The red pulpy tomatoes 🍅 are very common food ingredients in every kitchen which is eaten in various ways as  raw tomato salad, tomato sauce, tomato ketchup, tomato salsa, tomato dip , sun dried tomato with olive, tomato soup, tomato gravy etc. It add burst and bright red colour in food and flavours in many food preparation mainly in pasta & pizza. In Indian cuisine the famous traditional dish makhni gravy is made with ripened tomatoes purée  to produce the most yummy dishes paneer makhni & murgh makhni or butter chicken . Tomato ketch up is most common friendly & yummy accompaniments on every family’s dining table besides tomato ketchup is best goes with almost every junk food and it is one of favourite choice of every kids who loves junk food , fries, pizza, pasta and many more......

 This reddish vibrant vegetable is a super healthy and nutritional food ingredient in every human life since it contains rich quantity of vitamin C, A and K , folate and potassium along with Thamin , niacin , Vitamin B6 , minerals which are root basic nutrients to maintain good healthy body.

Tomatoes are good for antioxidants since one medium size tomato approx 30gram can provide about 28% of daily food value required as daily intake. Vitamin C contains makes tomato great source of antioxidants and healer for skin health. 

Eating fresh raw cut tomatoes is the most healthiest way to get and extract the nutritional value and benefits from tomatoes berry as tomato salad since it is good source of Vitamin A and C and these two nutritional components helps our body to get rid of harmful free radicals in our blood cells and blood circulation. However to absorb and dilute Vitamin C in body it is advised and recommended to eat fresh raw tomatoes salad at least 100 gram per day. 

Baby plum cherry tomatoes are the best to eat since it contains the most Phytonutrients in it . Cherry tomatoes are one of the most versatile tomatoes varieties with its natural red, green, yellow, orange and purple types, besides these cherry tomatoes are being used widely in food garnish and decor to add an attractive appetite eye appearance in every tomato based food. 

Cherry tomatoes or plum tomatoes are fat free, saturated fate free, cholesterol free, low in sodium content as well very rich with Vitamin A , C and good healthy source of Vitamin K and potassium too. 

In South Indian cuisine one famous dal called Tomato Pappu Dal is prepared with red cherry tomatoes with lentils and curry leaves. Even cherry tomatoes and feta cheese salad is most yummy and delicious healthy salad prepared with drizzle of olive oil . 

Eating tomatoes can helps in reducing many chronic cancer diseases since tomatoes are fully packed with carotenoid such as lutein and lycopene which are most beneficial nutrients for human body to fight against prostate cancer. 

Eating tomatoes daily will ensure that we get an array of multiple nutrients which will help in better function of our body.


Tomato Ketchup or tomato sauce is one of most highly popular food sauce being eaten in entire world. It adds taste, flavours and eating value in every food whether it’s pizza, pasta,fries, burgers, nuggets etc . It contains taste and flavours enhancer as sugar, fructose, salt and corn oil with many infused and mixed ingredients in tomato pulp which is solid commercially all around the world. 

  1. It cut down the risk of certain cancer diseases as prostate cancer, eating tomato ketchup sauce two or more times in a week ensures 20% risk reduction in cancer disease symptoms. 
  2. For man eating tomato ketchup is a miracle dream since it’s increases the sperm count and quantity among male due to presence of Lycopene that gives tomatoes it’s red colour can boost up male’s fertility. Experts says that antioxidants compounds in tomatoes enhances the growth of sperm as well as reduce down number of abnormal sperm in male’s fertility.
  3. It cut down cholesterol level as well as help eye vision sight health. 
  4. Tomato ketchup sauce is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C , which is good for body immune system.
  5. Eating tomato sauce makes healthy food stuff bearable to eat more since it is improved it’s taste and flavours with additions and mixing of extra sugar, salt and vegetable oil in tomato ketchup. 


100 gram serving of raw tomatoes can provide very healthy nutritional value in human body as given below: 

Total fat 0.2 gm , Cholesterol 0% , Sodium 5 mg , Potassium 237 mg, Carbohydrates 3.9 gm, Protein 0.9 gm, Vitamin A 17% , Vitamin C 25% , Calcium 0.8% , Iron 1.5% 


  1. Very beneficial and healthy for diabetics patients since tomatoes are very low in carbohydrates and starch hence it control and cut down blood sugar level as tomatoes are non - starchy and also low in glycemic index. 
  2. Tomatoes contains Lycopene which is an essential nutrients for lowering cholesterol as well preventing skin damages; in addition adding Lycopene nutrients food in our daily eating habits could help significantly in reducing blood pressure. 
  3. High in beta -carotene that helps in skin tone and glow. 
  4. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin K and calcium that is an essential basic nutrients for building and strengthen bones, muscles and teeth. 
  5. Lycopene contains makes it good fighter against chronic cancer diseases. 
  6. High in Vitamin C for antioxidants in body.
  7. It’s Vitamin A content healthy for eye vision and body immune system. 
  8. Good for heart since tomatoes are very very low in fats content. 
  9. Tomatoes contains approx 95% natural water like cucumber that helps in dehydration and digestion process.
  10. Eating tomatoes relives in chronic pain and inflammation. 
  11. Reduces hair problems and control weight gain. 
  12. Promotes good healthy sound sleep . 
  13. Tomatoes are very good source of Chromium , which helps to regulate blood sugar level. 
  14. Due to little touch and content of citrus acids in fresh tomatoes helps in digestion .
  15. Eating fresh tomatoes as salad with touch of lemon juice and salt act as good appetiser  to enhance our feeling to eat more food. 
  16. It is a good blood purifier since tomatoes contains good amount of minerals in it . 


  1. its really healthy eating daily at least 150 gm red tomato - good for eyes and skin health.

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