The Soy sauce or Soya sauce is one of the most basic and very common food ingredients used in every Pan asian food preparation and consumption, whether it Chinese, Japanese, Thai , Korean , Vietnamese, Malaysian , Mongolian as well as North - East food in India. 

Soy sauce being used as seasoning in food as well as condiments with cooked food on every dining table. Japanese sushi 🍣, Nigri, Sashme , Dim Sum, Momos, Japanese pan fried dim sum pot stickers, noodles, chowmein  , soup , stirred fry oriental green, Chicken, Fish , Lamb , Sea food etc , the soy sauce is best accompaniments and met with all these above food preparation and it’s presentation in dinning area for the guest , connoisseur , Chefs. 

Basically the soy sauce is Chinese origin and it’s production history goes back around 2200 years ago in China. Traditionally soy sauce is made by the process of long natural fermentation method using soybean paste , roasted wheat , salt , yeast and water. The best soy sauce is produced by boiling soy beans , salt , adding an equal quantity of roasted wheat or barley and yeast , and water and finally the whole mixture compound left for 2- 4 months for fermentation in mold - so basically it’s Brewing- Pressing - Straining - Pasteurised - Storage - Bottling- Sale for human consumption. 

There are various categories of soy sauce in terms of colour and taste . There are light soy sauce  , dark soy sauce , sweet soy sauce , salty soy sauce, Umami or savoury flavours. The basic taste of soy sauce is saltiness , flavoured by umami , sweet taste and slightly bitter in too. After fermentation of natural soy sauce few additives added in it such as caramel colour, palm sugar, MSG to balance it’s natural salty taste. 

Light soy sauce is thin and light dark brown colour and good  effect of saltiness in it , it’s is produced and obtained from the very first pressing of fermented soy beans, it is known as superior soy sauce. The light soy sauce is known as fresh soy sauce in China. 

Dark soy sauce is darker in colour and less salty, it is obtained by the pressing fermented soybean residual after obtaining the light soy sauce from very first pressing processed. Dark soy sauce contains additives such as caramel colour, palm sugar, salt, MSG . 

The best naturally made soy sauce is “ KIKKOMAN BRAND “ it is 100% natural brewed soy sauce from Japan and it is widely used all over the world as seasoning and condiments in every Pan Asian cuisine and food preparation.  

Why Soy sauce is black in colour- it’s best scientific answer is related to its natural brewing fermentation process, during making of soy sauce the amino acid and glycoacids reaction gives soy sauce it’s dark brown colour, besides even caramel colour is added to balance the final product of soy sauce suitable for human consumption. 


1 . It’s is loaded with natural sodium, so it’s useful in loosing weight as well as to retain water in human body as well as it is one of the best food taste enhancer. 

2. Just like salt , soy sauce is good source of  salty taste enhancing in food . It is rich in glutamates which improves the quality of mutton, chicken, fish , lamb etc by improving the juiciness of met fiber. 

3. Soy sauce includes good amount of sodium and organic acids that helps in killing colifom bacteria in food. 

4. Using and eating soy sauce in food also regulate the fat content in the blood circulation and helps in producing good variety of cholesterol in blood. 

5. Soy sauce contains some form of antioxidants quality as well as good supply of tryptophan in human body.  

6. Naturally brewed soy sauce is loaded with around 2% nitrogen, simple sugar just 1% , organic acids, free amino acid. 

7. It is anti platelet active food agent since it’s contains beta carbolises in it . 

8. Also very helpful in anti hypertension symptoms,  does  not increase blood pressure despite its salty taste and high sodium concentration. 

9. Anti inflammatory due to its anti colitis compound elements. 

10 . Soy sauce is very useful in digestion too . 


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