The  MANGO 🥭 is the most yummy delicious sweetest fruit in the world and it is loved & liked and eaten by almost every one . The Indian originated mango ALPHONSO is the best variety mango available in the world and the India is the only country to cultivate and produce this yummy delicious fruit, hence it is known as the king of mango as well as the mango it self considered as the king of all fruits available in the world for human consumption.

There are about 286 varieties of mango produced in India and Indian subcontinent regions in which India is the largest producer and exporter of mango in the world.

The famous Alphonso mango is grown in western India in Maharashtra state in the region of Ratnagiri besides Alphonso is also grown in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh of India 🇮🇳. The history behind the famous name of Alphonso mango is given by one Portuguese army general Afonso , who started breeding and cultivation of mango tree in mostly Portuguese colony in India before its Independence almost 300 years ago .

The Alphonso mango is one of the most expensive mango in Indian market as well as in the entire world too , in India its minimum price starts from ₹ 1000 - 3000 per kg depends on variety and time to buy this amazing mango fruit breed quality, it is a seasonal summer tropical fruit which is available from April till August in Indian food stores and markets. One standard size of the Alphonso mango weighs between 175 - 325 gram , they have a rich , creamy, soft tender texture and very delicate non- fibrous , sweet juicy pulp and flesh inside. The skin of a fully ripened Alphonso mango turns into bright golden- yellow with hue tings of red colour across the top of the fruit. The inner sweet flesh of Alphonso is slightly saffron coloured. This famous mango variety is also known as “ HAPUS “ in western India.

Besides Alphonso mango , there are about 20 best types of mango produced in India as one of the most healthy summer & monsoon fruit in India. Even raw mangos are widely used in India for human consumption in every household to make mango pickle, mango chutney, mango gur kalonji, raw mango salad , aampanna, samras etc. Even raw mango is one of best remedies against sun strokes in India, mostly people roast or boiled raw mango fruit to make one healthy refreshing summer drink to fight against sunstroke in the month of May , June , July , such practices are very popular in Indian villages to eat raw mango with their daily staples food .


1 . ALPHONSO MANGO : This is best superior quality of mango grown in western Maharashtra region of India in Ratnagiri areas . 70% of this mango variety is export to many gulf countries and European countries as well due to its superior best quality.

2. DASHERI MANGO: This is one of the most popular mango grown in Uttar Pradesh of North India at Malihabad district, this particular district is famous for many best quality of Mango in India.

3. CHAUNSA MANGO: One of famous mango in entire north India, this is well known for it’s amazing sweet taste and soft outer skin. It has medium oblong and has a golden colour with red blush. It’s origin is well connected with Sindh region of Pakistan.

4. BADAMI MANGO : Very popular mango variety in South India and also known as Alphonso mango of South Indian region, it’s taste and texture are almost similar to Alphonso grown in western Maharashtra region in Ratnagiri areas . Karnataka is the main state where this mango grows.

5. KESAR MANGO : This is most delicious mango grown in Gujarat region of India, also known as Gir Kesar mango. since it’s cultivars grows in the foothills of famous Girnar forest in Gujarat region.

6. MULGOBA MANGO :   One of the famous mango of south India also known as Alphonso of South Indian region, its main growing areas are in Tamil Nadu state.

7. LANGRA MANGO : Undoubtedly it is prominent variety of mango known for its taste and flavour from North Indian region , mainly Varanasi is famous for the production of this best mango breed.

8. NEELAM MANGO: Hyderabad is famous for this mango but it is grown in many part of India too , this is similar to Raspuri mango of south India.

9. RASPURI MANGO: Karnataka is well known for this delicious mango variety, it’s has excellent flavours and juicy in texture also known as the Queen of all mango in India.

10. HIMSAGAR MANGO . This is again one of the most popular and yummy mango grown in West Bengal region of India.   Himsagar is one of the top five mangos in India.

13. TOTAPURI MANGO: It is grown in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana region of India.

14. GULAB KHAAS MANGO : As the name indicates, this mango is reddish in appearance and known for its rosy aroma and flavours.

15 .MALDA  MANGO :  One of the very popular and highly liked in India, this mango is pulpy and juicy in texture with slightly greenish white pale skin , it is one of the famous mango variety in West Bengal and Bihar region of India 🇮🇳.

In addition to all above mango defined and highlighted, there are many more latest popular new hybrid varieties of mangoes available in India such as Bombay mango , Pairi mango.  Sinduria mango 🥭, Fazil mango , Lakshmanbhog mango , Black rose mango, Mallika Mango .

                                        HEALTHY BENEFITS OF EATING 🥭

1. Helps in maintain low cholesterol level due to high level of fibre and pectin in it .

2. Improves skin quality and prevents skin pores since mango contains good amount of vitamin A , C

3. Good for weight loss, since phytoplankton presence in mango skin act as natural fat burn agent as well as mango pulp and flesh is loaded with fibre and eating any high fibreus fruit make you feel full appetite for long time to avoid any extra food calories in body.

4. Promote eye vision and eye health due to presence of beta carotene in mango fruit, that produces Vitamin A , hence powerful antioxidants properties helps in improving eye vision and dry eyes symptoms.

5. Boost up body immune system due to rich in vitamin C properties as well provides antioxidants support to the body that is essential for avoiding virus, cold and flu related diseases.

6. Mango contains good amount of enzymes in its pulp that help in breakdown and digestion of protein and fibre that is required in human body for easy and smooth function of digestive system besides dietary fibres is very beneficial for lower down heart diseases and diabetes symptoms in body. Green mango having more pectin fibre than ripened mango 🥭.

7. Moderate eating of mango act as an instant energy booster since it contains natural sugar like fructose and glucose. carbohydrates, calories, vitamin C and vitamins B 6.

                               FEW YUMMY DELICIOUS MANGO BASED  FOOD  PRODUCTS.

1. Aam Panna refreshing drink , Aam rash , Aam Thandai , Mango iced tea, Mango lassi , Green mango lemon soda .

2. Mango smoothie, Mango milk shake, Mango coconut punch , Mango mint crushed, Mango Mastani, Mango pudina punch , Mango lemon Sikanji.

3. Mango ice cream, Mango falooda, Mango phirni, Mango slush, Mango Kulfi,  Mango pudding.

4. Mango Cheese Cake, Mango Idli, Mango stuffed Dosa , Mango chila , Mango pancake, Mango Salsa, Mango Rasmalai, Mango Burfi .

5. Mango curd , Mango Shrikhand , Aamchoor , Mango Raita , Mango Soufflé, Mango Pie , Mango Kesar Kheer , Mango Muffins,  Green Mango Salad , Thai crunchy Mango Salad


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