THE QUINOA is the most healthy rice grain which is known as “ The mother of all grain “  and it is considered one best super healthy food in current modern world, when we all are very serious and deeply focused on our health and body fitness and overall upkeep of wellness for a happy and healthy longer live .

Basically Quinoa is an edible flower plant which is also known as Kinwa or Kinuwa .Its edible flowers seeds are known as Quinoa . It was discovered almost 3-4 thousands year ago and its native origin is in the Andes mountain foot hills of North  Western South America , besides it is highly growing edible whole grain in Peru and Bolivia.

There are about 120 varieties of Quinoa rice is available and currently it is grown in approx 70 countries of the world including India, Kenya and many European countries too. The most popular varieties of Quinoa is consumed as white , red and black quinoa. It is eaten as healthy salad , adding in soup, fried rice and most healthy and high in demand food options in every food menu , mostly Japanese, Italian, Pan asian cuisine is loaded with this super healthy food ingredients for healthy loving food eaters .

Super healthy food , in fact it contains excess extra protein than any other whole grain food and is fully packed with iron , protein, fibre, magnesium, potassium and many more healthy nutritional value in it . One cup of Quinoa rice provides approx 20 gram protein and 8 grams fibre, in addition this super healthy food grain is classified as a whole grain which is naturally gluten free.

If we compare the Quinoa’s food value with white or brown rice , then we must know that one cup of Quinoa rice contains approx 8 grams of dietary fibre, which is just double or more than of white or brown rice‘s  nutritional value. Fibre contains in Quinoa helps in preventing from constipation , helps in controlling blood sugar level , lower down cholesterol level as well as fibre also is very helpful in maintaining weight loss since eating Quinoa in moderate quantity makes you feel fuller longer time , so we don’t prefer and decide to eat again and again as likely to overheating habits.


1. Eating this whole grain food gives a hefty dose of natural plant protein and fibre which helps in balancing our blood sugar level and makes us feel satiated and full for longer time, that’s helps in maintaining weight by avoiding over eating habits again and again.

2. Basically Quinoa is a flower seeds that is packed with protein and fibre properties which makes it a gluten free food with very low carbohydrates content in it. Presence of high protein and fibre in Quinoa helps no spikes in blood sugar which can prevent from diabetes symptoms in body.

3. Due to its high rich protein content gives all nine essential amino acid for overall wellness of body.

4.  It contains good amount of Iron that helps in keeping our red blood cells healthy and is the root of better haemoglobin function. Since iron carries oxygen from one cell to another and supplies oxygen to our body muscles, besides the presence of iron in Quinoa rice also very vital important for brain health because our brain contains approx 20% of blood oxygen in human body.

5 . Regular intake of moderate Quinoa also very healthy for maintaining our body temperature, enzymes activity and smooth functioning of metabolism in body .

6 .  Quinoa contains Lysine , which is essential for the tissues building and it’s repair as well as growth of new tissues in our body.

7. Helps in antioxidants due to rich in manganese available in Quinoa rice , which helps to prevent damages of red blood cells and other cells from injuries by free radicals symptoms.

8. Good amount of vitamin B2 and Riboflavin found in this healthy grain, which helps metabolism function in brain and muscle cells.

9. It is 100% fat free high fibre food grain that is very useful for maintaining heart health against heart strokes and blockage in heart.


1. Quinoa mango salad , Quinoa corn & tomato salad, Edamame & Quinoa salad , Quinoa Tabbouleh.

2. Curried Quinoa salad with cucumber and mint curd , Citrus Quinoa & kale leaf salad, Quinoa & Tofu salad .

3. Quinoa and Kale fried rice, Quinoa with baby spinach, Quinoa and kafir lime salad, Black bean & Quinoa salad.

4. Quinoa & peppers salad, Avocado and Quinoa salad bowl, Quinoa and snow cabbage, Quinoa and olive salad bowls, Quinoa and truffle dim sum, Crunchy Quinoa sushi , Hot Quinoa with honey apple salad.


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