THE GINGER is one of the most popular and common plant root spices used world wide in every household kitchen as well in commercial kitchen in food preparation as healthiest flavouring ingredients. Starting with morning ginger tea , ginger honey lemon water, masala tea, herbal tea and many more daily regular ginger based food preparation.

It is considered one of the best natural medicine and health healer against cold , cough and flu as well many common diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol level, heart diseases, muscles and joints pain , cramps issues, skin and hair . It is good source of antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds since ginger is fully loaded with various nutritional properties in it with vitamins, minerals, zinc, carbs, dietary fibre, protein, calcium etc since it’s plant root spices. 

Ginger basically is a flowering plant root which seeds are called rhizome. It’s origin is related to South east Asia and Indian continent mainly in southern and northeast regions which is famous for ginger production due to their warm and humid climate. Total yearly world production of ginger is approx 4.8 millions tones , led by India with 35% of the world’s total ginger production. 

The word “ ginger “ is origin of English word gingifer an old English world ; as well in Indian Vedic Sanskrit it is known as Srngaveram. It is very basic ingredients in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and health remedies products since old days . 

Ginger paste , sliced ginger, ginger juice, ginger julienne, dry ginger powder are widely used in many Indian cuisine and food preparation besides it is also very common kitchen food ingredients in many pan asian cuisine just add flavours and taste in food preparation for delicacy and healthy benefits to eat this nutrients rich plant root spices.

Various healthy refreshing beverage are prepared with ginger such as honey ginger lemon water, ginger water, ginger herbal tea etc which helps brilliantly as sore throats remedies as well helps flush out toxins from your body and boost blood circulation and immune system. Its anti inflammatory properties also helps to kill harmful bacteria and its too good for digestion process and stomach cramps issues.

Ginger honey lemon water is very easy to make with sliced ginger root with one lemon and two tablespoons honey & water ;just boil it for 15-20 minutes, strain it and drink as healthy refreshing beverage which is perfect medicine for cold & cough, flue etc. This natural home made concoction is good for digestion and strengthening body immune system too.

This healthy root ingredients is too good and useful for your lungs function and it’s health since it contains an anti inflammatory compounds in it such as vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium beta - carotene and zinc . 

To get rid off from any soar throat pain just try hot ginger lemon water with touch of salt or just have cooked   sliced raw ginger, black pepper, tulsi leaves and salt with ghee , this is one of the most popular Indian home made natural medicine with healthy raw ginger. 

Drinking ginger water early in morning on empty stomach may help in balanced blood sugar level which will finally keep you away from over eating. Besides it is too beneficial against risk of heart diseases by lowering down over all cholesterol level of your body since ginger roots are rich in minerals, very low in fat components.

Perfect healthy food ingredients for flushing out unwanted toxins chemicals from your body as well good for digestion process and suppress your appetite and maintain healthy metabolism function in the body. In addition this natural plant root spices is great beneficiaries in controlling blood pressure and relaxes the internal body muscles which is surrounded with blood vessels. 


Total calories 80 kcal , Total fat 0.8 g,  Cholesterol 0mg, Carbohydrates 188 g, Dietary fibre 2 g, Sugar 1.7g , Sodium 13 mg, Potassium 415 mg, Protein 1.8 g, Calcium 1% , Iron 3% , Magnesium 10% , Vitamin C 8% , Vitamin B6 10% ,Zinc 2%  

So being one natural plant root spices ingredients, it is power house of various healthy nutritional properties which provides a complete wellness and health fitness remedies. It is loaded with antioxidants compounds that prevents stress and damage to your body’s DNA structure.


  1. Great food ingredients for healthy liver function since it helps in detoxification.
  2. Good for refreshing mood and digestion system 
  3. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level hence good for heart health.
  4. Perfect plant root ingredients for skin and hair since it helps in free radicals symptoms that keep your skin glow and taut.
  5. Boost up brain function since it’s packed with minerals.
  6. Relives stomach muscles cramps.
  7. Relives in stress and anxiety since ginger is packed with numerous healthy nutritional properties.
  8. Good for constipation and digestion.
  9. Good healthy food ingredients for asthma and nausea.
  10. The best natural medicine for cold and flu symptoms.
  11. Prevents from migraines 
  12. One of the most important food & beverage  flavouring ingredients.
  13. Promotes healthy aging process.
  14. Good for lungs function. 
  15. Eating raw ginger just 5 grams per day helps in improving immune system. antioxidants, anti inflammatory  
  16. Control morning sickness. 
  17. Good for improving sexual strength and power since it is contains good amount of zinc 



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