HEALTHY EATING OF PAPAYA IN DAILY BREAKFAST . 

The papaya is one of the best healthy fruit available throughout the year at very low priced at Rs 20 per kg in India. This is power house of many healthy benefits of required nutrients for human body . 
Papaya is rich in antioxidants, Vitamins C , natural fibers , very low fat and less carbohydrates . Eating daily approx 200 gram of papaya in daily morning breakfast or during snacks time is great helpful in digestion, liver function, weight loss etc . 

It is an exotic delicious light fruit can be eaten as salad , snacks, smoothies, milkshakes, fruit salad, desserts. The papaya plant is the species of carica plant family , it is grown in every tropical climate country in the world and it is considered that first it’s origin was in Central America and Southern Mexico. This is single stem trees grow up to 15 - 33 fit height with green slightly hard leaves which is in spiral form confined to top of the it’s tree trunk and in addition to remember that every plant of papaya contains natural white milky LATEX in it . 

There are basically two kind of papaya fruit is available, one has sweet , red or orange flesh and second one has yellow pulp flesh . In Australia they are called red papaya and yellow PAPAW . Either types, picked green is called “ Green papaya “ . 

                                  THE USAGE OF GREEN RAW PAPAYA AND PAPAYA SEEDS 

1) UNRIPE RAW GREEN PAPAYA: Raw papaya contains approx 80% water, 11% carbohydrates, and very less fat and protein when it is raw green , besides it is significant source of Vitamin C and moderate amount of folate properties in it . 
Green papaya is widely used in pan asian Chinese and Thai cuisine for preparation of soup , salad, jam , pickle, desserts etc . The famous SOM TOM salad is made from julienne of raw papaya as well as young leaves of papaya used for making Lalab Salad. even it’s young green leaves are blanched and eaten as spinach in Indonesia. 

In Brazil raw green papaya used to make sweets , pickles, Jam etc . Even the flowers of papaya plant is stir fried and sautéed with chilli and tomato to make many flavours dish in Thailand. In addition in Bangladesh the famous traditional dish called “ SUKTO “ is prepared with raw green papaya with bitter gourd, drumstick, potatoes, and pumpkin, In India raw papaya dish is very healthy for diabetes patients. 

2 )  PAPAYA SEEDS: Scientifically studies proven that there is ample and very effective use of papaya seeds for human health. , so no more throwing of papaya seeds since eating of its seed helps in curing of gut, liver, kidney, cancer cells, skin . In addition it helps our body to stop from absorbing excess fat as well solving the problems of weight gain on , bloating as well. Had raw seeds or it’s paste are extremely stimulating the body’s well being . 

                               BEST HEALTHY BENEFITS OF RIPEN PAPAYA FRUIT.

1 )  Papaya is rich in natural fibres that helps in digestion and the papain presence in it is very helpful for detoxification in body . 

2 )  It is good source of protein and small amount of healthy fats in it , eating approx 200 gm papaya in daily breakfast or as evening snacks will always keeps us young and fit & full for longer life aged. 

3) Papaya is good power house of vitamin A & C , which is good for our immune system by removing toxins from the body . This helps keep illnesses and infection away from our body . To aid in weight loss plan must eat 175 gram papaya daily in empty stomach in morning breakfast as daily routine. 

4) Dur to rich in Vitamin C , Vitamin E and contains lower beta - carotene , which is good for prevention of skin from radical damages, keeping wrinkles and other skin symptoms of ageing through out our life if we continue keep on eating papaya.

5)  Eating papaya in empty stomach regulates bowel function of stomach, the fruit will let flush out toxins from our body as well as also lower down bad cholesterol level and prevents many heart diseases.

6) An excellent fruit for weight loss because of the it’s low calorie count . Really good source of natural fiber, which helps our body to stay full longer. we may end up eating very fewer calories through out the day after eating papaya in daily breakfast meal menu . 

7 )  The magical healthy enzymes PAPAIN founds in papaya fruit, which assist in preventing therapatic issues in body . It has an antioxidants and very rich in fruit fiber with minimum calories and carbohydrates that great helping in loosing body weight. 

8 ) Papaya is power house of nutrients including antioxidants, essential minerals, vitamins, as well as very effective in digestion and detoxification of liver and stomach. 

9) Dur to antioxidant and rich in papain enzymes, can help in fight against inflammation in our body. 

10) Eating papaya also helps in absorption of protein due to papain enzymes properties in it which is good for digestion of meat and absorption of protein from the meat , since protein is key source of valuable nutrients in human body when it comes to fat and weight loss 


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