Banana is a very common tropical 🌴 fruit, which is easily available every time and almost every where on the earth . This is one of the economical and low cost fruit available as healthy food for human consumption. The amazing secrets facts about banana fruit is , that it doesn’t contains any seeds inside it , the banana tree doesn’t have any wood products and every banana plant grows with its own natural root inside the soil. 

The each and every part of banana trees are useful in human life for many purposes, in India the Hindu religion treat banana trees as symbol of the Lord Vishnu and every Hindu people worship the banana trees in their house and at the temple, the long wide green banana leaves are sources of natural plates for eating food , mainly in entire South India besides banana flowers which is known as banana blossom or banana florets being used to make many Indian food delicacy in home kitchen as well in hotels & restaurants too , the famous banana flowers dishes are like “ Banana Poriyal”  in south India and Mochar Ghonto with poppy seeds, potato and shrimp is one traditional Bengali receipe in India. Even banana trees and leaves widely used as home decoration sources in many Indian houses since long time generation to generation till now in modern 21st century . It’s root symbolic of  Indian Hindu culture and the religion. 

                              1. HEALTHY BENEFITS OF GREEN RAW BANANA .

1. Green banana powder is very useful for babies food with milk .
2. It is rich in resistant starch and pectin which are good filling sources found in raw banana. 
3. Helps in reducing diarrhoea and constipation. 
4. A medium size green banana contains approx 105 gm calories, 1 gm protein, 30 gm carbs, 3 gm fiber, this is one of best low calorie food selection. 
5. Raw banana is full of dietary fibres and pectin , which helps in maintain low weight as well as good for sugar diabetics patients. 
6. It’s rich in multiple vitamins and minerals, helps in reducing blood sugar levels too. 
7. The amazing secrets of raw green banana- it’s very low in fat and proteins. 
8 . It is natural nutritional sources of vitamins 6, Vitamin C , copper, potassium, magnesium which helps our body functions in smooth and normal diseases free symptoms. 
9. Many healthy delicious receipe is prepared from raw banana like oil free chips , fries , porial , banana Kerela bharata, Vazakal chops , Stir fry banana veggies with coconut oil and mustard seeds. 
10. Dry raw banana pickle is very famous healthy food in South Indian eating habits. 

                                2. HEALTHY BENEFITS OF RIPEN YELLOW BANANA 🍌 . 

1. The yellow banana is best source of instant energy booster for every one , it’s is one of favourite regular diet food every body builder, Sports person, Gymnast, Athlete etc . 
2 . We take yellow banana in our regular breakfast with cornflakes, muesli, milk , dry fruits as well very common part of daily lunch boxes too. 
3. It’s rich in vitamin C and manganese which is good for glowing skin . 
4. The rich potassium presence in yellow banana 🍌 helps in heart function and controls blood pressure levels. 
5. Due to its Vitamin B 6  - helps in releasing feel - good hormone in our brain and body - that’s keeps us stress free and healthy. 
6. Ripen banana burns fat , cholesterol as well as helps in fight against Anaemia diseases to improve red blood cells and circulates max hameoglobin in our blood. 
7. This is perfect flat belly fruit should be eaten . 
8. Many healthy yummy delicious food and beverage receipe is made from
ripen yellow banana as milk shakes, banana smoothies, banana muffins, caramel banana pudding, banana toffee caramel, banana fritters etc. 

Finally and overall learning about such super powerful fruits, is that banana is the power house of many healthy nutritional value such as Vitamins, low in fat and protein  , less cholesterol, manganese, magnesium, iron , vitamins B 6 , sucrose, glucose, fructose etc . These all valuable nutrition is essential and required for healthy functioning of our human body. 

         MANOJ 🙏😊


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