The Lemon 🍋  a yellow citrus fruit from an evergreen flowering plant family species called  Rutacease ; originally native to South Asian countries mainly its root origin is North eastern India. 

The lemon is widely used in various food preparation  and beverage creation for healthy nutritional consumption in human life style throughout the world. 

The juice of lemon is 5% to 8% citric acid content giving its sour healthy taste; hence this specific citric taste of lemon juice makes it as key important food ingredients in various healthy and delicious food and beverage preparation such as lemonade, lemon tarts, lemon cheese cake , lemon soufflé, lemon meringue pie, lemon curd , lemon vinaigrette, lemon rice , lemon pickles etc.

The lemon is rich source of various vitamins and minerals that’s makes this small tiny fruit as one of the super healthy food ingredients for human consumption which helps and cures numerous health diseases to maintain one healthy and complete wellness of human mind , mood , body.

It provides total 64% of the daily health value in just 100 g of lemon fruit. It contains very healthy nutritional properties as photochemical, Polyphenols, terpenes and tannins in it . The lemon juice contains more citric acid than lime juice , orange juice and grapefruit juice.

Lemon juice , lemon peels, lemon rind and skin, lemon oil, lemon essence and even fresh pickled lemon leaves are used for various healthy eating and consumption purposes.Lemon oil is good for body immune system as well as it is used in aromatherapy to cure many health issues. 

The peel and skin of lemon is packed with vitamin c, minerals, calcium, dietary fibre, and antioxidants compounds that offers an energetic natural boost to your body and mind.In addition lemon peel is loaded with healthy enzymes which helps to live longer; so you should never discard and throw away its healthy beneficial peels and skin.

The lemon peels and skin helps in clarifying and filtering in making of sugar syrup, just put half cut lemon in boiling sugar syrup.

Drinking lemonade and fresh lemon  water in summer season protects you from dehydration and tiredness ;so it is smart ideas to drink regular salty lemon water using minimum 2 lemon 🍋.

Drinking a glass of lemon juice with warm water in empty stomach is great benefits in cut down fats and cholesterol level since it helps in metabolism function of your body results good digestion and healthy skin quality.Besides it is good for body’s immune system due to rich content of Vitamin C in it .

Even lemon juice and water consumption is perfect useful for avoiding kidney and bladder stones . So you must drink  one glass of lemon juice and water as daily refreshing medicine for healthy digestion and skin glow quality.

For excessive alcohol drinking people, the lemon juice is perfect reliever since it control and reduces the effects of excess alcohol consumption on your liver and protect it from damages due to regular alcohol consumption.

Fresh lemon and lemon juice both are very low in fats and calories as well as both are good healthy sources of vitamin c, folate and potassium. Fresh lemon juice contains significantly more vitamins than processed bottled lemon juice.

One of the most important functions of lemon citrus juice is , it helps your body to attract and absorb maximum iron minerals from the food which we daily eat and consume, that is great prevention from Anemia related disease symptoms in body. 


Calories 29 kcal , Total fat 0.3g , Sodium 2 mg, Potassium 138mg, Carbohydrates 9 gm , Fibre 2.8gm, Sugar 2.5 gm, Protein 1.1gm, Vitamin C 88% , Iron 3% , Vitamin B-6  5%, Magnesium 2% , Thiamine 3% , Riboflavin 2%  


  1. Lemon oil is good for body massage, relaxation and relief from any pain .
  2. Perfect for weight loss by drinking daily warm water with lemon juice.
  3. Rich in antioxidants properties since it is loaded with high amount of vitamin C , that also helps to maintain radiant glowing skin quality.
  4. Lowers anxiety and refresh mood and calmness.
  5. Prevents from dehydration in summer season.
  6. Detoxes the liver and body’s digestive system.
  7. Lemon juice water is best remedies for alcohol hangovers.
  8. Relives respiratory and freshening breathe.
  9. Destroy and break down kidney and bladder stones.
  10. Good against cholera and malerea.
  11. Lemon juice and it’s skin is a good sanitizer.
  12. Regular intake of lemon helps in controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol level that helps from any heart diseases.
  13. A very useful digestive food ingredients since lemon controls and calm down any stomach upset issues.
  14. Cures acne and eczema as skin balm and using lemon oil. 
  15. A perfect environment friendly air freshener since lemon oil is used in every house and living places.
  16. Removes fats and oils from finger once lemon slices and warm water used as rinsing finger bowl water.
  17.  Pectin enzymes presence in lemon helps in digestion as well as feel full longer.
  18. Reduce risk of cancer diseases because lemon is packed with an essential nutritional plant compounds in it called D - Limonene 
  19. Great for cardiovascular and heart function due to its antioxidants quality as it is fully loaded with Vitamin C.
  20. Good for throats since hot water + salt + lemon juice is perfect throats cleansers.
  21. Lemonade and salted fresh lemon water is best energy drink for every sports person and gymnast.


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