As we all know that it’s been five months the entire world is fighting and struggling with outbreak of this deadly COVID 19 pandemic in every part of human life . It’s like a cursed and sorrowful gift of nature and the god , during this COVID19 tough challenging life style  , it is very hard and tough to move forward, move backwards and to remain in same prison like life for long time.

Our doctors and all social warriors are giving their best efforts and time to save life of corona virus 🦠 infected people on our society, genius scientists are doing regular research and development about any magical cure able vaccine 💉 to discovered, so we human-being can restart and begin our healthy and happy living life style again. Mostly people are badly affected at health, happiness due to this COVID19 pandemic spreads presence in our life since March 2020 till date , many bussiness companies, corporate, earnings, jobs have been lost due to long lockdown period in every countries.
But what i believe and learnt in my life is that struggle and fight back , bounce back is the only solutions to come out from this deadly and life disturbing COVID19 pandemic era , currently our life is crossing through a long deep dark tunnel during this pandemic, and we should be positive and optimistic that there is always bright light 💡 and hope at the end of every dark tunnel.

Please find few useful tips and guidelines regarding how to maintain our healthy and happy life during COVID19 pandemic era.

1. Take adequate nutritional and hydration food and beverage, it is vital important to maintain our body immune system and strength, so we can fight and safe guard our health and life from any pandemic virus 🦠 attacks.
2. Consume well balanced diet food , that lower the risk of chorionic sickness and virus infection diseases.
3. Eat varieties of fresh food which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, mineral, natural water, protein.
4. Drink plenty of water. since water helps in transport of nutrients, blood compound, maintain body temperature.
5. Include fruits , root vegetables, legumes, brown rice, maize, oats, wheat, in daily food menu .
6. Drink regularly at least one glass of hot milk with pinch of turmeric in it , this is best source to improve and strong up immune system.
7. Avoid smoking and alcohol 🍷 consumption, fizzy sweetened beverage etc.
8. Choose eggs, mutton, chicken, fish in non- vegetarian food options but try to avoid too much fatty and lard non -veg food ingredients like pork fat , bacon , fish oil.
9. Try to use corn oil, olive oil as cooking medium.
10. Avoid frozen stored food and if possible ignore eating out side food in restaurant, hotel , cafe.
11. Restrict and control on natural fatty food ingredients like butter, ghee, cream , cheese, animal fat .
12 . Avoid highly perishable food like prawn 🍤, lobster, crab 🦀 etc.
13. Include herbal tea, green tea, honey ginger tea, basil tea, lemon honey tea as hot and refreshing stimulating beverage to maintain healthy heart function. Avoid cafe since it’s contains caffeine in it .
14. Even too much sugar and salt consumption is not healthy options during this pandemic, since it’s enhance and increase the risks of overweight, obesity, heart stroke, diabetes like diseases.
15. Must eat at least 50 gm of dry fruits and nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, raisin, walnuts.

Finally few more emotional, social and psychological guidelines- how to maintain a happy smile and cheerful family and social life during this corona virus 🦠 pandemic era, since due to restricted lockdown our social life is fully shrinking and under prohibition at home as stay home safely.

1. Do regular physical exercise, Yoga and meditation to maintain healthy happy mind and body.
2. Work from home is better ideas to stay safe with your family and kids , pets .
3 . Engage your self in gardening, farming and growing organic veggies in your kitchen garden.
4. Listen music, watch video and movie 🎥, play online creative games, indoor activities and games.
5. Get involved kids in cooking food to be innovative and creative as well it helps us develop cooking skills too.
6. Read good positive motivational books, articles, write blog, photography of kids.
7 . Recall the golden moments and memories of your life by turning the pages of old photos albums.
8 . Must avoid and ignore social domestic violence during such pandemic lockdown period.
9. Take extra health card of kids & old aged family members.
10. Try to get in touch with job consultants and agency so if you have lost job during corona virus pandemic, new fresh job employment can be arranged once situations is normal back to life’s  track .
11. Plan your effective financial and monetary budget, since financial crisis is biggest challenges in this corona virus pandemic era.
12. Get proper sleep and rest .
13 . Think positive and don’t allow your brain and heart should occupied by any fear , negative, upset and depression thoughts.
14. Don’t put too much pressure and don’t choose harassment behaviour towards your kids regarding their education, study and career, better motivate and inspire kids , students for their better living life .
15. Avoid too much calls from bank , credit card agency for payment of monthly EMI etc
16. Engage you and your family in daily worship, prayer, it’s gives spiritual strength and confidence during such tough challenges moments in human life.

   MANOJ 🙏😊


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