The fungus  truffle and truffle oil is modern novel food ingredients being used in every high end eatery dinning experience in and expensive, elite, classic restaurant and hotels .

It’s chef s dream to use truffle and truffle oil in his kitchen to create one high end classic dish to offer a heaven like eating experience to his guest.

This rare and an expensive food ingredients add and impart the unique flavours, aroma in various dishes. it’s cost from $ 1500. to $ 5000 Per ounce to acquire and get it from supermarket and selected vendors.

Truffle oil and truffle fruits gives an earthy , natural nutty & smokey flavours in every dishes. It’s being used in pasta , risotto, salad, drizzle on corn , dim sum , finishing touch on pizza, breads , Truffle hummus, Truffle pesto , Truffle Quinoa risotto etc.

Truffle originality a root fruiting body of subterranean fungus tree , average life cycle of truffle tree is approx 30- 35 years to produce its rare natural fruit . This is expensive and rare because it is very hardship and difficult task for farmers to grow truffle, it’s required very specific kinds of rich mineral soils and trees, truffle grows inside the soil on roots of fungus trees. It takes 5- 6 years for any truffle trees to produce its first truffle fruits.

Truffle trees are mostly found in vineyard where rich limestone and mineral soils are available and it’s required very sound winter and spring weather to grow as truffle trees. Besides truffle grows with oak trees and wild mushroom too.

So basically truffle is a natural under ground grown rare fruits from the members of the tuber melanosporum family of fungus trees and it’s grown on the tree root inside the rich mineral soils.

Truffle oil is made with mixing and infused with virgin olive oil , by roasting and sautéed fresh truffle  skin with hot olive oil  and can be stored and used in kitchen for 2-3 years.

There are originally four types of natural truffles fruit , which is widely used in food preparation.
1 . Black Truffle- A pitchy black and strong earthy flavour, most grown in France 🇫🇷.

2. White Truffle- Mostly look like white marbles with rough white thick skin - mostly grown in United States and Italy 🇮🇹.

3. Burgundy Truffle- Very similar to black truffle with coffee coloured interior.

4. Garlic Truffle- Same as black truffle but very different in flavour and aroma with strong garlic scent in it and very soft fungus like smooth skin.


1. Very rich in natural minerals and fully loaded with vitamins E and K , also it is full of oleic acid which plays a very healthy roles in fight against inflammation, cancer cells, heart diseases.

2. It is high in natural protein, carbs, fiber, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids as well as rich in micronutrients such as vitamins C , Phosphorus, Sodium, Calcium, Mineral and Iron .

3. Truffle and Truffle oils act as best source of antioxidants compounds that helps to fight human body to free radicals and prevents oxidative damages to body cells.

4 . Besides consuming truffle and truffle oil in our food helps sharpen brain , skin glow, lower risk of chorionic diseases because it’s grown inside soil so contains very effective healthy rich mineral nutritional value.

5 . Finally truffle oils add an amazing wow mind and taste buds blowing eating experience due to its rich smokey and nutty earthy flavours & aromas  as best natural flavouring food ingredients.



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