Avocado 🥑 is always considered as one of the healthy superfood in the world . It own various types of healthy benefits natural nutrients, minerals, rich calories and antioxidants properties such as folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, lutein and rich food fiber in it . These all vital nutritional profile of avocado 🥑 makes it as super yummy delicious healthy food in daily diet meal menu plan.

Avocado fruit is a species of flowering plant from the laurel family Lauraceae  . The fruit of Lauraceae plant is called avocado 🥑. Botanically it is large berry kind of fruit contains one singe hard seed in it . The word avocado is derived from the Spanish word “ Aguacate” .

It’s tree is is likely originated from south - central Mexico and is grown 60% of avocado from the Mexico only . It’s a peared shape fruit that also grow on tropical evergreen tree , the Florida is the second largest place to cultivate this super healthy fruit .

There are about 100 types of avocado 🥑 grown in the world and alone its 56 varieties only found alone in Florida only . This amazing healthy fruit have a rough - green outer skin on it and greasy ,buttery ,nutty ,creamy . soft flesh inside with a large hard stone like seed inside the avocado 🥑.

TYPES OF AVOCADO  : There are basically six best types of avocado available as healthiest food.

1. HASS : This is most popular one and its available through out the season, it got buttery and nutty flavours, it’s skin is turns from deep green to a darker purplish black as it ripens.

2. LULA : It has good source of avocado natural oil properties and it’s flesh contains more water than many other varieties.

3. REED : This frut pinkteron has an oblong shape , rough hard skin that is slightly difficult to peel off and smell good with smooth silky creamy flesh pulp.

4. GWEN : it’s is very similar to the HASS varieties.

5. MALUMA : it’s dark purple avocado and it was discovered in 1990’s in Florida. and South Africa.

6. CHOQUETTE : it has smooth green skin with watery creamy flesh in side mostly grown in Florida.


1. It contains more potassium than banana. 

2. Avocado are fully loaded with good amount of natural fiber properties in it . 

3. They are great source of folate , potassium and healthy natural greasy fat as well as loaded with vitamins C , E, K and smaller ratio of vitamin B . 

4 . Good source of healthy minerals essential as copper, iron , zinc, magnesium. 

5. The presence of mono saturated fat in avocado most of which are oleic acid is good for heart diseases and fight against inflammation in human body. 

6 . Eating avocado can help you in better absorb action for fat -soluble nutrients. 

7. Since it is full of fiber contains antioxidants quality that is good for eyes and brain, the antioxidants may reduce down risk of age related macular symptoms diseases.  

8. Good diet food for loosing weight since avocado is rich in high calories that helps in eating less calories food eating , one 50 gram of avocado contains approx 80 gm calories. 

9. This super healthy food is good store house of omega-3 fatty acid which is good for heart and skin glow. 

10. Being a super greasy fruit with omega 3 fatty acids quality is always a proven benefit for reduction of cholesterol level as well as heart strokes related disease in human body. 

11. Very help in stimulating immune system due to its vitamins C & E . 

12. Good for eyes sight improvement because of Lutein in it . 

13. Avocado is very rich in calories that keeps human body always energetic and active . 

14. Good healthy food for kids for their bones and muscles growth due to folic acid found in avocado 🥑. 

15. Due to vitamin D properties in it is great useful for the prevention and protection of teeth and gums .  

16 . This super fruit contains nearly 20 best healthy nutritional vitamins and minerals that is good for stomach trouble, body tissue cells inflammation, lower blood pressure, good for pregnant women too since it has folic acid properties. 


1. Simply season it with salt, black pepper with olive or truffle oil .

2. Serve it with poached and scrambled eggs.

3. Eat as sandwich with multi grain and brown bread .

4. Make healthy avocado, tomato. cucumber salad 🥗.

5. Eat healthy avocado wraps and roll with chicken, prawn , mango salsa etc.

6. Make yummy canapés.tart bites with avocado 🥑,

7. Eat this super fruit with pizza , pasta, black beans etc .

8. Avocado sushi rolls are very light bites food options.

9. Avocado smoothie, milk shakes are good refreshing healthy drinks .

10. Avocado and smoked salmon salad is an excellent healthy food choice.

11. Avocado tossed salad with tofu is one light healthy salad can be part of daily diet meal menu .


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