The food word grilled roasted lamb chops always bring water in our mouth and our taste buds starts gets  stimulating as well as our eating appetite gets  active and alive to eat and enjoy juicy soft tender lamb meat with glass of classic French red wine such as Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Cabernet , Cotes du Rhone , Bordeaux and many more that goes with fiery delicious grilled lamb chops , originally red wine due to its tannin presence, helps in balancing  the red lamb meaty marbles fats as well as it’s helps in digestion of grilled lamb meat 🥩 easily in human body.

Lamb chops  are an expensive cut from younger baby sheep but it’s very juicy , soft , delicious in taste once it’s grilled over fire charcoal barbecue in slowly and long time over 160 F - 190 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Sheep 🐑 in its first year is known as lamb with its soft , tender, pink to pale red meat 🥩, besides the spring lamb meat is butchered from very young baby milk feed lamb, it’s meat is always pinkish in colour. The darker the colour of lamb meat means it is taken from an older aged matured Sheep 🐑.

Lamb meat is very healthy and rich in source of high protein and saturated fats, as well as it is an excellent food choice to build and strengthen human body muscles and bones, besides fats and protein it also carries good amount of nutritional value in its red meat 🥩 such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12 , Cholesterol, Calories, Polyunsaturated fats, moo saturated fats, Sodium, Potassium, Dietry fiber, Vitamin A , Cobalamin, Caramel sugar etc . Eating lamb red meats is very useful in preventing from diseases like anemia, arthritis, bone marrow issues, body weakness symptoms, Red blood cells etc.

Lamb chops are best cooked over grill, bar -be - que, tandoori oven , charcoal grilled. The natural wood charcoal plays an important role in taste and flavours of any grill lamb or lamb chops , since the wooden charcoal contains the quality of smokey woody catalyst quality in it , so i always recommend to use compressed dry wooden charcoal for grilling lamb meat 🥩 over fire 🔥.

                                           How to tender and soften lamb meat 🥩 chops . 
Tenderiser or soften  ingredients helps to break down the thick density of red meat fibres and allow the red grill meat to get cook evenly to achieve soft tender juicy food texture over charcoal grill fire 🔥.

1. Always rub coarser salt with olive oil or truffle oil.

2. Pounding with meat hammer to flatten lamb chops meat 🥩.

3. Pierce the meat with forks and knife.

4. Use natural tenderising ingredients such as Kachri, Raw Papaya, Malt vinegar, Hung curd.

5. Use pineapple chunks, Kiwis, Green apple as fruit tenderiser ingredients.

6. Worcester shire sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Soy sauce, wine vinegar, ciders, lime or lemon juice.

                                         Natural flavours goes with grilled lamb chops . 

1. Mustard glazed carrots 🥕 , Black and green olive, Capers. 

2. Herbal roasted Jersey , Gherkins, Shallots. 

3. Roasted leek and asparagus , Artichokes, Brussels. 

4. Smoked bacon and animal fat lard , animal  liver fat . 

5. Roasted Squash with garlic pod , tarragon and cilantro. 

6. Cummin - It’s earthy bitterness seeds match well with Lamb meat 🥩. 

7. Rosemary- This is old traditional classic seasonings and flavouring ingredients for grilled lamb chops which imparts a resins aroma to lamb meat. 

8. Even garlic , ginger, black peppers, curry powder, Indian whole garam masala, Oregano, dry bay leaf are too very suitable flavouring and seasonings ingredients for lamb chops 🥩. 

                                   Few  Delicious world famous Grilled Lamb Chops Dishes . 

1. Tandoori grill lamb chops also known as famous “ Barrah Kebab”. 

2. Grilled peshawai Lamb Chops. 

3. New Zealand lamb chops with mint sauce. 

4. New Zealand grilled lamb with capers. 

5. Lahori Grilled Lamb . 

6. Sikendri Punjabi Raan . 

7. Grilled Mediterranean spiced lamb chops. 

8. Turkish Lamb Chops. 

9. Roasted Greek Lamb. 

10. Balsamic vinegar glazed lamb. 

11. Grilled American Lamb Chops. 

12. Cast iron American Chops . 

13 . Rosemary grilled Lamb Chops. 

14. Persian Lamb chops also known as Lamb Shaslik. 

15.  Bacon wrapped grilled Lamb Chops. 


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