The Kale leafy greens is one of the healthiest leafy vegetables which comes from the leafy cabbage family greens vegetables; it is an edible; quite tough  and crunchy leafy greens in dark green or purple colour. Kale plants with dark green and purple leaves and its central leaves don’t form head as with round headed cabbage. 

Kale is classified to be close to wild cabbage than most of the many domesticated types of leafy greens from the species of Brassicas Oleracea.

This is one of the oldest edible healthy leafy vegetables originated in the eastern Mediterranean and Asian region before 2000 B.C. It is also used as beautiful ornamental leaves in many cuisine as well as in decoration. 

Kale leaves are mostly curly in shape and its plant grown from the seeds with wide range of germination temperature climate. It’s plant cultivation is hard and thrives in temperature as low as -15 degree Celsius, hence it’s natural quality of kale plant that it becomes sweeter in taste after a heavy frosty weather.


The basic classification of this healthy green vegetables is determined by its leafy varieties.

  • Curly Leaf Kale , which is also known as Scots Kale and Blue curled Kale.
  • Bumpy Kale also considered as black cabbage or popularly Tuscan Kale , Lacinato and dinosaur Kale.
  • Plain Leafy Kale with just plain flat wide leaves with red purple colour, known as Red and White Russian Kale , which is bit sweeter in taste.
  • Feathered Kale , it’s a cross between curly Kale and Plain Kale varieties. 
  • Ornamental Kale  which is less edible and palatable with very tough leaves in it with white and lavender colour. 
The Kale leaves are considered and believed to be one of the healthiest nutrients greens vegetables under all green leafy plant veggies; which provides more calories than beef and more calcium than milk as well contains more vitamins C than spinach.

It is fully loaded with numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants & anti inflammatory properties in it . Approx one cup 67 grams kale is packed with 684% of the daily value of vitamin K , 206% of the daily value of vitamin A and undoubtedly 135% of the daily value of vitamin C with 84% water compounds in it . 

It is a super healthy food known for nutritional super star healthy ingredients due to rich content of vitamins A , C , K & B 6 , calcium, copper. iron and magnesium. Kale offers almost 35 kcal in just one cup of its quantity and only 7 grams of carbohydrates, hence it is good for digestion and true friendly healthy leafy greens vegetables. 

The healthy and beneficial ways to eat kale is as smoothies and in salad, red kale leaf is the best for smoothies, salad, and juice since it is considered to be sweeter in taste . Besides the kale leaves to be steamed, tossed, stir fry with other vegetables and meaty ingredients with touch of many light healthy condiments and sauce as well best with olive oil. 

Due to it’s tough leaves and stem , it is  not safe and healthy to eat raw kale  , since every green leafy vegetables contains oxalic acids, which holds and bind with calcium and magnesium in the human body, may cause them to deposit and get crystallise.

These minerals crystals compounds can damage body’s tissues and cell as well as can cause inflammation in the body and kidney stones formation- so eating and consuming raw kale leaves is  not great healthy nutritional ideas.

Well for crispy and crunchy healthy salad preparation, the kale leaves should just massage and soften the green tough leaves with hand to break down its dietary fibre and make it easier for healthy digestion besides Kale leaves can be added just raw into pot of soup or broths . 

Good for skin health since Kale leaves are loaded with vitamins A , B. C and K as well as with antioxidants and phytonutrients properties. So it is proven that eating of green leafy vegetables tightens and balances pores , reduces dark circles, improves collagen, increases cell turnover as well prevents free radical damages of skin along with detoxification process in human body.

Regular intake of Kale leaves in standard moderate quantity may help in lowering down blood pressure and cholesterol level as well reduces the various risk of heart diseases since every leafy greens vegetables are very low in fat and carbohydrates content and very rich in healthy nutritional minerals components as manganese , potassium and iron, which  is an essential nutrients for blood circulation and it’s transportation in entire human body with oxygen. 

Raw Kale is packed with 84% water,  9% carbohydrates, 4% protein, 1% fat , 684% vitamin K of daily value, 206% of vitamin A of daily value, 134% of vitamin C of daily value required for healthy human body. In addition Kale is power house of many healthy minerals as calcium. Phosphorus, iron , magnesium as well good content of beneficial nutrients compounds thaimin , riboflavin, pantothenic , photochemical, Vitamin E , dietary fibre etc.

                   HEALTHY BENEFITS OF KALE 🥬 

  1. It’s high in iron minerals and vitamin K that helps in blood formation and purifier as well as smooth healthy supply of blood in entire body.
  2. Lower in fat content and rich in antioxidants properties due to high presence of vitamin C in it , that’s healthy for diabetics and cancer diseases as well as low cholesterol level. 
  3. Great greens vegetables for detoxification of human body.
  4. Aid with digestion and hydrates body due to approx 84% water content in 100 gram of Kale leaves.
  5. Rich in vitamin A, C , E , K and beta - carotene.
  6. Good healthy food ingredients for anti -inflammation.
  7. Increases body’s metabolism and boost up immune system.
  8. Prevents heart diseases and cancer cells.
  9. Due to it’s detoxification quality helps in liver function.
  10. Perfect crunchy and crispy leafy greens for weight loss.
  11. Lowers cholesterol level in body.
  12. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of dietary fibre that is good for digestion and bowel function.
  13. Packed with phytonutrients and high in protein.
  14. Good for brain and mind health due to rich content of various healthy minerals in it as iron , calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, riboflavin, folic acid etc.
  15. Great leafy greens for building and strengthen bones and muscles.
  16. A perfect leafy greens for improving eye vision due its dark green colour leaves.
  17. Kale leaves provides more calories than beef meat per 100 gram serving. 
  18. More calcium providers than milk in per one kg Kale leaves. 
  19. It contains 10% more vitamin C than spinach.
  20. Very low in calories, fat , carbohydrates that’s makes this healthy greens suitable for weight loss. 


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