The TOFU which is also known as soybeans curd is highly popular food ingredients among every food lovers who is seriously concerned about loosing weight and oil fat free eating habits in their daily diet meal plan menu . 

The curdled soy milk product tofu is similar to cheese and paneer making process, it is produced by grinding soybeans to form a milk food products. This is very ideal food options for vegan diet food lovers since it’s is best substitute to any meaty food products. It is highly loaded with healthy nutrition , protein, minerals vitamins, omega- 3 fatty acids and in addition to tofu is very low in fats and carbohydrates properties. 

The basic theory behind manufacturing of tofu is by coagulating natural soy milk then pressing processed which is resulting beans curd into solids white milky blocks of many softness levels and categories such silken , soft , firm , extra firm . The best variety is SILKEN TOFU for healthy eating.  

Due to soft spongy texture of tofu it absorbs every aroma and flavours well . It is most often considered as best substitute of meat . Tofu is an old traditional food ingredients in Chinese and Japanese cuisine since 2000 years ago besides it is widely used in every pan asian cuisine in soup , salad, main course, desserts etc. 

From nutritional point of view tofu is low in calories but carries a relatively good amount of plant protein, it is rich in iron , calcium, protein, magnesium, vitamins B 1 , Aside from the nutritional value and benefits tofu can be a good source in boosting immune system, loosing weight. A cup of tofu approx 165 gram contains approx 94 calories, it doesn’t contains any saturated fat and very very low in fat overall.


1. At least 3 times in a week tofu should include in diet meal plan menu .

                    2. Tofu  comes with only 70 total calories which makes it highly nutrients dense food 

      3. It contains all 9 essential amino acids since it’s a valuable plants products . 

4. Standard serving and consumption of tofu should be approx 150 grams. 

                     5. Eating this healthy food prevents many chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure. 

                     6. Very help full in controlling cancer cells and prevents early ageing symptoms in body. 

                   7. Prevents in obesity as well as great food for weight loss due to extremely low in fat . 

  8. Regular intake of tofu can reduces the risk of diabetics symptoms in body 

            9. The natural protein properties in tofu improves the skin and tone facial muscles. 

                    10. Due to zero fat and cholesterol in tofu is best for reducing any cardiovascular disease. 

                11. It’s proven  that tofu is a complete  food which is a power house of many nutrients. 

So finally I would say that in spite of being a bland and flavours less food , undoubtedly tofu is best food ingredients to include and eat in your daily meal plan menu mainly for weight loss purposes. 


1. Kale leaf & Diya garlic tofu salad , Avocado and brown tofu salad, Green olive and tofu bowls. 

    2. Mapo tofu , Clay pot tofu, Wok tossed soy garlic tofu, Tofu in oyster sauce, Fried Tofu nuggets . 

   3. Pistachios crumbled tofu , Lemon grass tofu , Burnt garlic tofu, Hoisin glazed tofu , Basil tofu . 

  4. Quinoa rice  tofu, Chilli garlic soy tofu, Kikkoman soy tofu,  Spicy smoked tofu , Dry chilli tofu. 


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