There is one famous old proverb about apple “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away “  So let us eat an apple like medicine in our daily life to be healthy for longer life. 

The apple is one of the oldest and most popular fruit in the world which is grown on earth for thousands years and it is too connected with the old story of Adam and Eve - though the forbidden fruit of Eden garden in the book of Genesis. An old popular belief as per Christian Era and tradition that it was an apple frut that  Eve coaxed Adam to share with her .

To some extent this old fiction proverb is true regarding eating healthy apple daily in our health diet meal plan . A raw apple is 86% water and 14% carbohydrates content with few negligible amount of fat and protein in it . One raw apple with skin anywhere approx of 100 gram weight can provide healthy 52 calories in our body along with moderate quantity of dietary fibre that is good for pro digestion function. 

One medium size apple may offer healthy nutritional value to

our body which is 95% calories, 15% carbohydrates 4.5grams fibre, vitamin C 9% , copper 5%, potassium 4% , vitamin K 3%  and water compounds 85-86% . Apples are great source of antioxidants components like Querectin, Caffeic acid and epicatechin , which helps us fight against all radicals and infectious diseases and viral bacteria. 

The red colour apples are best to eat since the red colour is product and source of “ anthocyanin” which is a class of heart diseases fighting and prevention Polyphenols properties. Hence red colour apples  and pink lady apples are good for healthy eating.  

Apple’s antioxidants qualities prevents cells and tissues damages since it contains ample amount of elastin and collagen that is very beneficial for maintaining skin health and it’s glow tone . Applying mashed apple with cream milk on face and skin reduces blemishes and dark spots as well as it balances oil production in our skin . In addition apple is well known as an excellent treatment for acne and hydration of body skin and face . 

The apple seeds oil is one of the healer for skin wellness, various cosmetic products are available with healthy apple seeds oil . 

This incredible healthy fruit is packed with pectin which is a prebiotic substance which helps to develop healthy bacteria in our stomach that breaks down food enzymes and kills thereby any harmful organisms in human body.                           Besides apples has also been related to several other health benefits that could really keep the doctor away from human life . Eating apple support weight loss as well helps in improving weight gain too because it is fully loaded with soluble dietary fibre and gives feeling of fullness which decreases caloric intake and increase weight loss function in body. 

Apples can be consumed in various ways juice , raw in salad, baked in pies, apple sauce, apple spreads, apple butter, apple jam , apple cider vinegar etc. 

In current modern world  health awareness and wellness ideas the Apple cider vinegar is the best liquid medicine to get multiple health benefits from it . It is made from fermented apple juice and used in salad dressing, marinades , vinaigrette, food preservatives as well as healthy drink like medicine. 


  1. Improves digestion as well lower and balances blood sugar level. 
  2. Helps in maintaining insulin sensitivity and lower down blood pressure. 
  3. Good for hair growth and skin acne issues.
  4. Prevents chronic cancer diseases risk. 
  5. Reduces cholesterol level which keeps our heart healthy. 
  6. Daily consumption of approx 60 ml apple cider vinegar in an empty stomach really helps in weight loss and cut down belly fat as well as shape up waist size . 
  7. This is good healthy beverage for antibacterial safety. 
Good for bloating, anti aged symptoms. Using it as marinations in non - veg food ingredients helps to soften meat fibre and add flavours in food too. 


The best way to eat an apple in day time during lunch since it’s a good digestive food too . Where as eating it in the evening or night can cause many negative intestinal function, gas formation as well can make you slightly uncomfortable during the wee hours,  since it is considered as pro - digestive fruit. 


  • Apples are rich in multiple nutrients as carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants properties.
  • Good for skin health and it’s hydration.
  • Very healthy fruit for brain health since it’s rich in minerals.
  • Good for diabetics and heart diseases.
  • Eating it stimulates our weight loss function.
  • Balance blood sugar level 
  • A good immune booster as well improves eyesight.
  • Strengthen gums , teeth, bones and muscles.
  • Relieve and easy body muscles stiffness and pain. 
  • A good energy and stamina booster.
  • Good for fertility growth in women 
  • Improves cardiovascular function.
  • Prevents dental diseases.
  • Treating Anemia and reduces headache.
  • Promote feeling of fullness so no need to eat again and again and avoid over eating that’s good for weight loss.
  • Good source of calcium and iron that is essential for bones building as well as blood purifier.  good healthy pro -digestive fruit since it is packed with dietary fibre.


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