As we are all living in summer season with hot humid rainy weather and our eating habits and appetite doesn’t allow us to eat much heavier food during such weather as well as current modern lifestyle is more towards losing weight and look slim trim as main features of  our personality. The
choosing and eating salad 🥗 a day is great healthy food ideas to stay fit , loose weight as well keep away all diseases.

For reducing and loosing weight we should first start with basis light green salad with tomato, onion, cucumber, lettuce leaf 🥬, it is less in calories and full natural nutritional value with vitamins C , A, & natural source of water to maintain healthy hydration level in our body, cucumber 🥒 and tomato helps in skin tone glowing.

Eating salad daily in our meal as side dish , is a cool , crunchy, colourful refreshing eating experience and it keeps us away from diseases and aging effects in life . Salad 🥗 is a super natural source of fiber and nutrients. Leafy greens and raw veggies are source of many good healthy benefits, it reduces blood cholesterol, control blood sugar, weight loss .

                                     FEW HEALTHY USEFUL TIPS ABOUT SALAD 🥗
1 . Try to skip oil , mayonnaise, fatty dressing in salad , since it’s enhances cholesterol.

2. Eating salad a day builds strong bones, muscles.

3. Reduces heat diseases and stroke .

4. Protect human body peepers.

5. Improve our appetite and control digestive system.

6. Salad is natural sources of fiber , specially leafy greens and raw greens are excellent source of nutrition and vitamins.

7. Must include green organic  germinated sprouts like wheat grass, mung, chick peas , peas green shoots. These are very healthy sources of vitamins B , C, E , proteins, minerals .

8. Leafy vegetables as kale, lettuce, iceberg lettuce, parsley, celery are perfect choice for a salad meal bowl.

9. Red colour veggies & fruits  like , tomato, radishes, red onion, red peppers, Cheery , strawberry should intake in salad 🥗.

10. Green veggies as green tomato, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, olive, cucumber, green capsicum, spring onion, Brussels , beans, edamame, avocado 🥑 should be included in daily salad menu.

11. Orange colour salad ingredients like  carrots 🥕, orange peppers, squash, cold sweet potato 🍠 is good to eat as salad 🥗.

12. Low calorie greens such as ice berg, bibb, romaine, lettuce, kale. green cabbage, snow cabbage, purple cabbage are good options to start as low calories ingredients.

13. Boiled sweet corn 🌽 kernel is one of healthy salad idea.

14. Must infused and mix healthy nutritional herbs 🌿 as Thai basil, chervil, tarragon, rosemaries, celery sticks, chives, parsley, dill, thyme. taragon etc adds flavours in salad 🥗 bowls.

15.  Tomato , Onion , Cucumber with touch of lime juice , salt and pepper is a great stimulating appetizer before going for main course meal 🥘.

16. Must add whole grain food like Quinoa, Wheat, Oats with dry nuts as healthy salad meal.

17.  To add up and have lean and light protein value salad with your main course meal, the best choices are cottage cheese, cheese, tofu , eggs, tuna , salmon, caviar, Oysters 🦪, low fat grilled
chicken & mutton with crispy crunchy leafy veggies and light dressing with honey lemon mustard and vinegar.

18. Boiled and tossed pasta salad with olive oil dressing are rich sources of carbohydrates and calories.

19. Few world famous healthy salads are : Som Tom, Kale & Quinoa, Corn and Capsicum, Walnuts salad, Edamame & Quinoa, Greek Salad, Ceaser salad, Avocado & grilled salmon, Lettuce cheese 🧀 salad, Cucumber thyme yogurt salad, Thai crunchy salad, Thai crunchy mango salad,  Grilled tomato and feta cheese salad, Crispy kale tofu salad, Grilled chicken & Zucchini salad, Grilled steak and tomato salad, and much more in receipe book .....

Happy eating and healthy living long life with a salad 🥗 bowl daily 😊





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