THE OREGANO 🌿 is commonly used for human healthy consumption as herb, oregano oil , oregano leaf and it’s most popular used in food preparation and culinary  receipe as dry oregano flakes . Dry oregano flakes is obtained from oregano leaf , having superb quality of natural flavours , , strong pungent aroma . It’s is widely used in pizza , pasta, soup , pasta sauce , Mexican taco receipes etc .

Oregano dry flakes and it’s fresh leaves goes well with cilantro, garlic , cumin, onion, thyme, basil,
parsley and olive oil . The best pizza and pastas masala seasoning is made with dry oregano flakes by mixing with ginger, black pepper, salt, thyme, rosemary, basil , garlic , chilli and citric . It fresh leaves can be used in any tomato based food recipes such as pizza, pasta, sun dried tomato as well
as with any olive oil based centric dishes. It’s green leaf is infused with olive oil to make oregano oil, Italian vinegar etc .

Oregano known as Ajwaain leaf in India is from mint leaves family plant . It’s is grown in all most everywhere in Asia and Mediterranean countries. . This culinary herbs and spice used as preservatives is fully loaded with many natural healthy nutritional properties in it , like vitamins, minerals, fibre, omega fatty acids etc .

Oregano oil is very useful from health point of view , since it contains powerful antibacterial essential  oil as well as anti-fungal properties in it , can be consumed directly or mix with hot water and coconut oil to relieve arthritis problems. Even fresh oregano leaves can be used to make herbal green tea to prevent from cough , cold , swine flue virus etc.

                                      OTHER HEALTHY BENEFITS OF OREGANO LEAF AND OIL

1. Oregano is packed with fiber, eating it regularly may boost up our digestive system since fiber is enquired for smooth and easy digestion function in human body .

2. It oil is natural source of antibiotics and an excellent antioxidants agent. Helps in lower cholesterol, gut health , Inflammation, yeast infection as well lighting cancer cells growth in body .

3. Oregano oil and it’s leaves is good source for treatment of urinary tract disorder, female menstrulal cramps, arthritis pain . The oil is taken by mouth for prevention of any intestinal parasites infections .

4 . Besides consumption of its leaf and oil is very useful in headaches, earache, allergies, sinus pain , fatigue and stress reliever too.

5. Oregano leaves are good source of antibacterial agent and it has phytonutrients and carvacol properties,  which is very useful in controlling blood pressure since due to high blood pressure and hypertension human body goes under the risk of heat attack and strokes .

6. Consumption of oregano leaves can improve lungs and kidney function since it contains calcium oxide, carvacrol and rosmarinic acids in it , both are very beneficial natural curing agent in its leaves.


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