THE SPINACH, one of the healthiest leafy greens vegetables which very commonly used in every household kitchen and in healthy diet meal menu . This light leafy greens is just opposite of its texture from light thin leaves into healthier food ingredients which is fully loaded with various nutritional properties in it .

We must all remember very well the famous cartoon tv show in 90’s  “ Popeye the Sailor Man” has been portrayed since 1931 , as strong and popular affinity for healthy spinach, particularly the canned varieties of spinach, the carton character “ Popeye the Sailor Man “ becomes physically strong after consuming healthy spinach.

Every healthy bites of spinach you have is either fighting with diseases or free doing it . You can eat this amazing super healthy leafy greens just raw in salad, steamed, blanched , sautéed with other veggies, it is rich in vitamin A, C, K , calcium. protein, iron , zinc, antioxidants and anti inflammatory substances. 

You may or may not be very fan of spinach but this leafy greens eating on regular basis will definitely convince to add it in your daily diet plan.

The popularity of eating spinach world wide can be easily considered that in 2019 , world production of spinach was approx 30.9 millions tones , with China alone accounting for 90% of the total production. This healthy leafy greens is deeply related to healthy human eating Practice since 2000 years and so on ; it’s native origin place is central and west Asia. 

The word spinach is closely related to dates to the 14th century from “ espinache “ French epinard .

Regular eating of 200 - 300 gram provides various health benefits mainly for eyes sight and vision, since spinach is rich in many vitamins and minerals properties which helps in immune system too since spinach contains high quantity of beta carotene, lutein and chlorophyll in - all of which are perfectly responsible for improving your eyes sight as well boosting up body immune system. The lutein compounds is part of our retina that act as natural mask from sunlight, protecting your eyes from damaging light .This is why most people advised to eat more healthy leafy greens.

Due to their antioxidants content and vitamin C , vitamin E and A are mainly important for skin health which act as cleansing of skin from any radicals effects.

Eating fresh raw spinach leaves are more healthy and beneficial than having cooked one .I recommend that you just eat two cups of raw spinach leaves as salad which may offer 14 calories which is more than 100 percent of your daily vitamin A requirement as well 30 percent of daily recommended amount of folate and vitamin C and whole lot of vitamin K .

Due to rich content of healthy nutritional properties like folate, iron and vitamins A , C , all of which may aid value and can promote hair growth too, since vitamin A helps the skin gland to produce sebum , which is only nutritional substances helps in moisturises the root scalps to keep your hair healthy and it’s regular growth. In addition eating regular 200-300 gram of fresh spinach leaves strengthen bones, muscles , repels bacteria and virus, promote heart health, growth of red blood cells as well keeps you energetic and healthy. 

The nitrate and vitamin A, K compounds which is naturally available in spinach and other greens veggies tones up muscles and bone quality.

In contrast ,eating too much excess quantity of leafy greens spinach may give negative side effects on body since it contains and very rich in oxalates , that may lead to kidney stones, abdominal pain ,low blood pressure, vomiting and weak pulse. So it is better to eat and consume this healthy leafy greens in standard moderate quantity.


Raw spinach is 91% water, 4% carbohydrates, 3% protein and contains negligible fat . In 100 gram serving provides only 23 calories, it is rich in high minerals components , specially when fresh , frozen , steamed, or quickly boiled .It is rich source of 20% daily value of vitamin A , C , K , magnesium, folate, and iron. This healthy leafy greens has one of the highest concentration of vitamin K, provides about four times the daily value for this important nutritional value that aids coagulation as well as the absorption of calcium as it is naturally found in every greens leafy vegetables. 

Due to it’s rich source and fully packed with Vitamin A which is known as beta - carotene, which is an essential nutrients compounds for immune system as well as for skin and eye health. In addition B9 folate acid which is common in every green leafy vegetables , plays an important key role in feral  regulation and red blood cells formation as well good for lowering blood sugar level in human body.

In brief the 100 grams of fresh leafy spinach can provide following nutritional healthy value as per daily value requirements by human body .

Calories 23Kcal , vitamin K 402 % DV ,  A 5% DV, B9 49% DV , C 31% DV , B2 5% DV , E 14% DV , water 91% , protein 2.86 g , carbohydrates 3.63 g , magnesium 3 gm , Iron 15% DV , Calcium 8% DV , Copper 14% DV, Potassium 12% DV , Dietary Fibre 9%!DV . 


  • Good for weight loss 
  • Perfect greens for hair, skin and eyes sight health.
  • A perfect immune booster and energiser.
  • Good source of antioxidants & inflammatory properties.
  • Very low in calories and fat .
  • Good source of natural water 
  • Lowers blood pressure and maintain cholesterol level in balance.
  • Prevents cardiovascular issues 
  • Good for brain function since it is rich in iron and vitamin K.
  • Good for red blood cells and prevents from any chronic cancer symptoms.
  • Healthy greens for bones & muscles.
  • Rich source of iron , calcium, protein, beta carotene, folate acid , vitamin A , C , K 
  • One the most light leafy healthy greens to eat which is easy to digest since it contains molecular dietary fibre in it . 


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