The coconut 🌴 is widely grown and available in every tropical 🏝 environment countries on the earth, it’s found in approx 80- 85 countries known as palm trees. Coconut tree is basically from the family of palm trees species of the genus COCOS. It takes approx 12- 15 years to grown up as one complete fruiting tree .

This  75 - 80 feet long trees mainly grows on sandy soil and needs plenty of sunlight and rainfall to grow up completely. People they prefer to plant coconut trees in their home garden even as a part of decor and green environment feel , in mostly sea resorts and hotels in sea island 🌴 area this tropical 🏝 trees are commonly seen as palm trees.

In India , the Hindu community people treat coconut fruit as part of their worship and green , dry brown coconut fruit used in every auspicious religious activities and performance. As per Hindu religion mythology, the 3 holes in dry coconut fruit represents the famous GOD of Hindu religion and
culture, as The Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and water inside coconut treated as the GODDESS Ganga,  as per old traditional religious belief in Hindu culture in India.

One very interesting amazing facts about coconut trees 🌴, is that its root intake Oxigen and dispose carbon oxide, coconut trees roots create exchange of gases, very closer to their earth surface, than the roots of other trees does .

The green raw coconut water , Copra, Coir , dry coconut powder, coconut milk are keys elements being used for human consumption as the main products & sub - products of coconut trees in daily life.


1. Coconut is the world’s healthiest source of natural fat food.
2. The raw coconut water is the best choice in hot summer afternoon weather as thirst quencher  .
3. Raw coconut water being sold as sports energy drink as well refreshing natural beverage in every social catering parties.
4 . Fresh coconut water is very healthy for pregnant women.
5. Natural green coconut water contains very crucial healthy nutritional components which is essential for human body- it’s sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium. It is naturally low in calories.
6. Raw coconut water contains inorganic ions that boost up body’s antioxidants system as well as prevents heart strokes.
7. Regular drinking of fresh coconut water can cut down hypertension, inflammation and heals cut wounds.
8. Very useful for handling hangovers issues too , since fresh coconut water contains electrolyte components in it.
9. Good natural drink options for weight loss , digestion,  healthy hydration level.
10. Coconut oil is extracted from its Cpora dry fruit .
11. Coconut oil is a natural moisturiser which helps in skin tone glow and prevents many skin infections diseases.
12. Natural coconut oil is the common food cooking oil , used widely in South Indian cuisine food preparation.
13. The raw creamy white pulp inside coconut is known as coconut cream kernel.
14. Coconut are full of magnesium and calcium, vitamins, protein, iron , copper, which improves red blood cells as selenium an important oxidant that protects human body cells to fight against blood cells related diseases.
15. Virgin coconut 🥥 oil helps in reducing belly and waist fat and very positive impact on waist measurement cut down.
16. It’s natural oil & milk contains calories, protein and very less quantity of natural fat in it .
17. Eating coconut promotes feeling of fullness and helps in burning fat, which is needed for weight loss . The high fiber presence in coconut milk boost up fullness, which may assist in preventing over eating.
18. Intake of fresh coconut 🥥 fruit gives instant energy, natural sugar and vitamins.
19. Coconut milk is very commonly used in Thai food preparation for making many delicious yummy Thai food- the world famous is Thai red curry, green curry, yellow curry as well as famous soupy noodles dish KHAO SUEY is made with coconut milk.
20. In South Indian cuisine, fresh coconut milk is used to make famous desserts and dishes like Malabar Prawn curry, Coconut Payasum , Coconut laddo etc .
21. Grated coconut powder is common food ingredients in bakery and confectioners.


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