Jamun is one of the very popular small tiny pulpy black purpled colour Indian fruit which is mainly available during monsoon rainy season in July - September month in entire India . It is also known as Indian black berry, black plum , Java plum , jambul or Jaam . In Sanskrit language it is called Jambufalan or Mahaphala , it scientific botanical name is Syzyglum cuminI .The Indian continent is the native place of this secrets  healthy fruit and it is believed that this fruit was invented by the Indian Buddhists monks as per old Indian mythology.

Jamun fruit is the god gift for every diabetic patient as well it is powerhouse of many healthy nutritional benefits for human body . It is low in calories content and are fully loaded with multiple vitamins and nutrients such as iron, folate, potassium , antioxidants properties. This is generally consumed in rainy season as snacks with black salt and pepper and it’s a good fun time fruity snacks with family and friends during monsoon, very easily available at every green shops as well with every street selling vegetables vendors in India.

Black plum or Jamun is one of the best pulpy fruits with sweets and sour taste and it leaves purple colour on our tongue once we eat this rainy season yummy healthy delicious fruit. It improves digestion and cures many digestive disorders due to natural cooling properties of jamun .

Besides fruity pulpy jamun it’s seeds are great source of many health benefits for diabetics patients- it’s seed should be sun dried and grind into powder form and mix with curd , milk for consumption.
Even jamun vinegar or jamun sirka is available for healthy benefits for cancer cells, heart diseases, asthma, arthritis symptoms, as well as Jamun vinegar or jamun sirka is very beneficial as natural medicine for abdominal pain.  bioating, gastric , stomach distension, diarrhoea, loose motions etc .


1. Good for diabetics patients as well as eating jamun strengthen bones , improves haemoglobin count in blood cells.

2. Treats infection and has a potent anti cancer properties in it .

3. Reduces DNA damage caused by external radiation in human body.

4. Jamun is very low in calories hence makes a complete healthy snacks in summer monsoon for loosing weight.

5. Due to high natural fiber content in Jamun, keeps you satisfied and make you feel full for longer time . This is why mostly diet planner advise to eat more fibre- rich food for weight loss.

6. Good for skin due to high quality iron found in Jamun fruit, which purify blood to maintain clean and shiny skin , besides it also helps in prevention of skin from wrinkles, pimples.

7. Due to presence of  Vitamin C in it is good for fair skin complexion as well as good source of antioxidants that helps in improving our body immune system.

8. The water content in Jamun is approx 85% of its total quantity eaten, combined with minerals such as iodine, phosphorus etc .

9. Jamun fruit, Jamun juice , dry Jamun seeds powder is an excellent natural medicine for every diabetics patients, it helps to control sugar level as well as enhanced the insulin activity in liver. Since Jamun seeds contains one specific compound called jamboline and jambosine that reduces the rate at which sugar is related in human blood stream , Jamun seeds also helps in the production of insulin in body .

10. Eating Jamun or consumption of Jamun juice , Jamun vinegar help in balancing and controlling blood pressure . since it contains antioxidants quality called ellagic acid that may help in keeping a check on rapid fluctuations of blood pressure and hypertension symptoms that leads to have a healthy heart function.

11. Jamun vinegar and jamun seeds powder can also be taken as oral medicine to control and cured from sores, inflammation, and ulcers in intestines.

12 . Due to potassium found in Jamun fruit is good for eyes and heart diseases.


1. Jamun Fizz with Jamun pulp + Lemon soda + Apple juice + Vodka

2. Fresh Jamun Salad with fresh mango + cucumber + chilli + extra virgin olive oil + lemon juice + salt & pepper.

3. Grilled Fish with Jamun glazed sauce

4 . Jamun Pie

5. Frozen Jamun Sorbet

6 . Jamun Kulfi

7 . Jamun Smoothie & milk shake

8. Frozen Jamun curd


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