The broccoli florets is one of the most healthiest green vegetables in our diet meal list ,it is widely cultivated and grown in every part of the world and easily available for human consumption. It is power house of many healthy beneficial nutrients and vitamins. 

Broccoli word is derived from Italian plural of BROCCOLO which means the flower crest of a cabbage or sprout. Brassica Oleracea is an edible plant species of cabbage family that includes broccoli too as an edible green plant.

Broccoli is rich source of vitamins C , K and these are two most vital nutrients for maintaining our good strong bones. It also contains vitamins A , C, phosphorus, zinc which are very useful for bones growth and maintenance in our body. Hence broccoli is considered as super natural healthy greens . 

The best healthiest way to eat broccoli florets is raw or just light steaming method since fully cooked broccoli can loose it’s all valuable vitamins and minerals, mostly people only prefers broccoli florets but it is hidden healthy secrets in broccoli that even it’s leaves and stalk should be consumed since it contains most fibre and cells- protecting properties with antioxidants compounds, vitamins C , E , K and calcium. 

Hence this soft tender healthy veggies is fully packed with vitamins. minerals and bio active compounds which is essential nutrients for healthy human body .

There are originality 3 types of broccoli available for human consumption: 

* CALABRER BROCCOLI: This is most popular type. 

* SPROUTING BROCCOLI : It’s generally white or purple in colour and contains many heads with main thin stalks. 

* SICILIAN PURPLE BROCCOLI: It is very popular in making salads and food garnish. Grown mainly in Europe and North America. 


Fully loaded with Bio active compounds with various healthy vitamins and minerals. Let us study it’s food value per 100 gram energy. 

Approx 100 grams of raw broccoli provides 34 calories and is rich source of 20% vitamin C ,  vitamin K 97%   , moderate amount of vitamin B 10-19% , dietary minerals manganese, 82% water content, carbohydrates 7% , protein 3% , fat 0.3gm , fibre 2.4 gm , vitamin K 116% , vitamin B 9 folate 14% , potassium 8% , phosphorus 6% - Hence it is known as super healthy greens for our long healthy living life.


1. Contains Potent Antioxidants: It protect human health in a very effective ways , broccoli is very rich in antioxidants properties. 

2. Good for digestion since broccoli is packed with very high level of glucoraphanin which is a healthy bio active compounds that converts into potent antioxidants called Sultoraphane  in digestive system. Besides soluble fibres is good source for helping in overall bowel function as well digestion level in human body. 

3. Bio active properties may help to cut down and minimise inflammation symptoms in body tissues. Kaempferol is main substances in broccoli to help in inflammation.

4. Even tobacco smokers reveals that regular eating of broccoli helps in reduction of markers of inflammation.

5. Great protection against certain cancer cell due to bio active compounds in broccoli may reduce cell spoilage of certain chorionic diseases. 

6. Good for blood pressure, diabetics and heart health. Since due to antioxidants and dietary fibre presence in broccoli keeps blood sugar level at moderate low level. 

7. Good for constipation and digestion due rich in fibre and antioxidants properties in it . 

8. Very healthy veggies for brain function and nerve tissues in body due to multiple nutrients and bio active compounds in broccoli. 

9. Due to very high and rich content of Vitamin C in it helps to boost up and maintain healthy immune system. 

10. A perfect greens for pregnant women due to rich content of Vitamin B9 which is also known as Folate, since Folate is one of most essential nutrients required for development of young feral grain and spinal cord . Hence regular eating of folate B9 vitamins based vegetables like broccoli may help healthy progress of pregnancy in women. 

11. Eating regular broccoli is good for protection from sun ultra violet rays that causes skin cancer. 

12. Very effective and beneficial for bone building and tissues, regular consumption of broccoli can strengthen our bones, teeth since it is rich with calcium, minerals and vitamin K in it . 

So bottom line learning from this blog about healthy broccoli is that - it is fully loaded and enriched with multiple nutrients, vitamins and minerals that is great healthy essential nutrients requirements for human health and body fitness.


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