THE DAL MAKHNI which is also known as Maa Ki Dal and Makhni Dal in India and all over the world. This is one of the old traditional favourite ,staple food of every Indian people and a very common food name in every household of Indian family. In addition Dal Bukhara is the most developed and superior version of traditional dal makhni in this modern era for every food lovers and connoisseur.

It is so popular healthy and delicious rich creamy food that you can find on every food menu in India since it’s taste and flavours completely matches with Indian taste buds and palate and a perfect pairs with Indian breads such as butter naan , roti , parantha as well with boiled steamed rice and pulao.

It’s correct and traditional common word is daal makh -nee ,which is basically one healthy yet heavy buttery and creamy black lentils.

The invention and discovery stories of healthy dal makhni is deeply connected with India and Pakistan partions after independence, when many people from Punjab migrated to the northern regions of India from Punjab province of Pakistan. During that time ,this healthy yummy and delicious dal makhni was invented and promoted by the legendary Indian Kundan Lal Gujaral and his fellow friend Thakur Dass ,who were basically one bussiness entrepreneur partners who had passions for Indian food bussiness growth plan. So very first out let of famous fine dining restaurant chain the Moti Mahal was opened and launched at Daryaganj, Delhi India and from there this world famous Indian delicious dal makhni got started for the Indian food lovers.

The traditional preparation and recipe of dal makhni involves a long time process, which authentically take 24 hours to cook and prepared healthy and heavy creamy dal makhni . Since the more you let boil and simmer black lentils urad dal on slow charcoal fire in traditional copper handi it gives better taste and flavours at the end on to your plate. 

But in today’s modern days cooking equipment like pressure cooker, which reduced its preparation time to 2-3 hours. The black lentils whole urad dal and red kidney beans rajma should soaked over night in water for best dal makhni preparation and while cooking it ,should be keep on boiling on slow fires at least for minimum 2 hours. 

The basic primary ingredients of dal makhni is whole black urad dal and red kidney beans rajma, butter and cream. The dish gets its creamy richness texture from the use of cream and butter, but some time dal makhni can also be prepared with yogurt and milk or no fatty dairy ingredients as low calories dal makhni, if you don’t prefer too much eating of butter and cream as your eating habits.

But more significantly butter and cream are healthy food ingredients, don’t worry about  it . As well also pairs the yummy healthy creamy dal makhni with healthy grain wheat rotis , lachha parantha, pudina parantha and sesame kalonji plain or butter naan.

The basic secrets and reasons of dal makhni being known as healthy food is its main key ingredients black urad dal with its skin . Since urad dal which is also known as black lentils is rich and fully loaded with high nutritional food value, rich in dietary fibre, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, iron , vitamin A , vitamin C .

Black urad dal whole with skin which is rich in dietary fibre, which are exceptionally beneficial for our heart health. It keeps our cardiovascular system healthy and stable by maintaining the cholesterol level and directly prevents and stops the building and formation of fats , cholesterol and many other unhealthy substances in on the artery walls. Since formation of unhealthy cholesterol plaques in the walls of arteries causing problems of blood flow as well as may cause blood clotting in the heart artery walls. Hence black urad dal is naturally so healthy cereal grain it self that minimise and cut down harmful effects of butter and cream in dal makhni preparation. 


Healthiest part of cooked dal makhni is ,it provides 278 calories of which 96 calories content carbohydrates, 34 calories from protein and rest healthy calories comes from fat ,which is 152 calories. 

Protein 15% of daily value, Carbohydrates 8% of daily value, Dietary fibre 28% of daily value. Fats 26% of daily value, Cholesterol 5% of daily value, Sodium 21% of daily value,Vitamin A 4% , Vitamin C 8% , Calcium 4% , Iron 10% of daily value required for human body.

So eating dal makhni is good for heart , energy as well perfect food for strength and stamina as well for bone building and muscles cells growth. 


  • Whole Urad Dal 250 gm , Rajma 50 gm, Onion 1 big size , Tomato 1 big size.
  • Tomato Purée 50 gram , Ginger Paste 10 gram , Garlic Paste 10 gram , Finely Chopped Green Chilli 10 gram .
  • Mixed Indian Spices Powder 10 gram , Red Chilli Powder 5 gram .
  • Turmeric 5 gram, Bay Leaf 3-4 , Cumin Seeds 5 gram, Salt to taste, Coriander Leaves 50 gram.
  • Refined Oil 30 ml , Butter 50 gram , Fresh Cream 50 ml . Vegetables Stock 800 ml - Should flavoured with whole garam masala. 

  • Clean and soaked whole urad dal and rajma at least for 5 hours for better taste .
  • Heat oil add bay leaf , chopped green chilli, ginger and garlic paste with chopped onion and few chopped ginger.
  • Add on Spices powder and cumin seeds, turmeric powder  and stir fry gently for 10 minutes on slow fires.
  • Add finely chopped tomato and tomato purée as well add half quantity of butter 
  • Stir fry well and then add soaked rajma and keep on sauté for 5 minutes 
  • Finally add soaked urad dal and add flavoured vegetables stock for boiling and cooking dal .
  • Let it keep on boiling at least for max 2 hours on slow fires. 
  • Add rest butter and cream in it . Mis it well to get creamy silky texture.
  • Use chopped coriander leaves and julienne of ginger as garnish.
  • Final touch with spooning melted butter on top of cooked dal makhni and add fresh cream .
  • Serve to your guest hot creamy healthy dal makhni with tandoori breads or kitchen homemade tawa parantha and lachha parantha even goes well with plain steamed rice and pulao . 


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