Going for complete vegan diet as our daily pure vegetarian food eating is new eating and healthy trends and practices in today’s modern world, because every human body wants to live long with
healthy body and mind fitness since our daily eating habits and eating life style has direct impact on
our emotions, intelligence, behaviour and habits.

People are becoming more and more health conscious and very friendly towards green environment, protecting animal life and we are encouraging the world to stop cruelty and prohibit animal killings,
and save many endangered species on the earth .

So most of the population of our earth adopting pure vegetarian food habits in their daily lives to stay and live long healthy without any diseases as well to save and protect the global natural green environment aura in which we breathe fresh air for survival.

Veganisim is defined as a healthy art of living long life that avoid and excludes eating all types of animal and animal byproduct

The Vegan diet nutritional is pure natural ingredients, suitable to meet all required vitamins and healthy nutritional food value for human body . It is always rich dietary fiber , magnesium, folic acid, vitamins C , vitamins E, Iron, photochemical, omega 3 fatty acids and very lower in healthy dietary energy, saturated fat, cholesterol etc.

Whole food vegan diet is based on a various long range of pure vegetarian food ingredients and dishes. Leafy greens, vegetables, fruits , whole grain , seeds , flax seeds, legumes, nuts , spouted greens, soy, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, rice etc are good sources of vegan diet food options.


All animal and animal by products food ingredients should strictly avoid such as chicken, meat , lamb ,  fork , fish , shellfish , animal fat , eggs . Besides the fatty cream , milk , butter, cheese, honey, mayonnaise, ice cream should be avoided . Even sugary based alcohol and non- alcohol beverage should not be consumed under vegan diet menu plan .


1. TOFU , SOY , TEMPEH , SEITAN :  Gives a versatile rich source of protein and iron and best alternative to any animal meat products.

2. LEGUMES: This is natural source of fiber, calories, carbs such as lentils, chick peas, green peas, rajma, mung, beans, sprouted beans etc . Legumes helps in nutritional absorption in human body.

3. SEEDS : Hemp , Chia , Flaxseed, Melon seeds, what grass , Jackfruit seeds etc. Such natural seeds contains plenty amount of protein and omega fatty acid in it .

4. FORTIFIED NATURAL PLANT MILK : Such as Coconut milk , Soy milk, Almond milk, are rich in vitamin B 12 and Vitamin D , Calcium, are good for bones , teeth, muscles built.

5. NATURAL JUICE: Raw coconut 🌴 water, Pomegranate juice, Orange Juice, Grapes juice, Cranberry juice are best sources of natural glucose & fructose for healthy body fitness.

6. LEAFY GREENS: Kale , Lettuce, Cabbage, Iceberg, Spinach, Morning glory, Mustard greens, Watercress, Spring onion Radish leaf are great source of iron and many nutritional value.

7. GREEN VEGGIES: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Bok choy , Carrot , Beet, Turnips, Shallots, Tomato, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Ridge gourd, Okras, Bitter gourd, Brinjal , Jackfruit, Yam , Sweet potato, Green banana, Banana flower, Lotus stem , Zucchini, French beans, Mushroom , Edamame etc are perfect vegan food options to go with .

8. WHOLE GRAIN CEREALS: Oats , Wheat , Barely, Rice , Quinoa, Brown rice , Black rice are great healthy sources of complex carbohydrates, fiber, iron , vitamin B , minerals.

9 . BREADS: Yeast fermented bread , Whole wheat bread , Brown bread , Breakfast rolls, Organic breads, Pita bread , Focaccia, Kosher, Oat bread .

10. NATURAL OIL : Corn oil , Truffle oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Soya oil ,

11. DRY NUTS 🥜: Almond , Walnuts, Cashews, Rasin, Pistachio.

12.  FRESH FRUITS 🍇: Banana, Grapes, Dates , Pomegranates, Mango , Peach , Pears 🍐, Pineapple 🍍, Cherry 🍒, Strawberry, Raspberry, Papya, Melon , Musk melon, Coconut, Guava, Avocado 🥑 etc .

13. FERMENTED PLANT FOOD: Miso , Pickles, Kimchi, Kombucha, Gherkins, Pickle shallots, Pickle onion, Pesto , Jalapeño.

                               HEALTHY BENEFITS OF EATING VEGAN DIET FOOD . 

1. Gives abundant rich vitamins and nutritional value in human body as we consume 100% pure vegetarian food and ingredients based dishes.

2. Loose weight since it cut down the good amount of calories and fats.

3. Lower blood sugar level as well as reduces risk of diabetes and higher insulin formation in liver and kidney.

4. Reduces approx 45% risk of heart diseases.

5. Improve eye sight , skin glow.

6. Lower the risks of cancer cells symptoms by 15% .

7. Very healthy and helpful in Arthritis related issues such as joint pain , joint swelling, muscles stiffness.

8. Helps in kidney stone risk in human body due to eating natural green plant based protein and vitamins as well keeps in filtration of food digestive system in intestine , liver , kidney.

9 . Provide complete feel good and healthy wellness due to eating of greens veggies  , leafy greens, fruits etc.


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