Eating CAVIAR is symbol and status of wealth , luxury and high -end social status in our modern world. Caviar is an expensive sea food that’s cost minimum ₹ 1 lac to 2.5 lac per kg since it is a rare healthy luxury staple food in the world of gastronomy and classic connoisseur society.

This is traditional staple food of Russia 🇷🇺 since long time, Russian people love to eat caviar on toast  or blinis pancakes 🥞 with shot of Vodka .

The Caviar is basically it’s roe ( egg) of sturgeon fish family such as Beluga, Sevruga, Ossetra and Salmon , which is found in Caspian Sea and Black Sea in Russia 🇷🇺 and Iran 🇮🇷 sea coastal area.

Beluga caviar is the best in the world followed by Ossetra and Sevruga’ s sturgeon roe caviar in the world.

Eating caviar is always a delicious and great experience, the sturgeon fish roe or egg as caviar pop up gently in mouth and tongue taste buds, releasing their natural flavours and texture mix of salt and fishy with Umami taste feeling, the Umami to be considered is 5th basic taste in human taste buds in addition to sweet, salty, sour and bitter. To eat caviar on bread or with blinis pancake with shot of chilled vodka , chilled champagne 🥂 or with chilled white wine is true happiness to enjoy caviar as the black diamond of Russian Black Sea gift .

Caviar is always served chilled on the bed of crystals crushed ice with lemon wedges, traditionally the mother of pearl bone oyster spoon 🥄 should be used to eat caviar because any metallic spoon can spoiled the taste and flavours of caviar. It goes well with plain toast, hard boiled eggs, brioche, bruschetta, blinis with sour cream and butter along with cucumber, red onion, capers, egg white, raw salmon, herbs finally with shot of chilled vodka .

The basic reason is to eat caviar with alcohol is that fat in caviar and buttered bread toast always reduces and lessen the effect of alcohol ,so if you had buttered toast and caviar, you feel less drunk while drinking vodka or chilled champagne 🍾 with caviar.

Caviar as an appetizer small bite food is always very rich source of multiple healthy vitamins and sea water minerals including Omega fatty acids- 3 , which helps to prevent and promote human healthy nervous system, artillery blocks and immune system boost up. One spoon of consuming caviar provides an adult human body of his daily requirement of Vitamins B 12 , besides caviar is rich with vitamins A , E, B 6 , Iron , Magnesium and Selenium for healthy benefits of human body fitness.

One tablespoon approx 15 gram of caviar contains following nutritional value , which is essential for human body.
Energy 42 gm calories, Fat 2.86 gm , Carbohydrates 0.64 gm, Fibers 0 gm, Protein 4 gm, Sodium 240 gm , Cholesterol 94 gm , Zinc 14 gm approx.......

                                             HEALTHY BENEFITS OF EATING CAVIAR 

1. OMEGA  -3 FATTY ACIDS :  One gram of caviar covers the required omega - 3 in human body for entire day’s requirements. Caviar’s Omega- 3 is an excellent source of energy for the human body to work at peak healthy. Omega- 3 fatty acids helps and protects the human body against heart diseases, strokes, heart attacks, blood clogging in arteries etc. 

2. SELENIUM: This is highly found in caviar, which is a natural mineral ingredients found in seafood, when it is mixed with vitamin E , helps in preventing the human body from radical as well as selenium support thyroid function and boost up body immune system too . 

3. VITAMIN B -12 : Caviar is high in vitamin B 12 , this helps us to maintain and balance our nervous system as well as helps in improving human DNA and Vitamin B 12 from caviar can prevent from weakness disease due to anemia. 

4. VITAMIN D : Threre is always good amount of vitamin D is available in the caviar, which is good for human bones , teeth, muscles as well as helps in depression symptoms and human mind mood boost up . 

                                       FEW CLASSIC APPETIZER OF CAVIAR FOOD 

1. Toasted brioche caviar with creame Fraiche 

2. Caviar & smoked salmon canapés 

3. Caviar on boiled egg with celery 

4. Caviar & cucumber bites 

5. Black beluga caviar on lentils blinis 

6. Penne pasta with salmon red caviar 

6. Red & black caviar sushi 

7. Russian eggplant caviar 

8. Caviar & Chive cream cheese 

9. Smoked salmon with beluga caviar 

10. Caviar & cheese crackers 


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