“ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act , but a habit “ - ARISTOTLE

Our Character, basically, is a composite ou our regular repetition of our habits. Sow a stimulations, thoughts, reap an action , sow an action, reap a habit, sow a habit , reap a character, sow a character, reap a destiny.

Habits are powerful components and basic organic elementary ingredients and receipe in human lives, often unconscious patterns and habits, they constantly, daily shows and express our character and produce our effectiveness results or in- effectiveness in our lives.

Everything begins with the way we feel , think , response, reply and act . By changing and improving our negative habits into positive and proactive habits , we can find new ways , paradigm and ideas to do things better and be better in every aspect of our live . So we need to develop a new level of thinking, that’s called positive and proactive habits , to live happily and full fill our all dreams, desires, vision, mission, targets and goals in our lives

Habits can be learned and unlearned , it involves a process and a tremendous commitment within our heart and mind , habits , also have tremendous gravity pull. More than most people realise or would accept. Breaking deeper and inner habitual tendencies such as procrastination, impatience, critical ness, selfishness that violates basics root principles and paradigm of human effectiveness involves more than a small strong will power and a few minor keys changes in our human lives. Lift off takes a tremendous efforts , but once we break out of the gravity pull , our freedom takes on a whole new dimension.

Creating and developing positive & proactive human habits are like any natural force, gravity pull can work with us or against us. The gravity pull of some of our habits many currently be keeping us from going where we want to go , But it is also gravity pull that keep our world and human lives together compact and united. That keeps the planets in their orbits and our universe in control and order. . It is powerful force and if we use it effectively and intellectually, we can use the gravity pull force of habits to create the cohesiveness and order necessary to establish positive effectiveness in our human life as successful positive and proactive habits.

Human habits are made with and intersections of , Being Proactive- Knowledge- Skills- Desire - Experience- Listening - Understanding - Speaking basically.

Few examples of key root positive habits of human mind are given below as per my own life experience journey:

1. MIND TOOLS:  Speed reading - Using left and right brain and all our senses- using and implementing our mind as MIND MAPS.

2. FASTER : Smarter- Better- Urgent Vs Important.

3. DELEGATIONS: To - do or Not To- do , Career- Life - Comfort zone - Guidance- Teamwork & Trust.

4. WELL BEING: Needs Work - Life Balance.

5. LET GO ATTITUDE: Fearlessly- Exceed Expectations.

6. SUPERVISE : Team work - Help - Motivates and Encouraging- Training- Discretions.

7. CHOICES AND OPTIONS: Decision- Response- Big - Small- De - Clutter- Slowdown TO Speed up - Welcome and Refreshing Breaks .

8. BIG PICTURE- BIG TASK : Chunking- Bite - Sized, Multi - Tasking, Diversifying- Team Work .

9. USE OF 5 W AND 1 H THEORY:  What - What not , Why - Why not , Who - Who not , Where- Where not , When- When not , How - How not .

10. SMART JOB FORMULA: Specific - Measurable- Attainable - Relevant- Time Bound.

11. KEY ISSUES AND PROBLEMS: Methods to resolve- Check all keys points- Deadlines to resolve the problems in constructive ways .

12. COMMUNICATION: Positive- Proactive- Clear - Correct- Feedback- Support- Praise - Review- Correction- Improvement.

13. MONITORING: Progress- Follow - Up , Balance Score Card - Negotiation - Win - Win .

14. CLARITY : Mission- Motivation- Relationship- Appreciation- Simplification.

15 . TIME MANAGEMENT :  Effective Time Schedule- Time Bound.

16. EFFECTIVENESS AND RESULTS: Vison - Mission- Objective- Action Plans  - Strategy - Priorities- To - do - List , Diaries - Meeting- Briefing- Follow - Ups - Evaluations.

Example and results +  consequences of any negative human habits in our life 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾.

“ The principles and paradigm with this character moral learning lessons from the story of Aesop’s fable of  “ THE GOOSE AND THE GOLDEN EGGS 🥚 “  . This fable is story of a poor farmer, who one day finds and discoverers in the nest of of his pet goose , a glittering ✨ shining golden egg. At first , he thinks it must be some kind of trick and magic. But he starts to throw the glittering ✨ golden eggs, he has second thoughts and takes the golden egg with him without praising his  pet goose. Thr egg were pure gold , the poor farmer can’t believe his good fortune and good luck , he becomes even more impatience and greedy , and finally due to his greediness and impatience negative habits, the poor farmer was unable to wait day after day for the glittering golden egg and finally greedy & impatience poor farmer decides to kill his pet goose to get all golden eggs at once and in one day only to become rich , but once he killed his pet goose, he finds it empty and no more glittering golden eggs for him any more , because he was greedy and impatience in his HABITS.


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