There is a saying “ For lack of a nail, the shoe was lost , for lack of shoe , the horse 🐎 was lost and for lack of horse 🐴, well the great French emperor Napoleon lost his last battle of Waterloo” . So similarly due to lack of  advance planning, preparation & strategy many businesses opportunities are lost and many dream , desire, vision , projects mission fails in human life .

What is very common to highly successful people or organisation? It is their vision . The power to look beyond the present horizon, and to visualise the possibilities of future events. It is not their vision but their determination to transform , convert their dreams into realities that made them great and successful personality. This is how Mr Thomas Jefferson ‘s vision of “ liberty equality and fraternity “ triggered the great French Revolution. This is how Mr Thomas Edison’s dream of lighting up each and every home became a reality in our human life . Their vision and dream drove them to a mission. They had great ideas 💡 and from those ideas 💡 germinated the planning passion leading to action .

There’s is a famous Chinese proverb “ The longest journey begin with the first strap “ But , is it not true that the longest journey actually begins with “ Thinking “ about taking that first step ; that’s with planning. So planning is basically is human mind thinking process which precedes towards any purposeful action .

1. PLANNING FUNCTION:  Being proactive and thinking ahead is the natural god gift and this privilege given to human brain 🧠 only , we learn from the past experience, analyses the present fact , realities, situation, needs and demand and plan out for the future. In management theory the planning is defined as as the art and skills of getting things done ✅ through and with the people.
Therefore, to be a successful manager, business leader  , a successful human in life , first we need to do a lot of planning for ourselves. Thus planning & strategy is an important management function, it’s an essential ingredients in successful achievements and accomplishments of our goal and objectives.

2. WHAT IS PLANNING:   It is the thinking 🤔 process of human brain 🧠 creating the bridge from where we are now to where we want to be , at some future moment, in terms of achieving and completing a specific task and job . In a very simple definition, planning is looking ahead relating today’s events with tomorrow’s possibilities and realities.

3. IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING : Planning process leads to systemic and methodical work . It ensures proper co- ordination, communication, assist proper control, provides overall picture of the entire mission operations. It’s ensures optimum deployment of Human Resourcss, Manpower strength , enables optimum input, utilisation, minimises wastage , cost control, and periodic evaluation and analysis, audit, and replanning if necessary. 

4 . TYPES OF PLANNING:   A. Long term objective- Long - term planning, Short - term objective- Short - term planning    B. Long Term Organizing - Mission statement- Roles- Goals    C. Weekly Organizing - Roles - Goals - Plan - Schedule - Delegate.

5 . PLANNING PROCESS: A .  People - Who are going to carry out plan - How many people we required- What kind of people are needed?  What is correct strategy of involving and utilise all manpower forces etc   B . Products and Resources- What are all resources we have available internal and external both to achieve the objective.  C . Dead line & Target period frame - The timeframe within which to accomplish and achieve the objective and better to prepare effective time management plan for each and every task in various phase level as well as total time dead line should be set for overall total work.

6. SWOT ANALYSIS :  Strength - Weakness- Opportunity- Threat formula should be part of every planning and strategy process.

7. PLANNING OBJECTIVES : The first step is to have clear transparent ideas of the goals to be accomplished. These goal must be attainable, measurable and time bound .

8. IMPLEMENTATION: How people and each and every resources to be utilised? What are the activities to be accomplished at various phase with what time dead line and final period of time.

9 . COMMUNICATION:  It is the key to success of every planning and strategy process, as well prompt co- ordination, co- operations, follow - ups is root important process in planning.

10. EVALUATIONS AND MONITORING: Must go together, because, planning can not be really effective without regular monitoring, observation, supervision and good control, as well as how evaluate and analysis entire process and progress to ensure that everything working out as per planned.

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