Salmon fish 🐟 is one of the healthy sea food nutrients available on the earth since long time , it is also considered as best diet food options in food menu planning for human consumption. In older days serving and eating salmon was known as luxurious food in every cuisine preparation.

Chinook salmon or King salmon is the best quality of salmon available for human consumption, it is highly contained with high fat acid Omega - 3 and rich flesh with white to deep red colour in it .

Salmon is originally native sea food species of the North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean coastal geographical areas. The best salmon is caught from deeper fresh cold water of the North Atlantic and Pacific sea ocean.

The process of making smoked salmon delicacy is involved in two ways , first cold smoked processed at 30 degrees temperature and hot smoked salmon processing is done at approx 80 degrees high temperature, before smoking process the fillet of salmon fish goes under brining salt curing methods so fillets of salmon gets dehydrated which minimise the growth of its internal bacteria and all other microorganisms risk during smoking process, that’s make it healthy and safe eating for human consumption. So first it’s filled is cured in brine  then smoked under wood charcoal fire place.

Smoked salmon is very popular food ingredients in canapés, salad , sushi , cold cuts display, with caviar and usually it’s served along with cream cheese and lemon wedges.

Smoked salmon salad is nicely prepared with iceberg lettuce, snow cabbage, cilantro & chives, boiled egg, olive, leek and mostly flavoured with Greek yogurt, fresh cream cheese, black pepper, truffle oil  as condiments.

The smoked fillets or nuggets can be eaten with honey , garlic , butter, herbs , spices, cream cheese, red onion slices, leeks, lemon , capers etc . Slices of smoked salmon is very popular ingredients as an appetizer  dish in European country with brown bread toast and lemon garlic butter spreads.

Eating smoked salmon is great source of many valuable healthy benefits. It is filled with sodium nitrate, omega - 3 fatty acids , One ounce of smoked salmon contains approx 700 gm of sodium that prevents the growth of any micro organisms bacteria in raw fillets of salmon during smoked process. So smoked salmon fillets can be stored in refrigerator for long time and it’s always safe to eat without any health risk or food contamination issues because of high content of  natural sea sodium nitrate in it .


1. Calories 117 gm , Fiber 0 gm , Fat 4.3 gm , Saturated fat 0.9 gm , Polyunsaturated fat 1.0 gm

2. Omega -3 fatty acids 550 mg, Omega - 6 fatty acids 472 mg , Protein 18 mg

3. Vitamin B 3 - 25%  , Vitamin B 12 - 54% , Vitamin B 6 - 22%   Vitamin B 2 - 6% , Vitamin A - 2% , Vitamin B 1 - 2% , Folate 0% , Vitamin K 0%

4. Selenium 33 mcg, Sodium 750 mcg, Phosphorus 165 mcg, Copper 0.2 mcg, Magnesium 18.0 mcg, Zinc 0.3 mcg, Calories 11.00 mcg

                                     HEALTHY BENEFITS OF EATING SMOKED SALMON 

1. Reduces the risk of inflammation and many heart diseases due to rich content of Omega- 3 fatty acids in salmon.
2. Good source of protein quantity that helps to heal many health issues related to bones, teeth and prevents muscles loss weakness in human body.
3. High in Vitamin B. B 1, B 2, B 3, B 5 , B 6, B 12 and folic acid needed for energy booster, protect many heart and brain diseases.
4. Salmon is good source of Potassium that helps in blood pressure as well as prevents excessive fluids retention in body .
5. Loaded with natural Selenium, that is very beneficial to improve thyroid treatment and Selenium reduces cancer cells in human body.
6. Benefit in weight loss due to regular eating of salmon fish , which helps in reducing appetite and boost up metabolic rate in body which leads in increasing insulin function as well as cut down belly fat.
7 . Eating salmon also very healthy to fight against inflammation that is root cause of many chronic diseases like cancer, heart attack, diabetes etc .

8. Improvement in brain health problems like memory power, symptoms of depression and anxiety, etc

9 . Due to natural omega fatty acids and saturated fat oil found in Salmon fish is always better for skin glow.

                                 FEW DELICIOUS FOOD RECEIPE OF SMOKED SALMON 

1. Salmon fillets & avocado with truffle oil   2. Japanese salmon poke bowls 3. Salmon with black caviar 4. Fresh salmon burger with lemon and yogurt 5. Salmon steak with savoury blueberry sauce
6. Salmon salad sandwich 7. Grilled tomato & Basil salmon 8. Pan fried Salmon 8. Salmon
spicy sushi 🍣  9. Honey garlic Smoked salmon 10. Baked salmon 11. Garlic lemon butter smokey salmon  11. Thai broiled Salmon 12 . Burnt garlic & Dijon Salmon

The best seasoning of raw salmon fillets is with salt , black pepper, truffle oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Garlic , Lemon & Butter


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