prevention against red blood cells and maintain healthy blood circulation and pressure under healthy level.

3. Helps in building body muscles & bones since it stops and prevents the loss of calcium in body.

4. Very effective for depression symptoms as people who follow Mediterranean style eating habits and diet that is rich in olive oil may have the lower risk of depression.

5. Regular intake of olive and olive oil helps in slow down growth of many cancer cells such as colon cancer, skin cancer.

6. It is good to avoid obesity issues and weight loss,since it contains less fat and cholesterol as well fully loaded with high nutritional value.

7. Taking olive oil on daily basis can help to reduce blood pressure and hypertension symptoms.

8 . It’s  a natural remedies & medicine for earache since it controls growth of excess ear wax .

9. Olive oil is mostly used in manufacturing of various skin care products as it is full of antioxidants properties and vitamins A , E, K .

10. Good for digestion since consumption of olive and olive oil gives feeling of fullness and contents of the stomach are digested more slowly.


1 . Olive oil and basil dip , Hummus with olive oil, Olive Tahini dip . Honey garlic olive dressing.

2. Olive oil vinaigrette, Mediterranean olive pasta , Spaghetti with olive oil, Basil pesto, Ribollita

3. Olive oil oat cake , Olive chicken tikka, Olive fish tikka, Black olive and truffle dim sum, Peach basil Mimosa.

4. Kale salad with Parmesan olive dressing, Blood orange & Mapple olive oil granola, Olive chopped salad.

5. Tofu corn capsicum salad with olive vinaigrette, Avocado olive truffle salad, Olive on pizza , Olive roasted breads, Olive and cheese sticks, Stuffed olive with red pepper, Lettuce with Green &  Black olive .
6. Penne olive pasta salad, Sun-dried tomato & olive salad, Olive on cheese platters.


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