The  OAT is one of the most healthiest cereal grain which is eaten as oats meal , Oat milk , Oat flour for human consumption, this healthy cereal grain is closely associated with lower blood cholesterol and weight loss for sure if it is consumed regularly as breakfast oats  meal, entree oats meal with skimmed milk and yogurt .

Oats meal is considered as super healthy food mainly for weight loss plan , since it is fully packed with protein and low in calories, which makes oats meal an excellent choice for a flat stomach. Once you eat oats meal in the morning breakfast it takes time to digest in the body and helps to burns calories, this is the secret of oats meal as good source of energy through out the day and cut down the cholesterol level that’s better for prevention of any heart diseases too .

Eating daily oats meal can show results in two ways to control weight loss, first it is loaded with soluble fibre hence keep you feeling fuller longer, so don’t need to eat again and again or over eating,
secondly eating oats meal in morning breakfast keeps on releasing slow carbohydrates in body that leads to burn more fats

This super healthy food grain contains diverse essential nutrients . In 100 gram serving oats provides approx 400 kilocalories and are rich source of  25- 30% of the daily value of protein, dietary fibre 44% , and many Vitamin B components in it .

Oats have numerous uses in food such as crushed or rolled oat, oat flour, oat milk , oat cakes, oat breads. oat cookies etc , besides it is very commonly used in breakfast cereals muesli that is most popular breakfast crunchy cereal. There are various types of oat is available as per their basic production category such as steel cut oat , whole oat groats ,rolled or crushed oat , Quick instant oatmeal


1. Skimmed milk , Yogurt, Oat milk , Almond milk , Coconut milk .

2. Banana slices , Strawberry, Raspberry. Blueberry, Prune, Black berries, Apple, Dates.

3. Almonds, Walnuts, Pumpkin seed, Chia Seed, Almond butter, Peanut butter.

4. Apricot, Raisin , Dry coconut, Cherry, Hazelnut.

5. Brown sugar, Date syrup.  Palm sugar, Maple syrup, Honey

These above toppings makes an oatmeal bowl yummy and delicious in addition we use fresh colourful fruits as cherries. black berries, blue berries etc to add beautiful colour in oats meal for appetite texture.

                                              INDIAN FLAVOURS OAT MEAL DISHES . 

Generally crushed rolled oat flakes are used in eating and it bland and off taste due to being a plant based cereal grain, so many Indian spices and flavours are added in it to match and suit to local Indian taste and palate for healthy consumption of oats meal as weight loss meal menu .

1. Masala oats, Oats Khichdi , Oats Uttapam , Oats masala dosa , Oats Idli , Oats upama , Oats lentils.

2. Oats Pongal , Oatmeal pancake, Oats poha , Oats besan chilla , Vegetables oats porridge.

3. Oats egg omelette, Oats scrambled egg, Oats bisibelle rice , Oats payasam, Chocolate oats, Oats veg soup , Oats coconut burfi , Oats cookies, Oats cake, Oats bread .


1. Good for heart health since oats meal contains good amount of soluble fibre in it along with beta - glucins that lower down body cholesterol level.

2. Due to rich in fibre keeps you feel fuller for long time besides it is very low in calories and fat too since it is plant based seeds grain cereal food .

3. Loaded with antioxidants properties that prevents cardiovascular risk due to dietary fibre content.

4. Prevents constipation and regulates bowel function of stomach due to packed with soluble and insoluble fibre in it .

5. Good for diabetics patients since daily  oats meal consumption can stabilise and balance blood sugar level

6. The complex carbohydrates presence in oat can slow down the conversion of whole food into simple sugar and beta - glucin delays the process of blood sugar levels before & after oats meals eating.

7. Protect hypertension symptoms in body , the people with high blood pressure issues must eat oats meal in daily breakfast meal since there is  no fat and very high content of dietary fibre found in oats.

8. Good for skin health since regular eating of oats meal normalise the skin PH as well as this specific grain cereal helps in moisten and soften the skin .

So , finally the Oats meal choice in daily food menu is great helpful in weight loss plan , healthy skin , low cholesterol level,  lower risk of many heart diseases, makes feel fuller longer time so don’t need for over eating . Above all the oats grain is very low cost healthy food options and it is easily available in every food stores.


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