The CUCUMBER 🥒 is an ever green healthy vegetable as well as a fruity  food ingredient . It is easily available with our surroundings vegetables shops and vegetables vendors , but the basic problem with mostly people who don’t prefer to eat cucumber in their daily diet meal plan although it is one of most healthiest and very low cost food ingredient . Let us discover and explore the secrets of cucumber 🥒 as one of the beneficial healthy cool natural food in our daily life. 

This green creeping vine plant fruit as well as veggie is originated in Indian sub continent before 3000 years ago,  green vine leafy plant that roots into the ground soil and grows upward with large green leafy like canopy over the cucumber fruit. 

Cucumber is always high in nutrients, which is fully loaded with vitamins and minerals although it is low in calories with only 45 kilocalories value but it contains the amazing natural water properties upto 95% in it which make it most healthiest food that helps us to cut down our body weight as well as keep our body cool and healthy. 

Sliced cucumber is the healthiest cucumber cucumis sativus with high effects of antioxidants, anti inflammatory , hydration as well as lowering down blood sugar and pressure.

Regular eating of cucumber helps us to reduce extra weight and prevents blood clotting symptoms due to rich content of vitamin K found in it . The presence of valuable vitamin K in cucumber plays vital role in prevention of blood clotting, blood sugar, blood pressure as well building of healthy bone tissues since Osteocalcin is an important protein that need vitamin K to produce our healthy bone formation. 

Basically cucumber is classified into three categories. SLICING is  fresh cucumber grown to eat fresh called Slicing, PICKLING of fresh cucumber is done with brine, sugar, vinegar and flavoured spices with other vegetables and the last one is GHERKINS which is baby picked cucumber usually in very small size from 2- 5 inch. 

The word Gherkins is derived from Dutch word Gurken or Augurken which defines as small pickled cucumber. 

                           TYPES OF CUCUMBER.   

1. KHEERA CUCUMBER : It is widely available in India with dark green skin colour with thin skin , it is highly loaded with enough moisture and rich white green flesh with edible tiny seeds in it . 

2. KEKIRI : It is mainly cultivated in South India and Sri Lanka , its small size cucumber fruit with orange yellow colour once it’s matured and fully grown. 

3 . APPLE CUCUMBER: This beautiful healthy cucumber is grown in New Zealand which is well known for its mild sweet texture and taste. 

4. ALPHA CUCUMBER: It’s one of the smallest sized cucumber mainly used in making pickled Gherkins. 

5. PERSIAN CUCUMBER: This is seedless and slightly sweet are easily available in Canada during summer season. 

6. BURPLESS CUCUMBER: It’s quite sweeter in taste with very thin skin on top . 

7. LEBANESE CUCUMBER: Small smooth skinned and mild in taste as well nearly seedless. 

EAST ASIAN CUCUMBER: Such cucumber varieties are mild , seedless and deep green with bumpy rough skin. 


Drinking cucumber and lemon infused water is great refreshing ideas having many potential health benefits including hydration, weight loss, skin health, lower blood pressure besides regular drinking of this cool refreshing water helps to reduce swelling, inflammation as well as water retention edema process. 

Every body should drink at least a glass of cucumber infused water early in the morning which is miracles for weight loss. 


Cucumber is a super healthy food which is packed with various nutritional properties in it . In medium size cucumber approx 200 gm weight provides calories 45, fat 0 gm , carbs 11 gm, protein 2gm, dietary soluble fibre 2gm. vitamin C 14% , vitamin K 62% , protein 14% , magnesium 10%, potassium 13% . Natural water 95%  . 

1. Best eat cucumber always with skin that gives 16 kilocalories. 

2. Helps in weight loss plan as well as good for hydration. 

3. Great source of antioxidants and an inflammation properties. 

4. Its higher content of natural water helps in detoxification in body. 

5. Good protection from scorching hot sun light. 

6. Helps in growth of hair and improves eye vision. 

7. Improves body complexion and skin health. 

8. Release stress and tiredness symptoms. 

9. Flushing of toxins substances from body. 

10. Helps in digestion as well as keeps us refreshing feeling. 

11. Good for hangovers busting player. 

12. Prevents formation of dark circles and spot on body. 

13. Good as healthy food for diabetics patients. 

14. Freshness of breathing. 

15. Great healthy food for bones as it contains vitamin K . 

16. Healthy face pack as well as soothing for eye skin. 

16. Cucumber water is best detoxification drink. 

17. Healthy food for cardiovascular disease since it contains 0% fats . 

18. Cucumber salad is best appetizer to start main meal. 

19. Great food for flat stomach since eating regular cucumber approx 300 grams in a day helps in weight loss. 

20. Cucumber peels and skin is good source of valuable nutrients. 

21. Eating cucumber salad is always gives very light and easy feeling . 

22. Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol level. 


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