During this current corona virus pandemic tough scenario in the entire world community, every person is very serious and sincerely concerned and focused on how to maintain complete hygiene and sanitation in our daily life practices to fight and protect ourselves from such spreading pandemic virus disease COVID 19 as regular hand sanitisation is must along with wearing masks and maintaining social distances. 

We are using various types of hand sanitizer to rub off on our palm and hand and keeps and kill invisible deadly pandemic virus around us in our daily life style since even we can’t shake hand with any one during current corona virus pandemic diseases. So what all we need is any best natural chemical free healthy hand sanitizer liquid, Hence TEA TREE OIL is one of the best safest natural oil to keep our hand always clean as well as our living areas and place with whom we come to contact and in touch, hence tea tree oil plays an important healthy cleaner and sanitizer . 


Tea tree oil is natural extract from the native Australian Melafeuca plant , it can be extract from the tea plant leaves as well as plants are directly distilled under hot steam in order to obtain this natural healthy oil. It is known as an essential oil with camphor fragrance and a natural colour that ranges from pale yellow to nearly colourless and clean.

Since it is derived and extract from the tea  tree leaf hence it’s oil contains various beneficial constituent with touch of healthy safe natural chemical components which exposed to air and oxidizes . 

It is used as traditional medicine mainly in form of topical medication in less quantity with mix and balance with various carrier oils such as olive oil, coconut oil to apply on our body skin. 

The tea tree oil is mostly used for treating hair dandruff, acne,  lice  , herpes , insect bites, scales and skin fungal or any microorganisms bacterial infections, besides it is very helpful in healing anti -inflammation and anti microbial properties. It is thought to calm redness, swelling as well as good for softening and improving skin health. 

Just apply a few drops of tea tree oil in tablespoon with raw natural honey can do great help in lighten and restore the natural oil balance of our body skin. In addition tea tree oil is better and more useful if it is mixed with any carrier oil or moisturiser to avoid skin irritations and itches 


It is poisonous if it is consumed by mouth directly and very unsafe for the kids to use this natural oil on them . Even this is not recommended for treating nail fungus as well as for treating head lice in children because it is not safe and effective for children at all . Moreover if it’s consumed by mouth directly can give very negative severe health symptoms like drowsiness, confusion, coma, unsteadiness, weakness, vomiting , nausea , blood cell damages as well as severe rashes on the skin. So one should be very careful while using this amazing natural oil to avoid any serious health problems and it’s better to keep away this oil from children and pets too. 


This is one of the most natural and an ideal hand sanitizer which helps in killing several common germs and bacteria as well as harmful virus which are responsible for creating illness. 

1. Helps in removing skin tags , spots, itching and irritation. 

2. Heals skin infection naturally

3. Helps as healing and soothing medicine if it is mixed with aloe vera plant paste . 

4. Add few drops of tea tree oil on cotton to treat acne.

5. Good for lice protection. 

6. Can be used as an all purpose cleaner just fill a spray bottle with 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and rest of the bottle water.

7. A few drops in pets crates or on bed keeps the flies away. 

8. Apply twice a day on affected areas of body to kill ringworm if it’s required. 

9. Very effective as an antiseptic on any small cuts , injuries and wounds . 

10. Helps in freshens laundry just add a few drops of tea tree oil in washing machine. 

11. Regular use of this natural oil as hand sanitizer prevents us from any chorionic diseases like cold and flu , illness etc.

12. Boost in quick healing and recovery of any wounds on body . 

13. Good natural deodorant for healthy cool body since this natural oil act as an anti bacterial effects may help in control underarm bad smell and odour related to sweat and perspiration. 

14 . Fight Acne - Tea tree oil is power full weapons against acne symptoms in human body. 



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