The fish , which is considered to be most healthiest white fleshy meat than eating red meat. Being produced and sourced from fresh water and sea marine water , it is fully loaded and rich in various healthy nutritional properties like Omega -3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, protein and so on . 

Regular consumption of approx 150 gram fish may be very healthy and beneficial for various health benefits such as its lowering down cholesterol level, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes , good for brain health and nervous system, glowing skin, hair growth, bones building etc . 

Among many marine water fish species THE HILSA OR ILISH FISH is the most healthiest & delicious fish available for every fish lovers. The hilsa fish which is also known as Ilish fish is healthiest to eat due to its soft oily fleshy meaty texture, mouthwatering flavours delicacy taste with rich in natural healthy oil content as omega-3 fatty acids. The hilsa is known as King of  fish  , “ Macher Raja “ even Queen of fish in India and Bangladesh. 

The Hilsa Ilish fish is best source of omega -3 fatty acids. Approx 57% of unsaturated fatty acid is found in this yummy delicious fish of its total fat content. As the fat content of its muscles is much higher in Hilsa fish than in other fish spices.

Its main famous features are being oily softer and tender fleshy taste with delicious eating experience.

Hence this healthiest, Hilsa Ilish fish can contributes maximum  requirements of  unsaturated fatty acids as needed in the human body as per daily value of total calories requirement  in body .The total energy content in Hilsa fish is 128.38 to 161.68 Kcal per 100 gram fat variation .Hence it is considered to be one of the healthiest fish with high level of healthy fats content of omega-3 fatty acids, its flesh moisture packed with 64.74% to 65.58% and protein value is approx 18%  depends on size and weight of Hilsa  Ilish fish consumed. 

Eating this delicious fish is great benefits in heart disease inspite of having very rich in omega-3 fatty acids and oily fleshy meat since it reduces blood cholesterol level as well helps in balancing and controlling blood pressure too. Many beneficial omega-3 fatty acids capsules and fish oil being widely used to maintain good cholesterol level and heart health, which is extracted and sourced from the Hilsa fish .

The some of the healthy fish to be consumed for weight loss like salmon, tuna , cod , trout, sardines, herrings, mackerel, and even the healthiest desi Hilsa or Ilish macchh .

This fish contains very sharp pointed and tough bones making it some time problematic to eat for some one ; hence it is eaten by hand only to enjoy its delicacy with steamed rice.

The fish curry and rice is basic traditional staple food in West Bengal , Assam , Tripura as well in the few parts of western and southern Indian coastal regions where marine water fish species are easily available in very high quantity and ratio.So this fish is one of the most favourite yet an expensive food ingredients in the Indian subcontinent as well as it is highly produced in Bangladesh too. 

This famous healthiest and delicious fish is highly produced and being consumed in Bangladesh due to it’s natural geographic location adjacent to river delta and sea water which is best habitants and residents place of the Hilsa Ilish fish production and farming. The Hilsa Ilish fish contributes about 12% of the total fish production and approx 3% GDP in Bangladesh economy . 70-75 % of total produced Hilsa  Ilish fish in the world is alone produced in Bangladesh.

In West Bengal there is an old traditional culture and social practices are that on every auspicious occasion and religious function, the pair of Hilsa Ilish fish is bought and brings at home as good positive symbol in families even during meeting of bride and groom in Bengali social functions, the getting one pair of Hilsa Ilish fish to considered and believe as social symbol and status in Bengali society. 

The Hilsa Ilish fish is widely available in even Odisha, Gujarat , Andhra Pradesh , hence this healthy yummy delicious fish got many popular names in India as Hilsa or Ilish in West Bengal , Shad fish , Jatka .  In Tamil it is known as Ullla Meen , in Gujarat as Palva , in Odisha as Ilishi, in Sindh as Pallo Machi and in Andhra Pradesh it is known as Pulasa in Telugu, but commonly it is known as Hilsa or Ilish fish all over the Indian subcontinent regions. 

Various yummy delicious dish is prepared with Hilsa Ilish fish in different cooking methods like by steaming, frying, baked in young plantains leaves as well mixed with various Indian condiments and spices like with mustard, curd , tamarind, poppy seeds, brinjals. 

Ilish machher jhol , Sosebata Ilish mach, Doi mach , Ilish shukto, Sorshe bhapa Ilish, Bengali fish curry, Ilish fry , Ilish mach kocha kola jhol , Ilisher tel jhol, Hilsa fish curry, Andhra fish curry are few best fish preparation. Even Ilish pulao and Ilish Khichudi are famous traditional dish in Bangladesh. 


Calories 206 Kcal , Saturated fat 18% ,Cholesterol 21% , Sodium 2% , Potassium 10% , Protein 22% , Carbohydrates 0% . Dietary fibre 0% , Vitamin D 6% , A 1% , C 6% , Iron 2%  , Vitamin B6 3% , Magnesium 7% .


  1. It is highly rich in Omega -3 fatty acids.
  2. Good for bones building and strength.
  3. Beneficial for brain health and nervous system.
  4. Eating Hilsa fish is good mood booster.
  5. Improves sexuality strength and stamina.
  6. Lifts up depression.
  7. Helps in preventing Asthma in children.
  8. Perfect healthy food for old aged people.
  9. Good for pregnant.
  10. Improves eye vision and skin health.
  11. Good for hair scalp and hair quality.
  12. Controls cholesterol level and blood pressure.
  13. Good for heart health.
  14. Improves memory power.
  15. Rich in minerals and many nutritional vitamins properties.
  16. Light marine water food as white meat categories that’s is good for blood circulation and hypertension issues.
  17. Protect skin against damages. 
  18. Maintain youth full skin and it’s glow .
  19. Packed with unsaturated healthy fats and oil.
  20. Easy to digest.
  21. Improves focus and concentration of mind .
  22. Relives joint pain . 


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