The sweet corn is one of the healthiest and most popular yummy and delicious food ingredients eaten by the all age group of people throughout the world since ancient time . 

It is considered and known as vegetable as well as cereal grain which is rich in starch , carbohydrates, natural sugar, vitamin C and protein. Eating corn as grilled corn on the cob, steamed corn , creamy sweet corn soup , corn based salad, corn fritters, baked cheese corn , corn & spinach, popcorn ,chips , polenta, cornflakes, cornmeal, grits, corn oil etc.

This healthy and delicious golden corn also known as maize ,sweet corn , sugar corn and pole corn besides there are other popular named dent corn, flint corn, pod corn ,flour corn and popcorn, it is usually white , yellow but also grown and available in brick red , purple and blue colour.

The Mexico is the root origin place of corn production and cultivation over 9000 years ago as well it is the main staple food of native Americans who used to grow it as the main source of food . It is considered both vegetable and a cereal grain food. Whenever the dry  seeds that are used for popcorn are classified as whole corn and the sweet corn which you eat off the cob is usually considered as vegetable in food preparation and in culinary words . 

Sweet corn is fully packed and rich in starch , carbohydrates, dietary fibre, protein, minerals and vitamins C & E. it is good source of probiotics components as it contains same kind of good gut bacteria which aids in our digestive system and facilitate better metabolism function in body that helps in healthy weight loss plan . 

The best healthy way to eat corn is always raw on its cob since it’s healthy and delicious with natural sugary juice content, the fresh whole corn is loaded with fibre, sugar with good amount of vitamin C , B vitamin , iron , potassium and magnesium, where as processed corn is not very healthy and beneficial to eat . 

This is one of the effective healthy diet meal which helps in weight loss but same time eating sweet corn is good for gaining up weight if it eaten steamed with butter since high starch content in corn can enhance blood sugar level and may prevent weight loss process if it is eaten in excess quantity.

It is naturally sugar loaded grain which is basically known as MAIZE which is the result of a naturally occurrence recessive mutations in the genes controls conversion of sugar to starch inside the endosperm of the natural corn kernels, so the fruit of the of sweet corn plant is the corn kernels which is also known as CARYOPSIS , which is a collection of kernels on the cob.

It’s a good digestive food for children and old aged people as well very beneficial for pregnant women; hence it is advisable to eat cream corn kernels that’s is partially mashed corn which is preserved as canned creamy corn for human consumption mainly for yummy regular sweet corn soup or egg drops cream corn soup . 


Energy 360 approx 88 Kcal , Carbohydrates 19.02 gm, Sugar 3.22gm, Dietary fiber 27 gm , Fat 1.18 gm, Protein 3.2gm , Vitamin A 9 mg, Vitamin C 6.8 mg, Vitamin E 3.6mg, Thiamine 0.200mg, Folate acid B9 48 mg , magnesium 37mg, Potassium 27 mg , Water 76 gm . 

One plain medium size whole corn provides 100 calories which is equal to an apple. 


  1. Good for gaining weight if any body feels like to put on weight since corn is rich in starch and sugar content.
  2. Steamed corn is good remedies for anti cancer treatment since cooked sweet corn kernels increases level of feriullic  acid in it . 
  3. Good source of antioxidants since it is packed with many protein compounds.
  4. Rich in vitamin C makes it healthy for skin as well as strengthen hair strands.
  5. Removes facial acne and scars due to rich in Vitamin E too.
  6. Boost up blood cells generation that improves the quantity of RBC in human body. Good healthy food for pregnant women.
  7. Enhances skin texture as well as skin radiant level.
  8. Good for anemia symptoms due to production of blood cells in body .
  9. Eating sweet corn keeps nerves and muscles healthy.
  10. An excellent pro- biotic food ingredients.
  11. Helps to lower down cholesterol level.
  12. Speed up weight loss it it’s eaten fresh and raw on cob.
  13. Brilliant food for eye sight health. 
  14. Good for digestion since corn is rich in soluble dietary fibre. 
  15. A perfect source of instant energy and calories in human body since sweet corn is fully packed with carbohydrates and starch & sugar along with various nutritional components 
  16. Good source of many rich minerals that helps in blood purify as well healthy light food for brain health.
Grilled corn on the cob is perfect complete healthy meal . 



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