The Indian dal pulses or Indian legumes are very common , basic and highly popular kitchen food ingredients and commodities in every Indian kitchen household, hotels, restaurants. This is one of the highly liked staples food of every Indian people and we grown up eating dal chawal, dal rotis , dal chapatis from our childhood to till we live . Dal which is also spelled as Daal is very rich source of healthy nutritional treasures and vitamins, it’s contains rich fibre, protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B and very low in fat but always provides higher calories and carbohydrates for strengthen overall human body and fitness.

The famous dal recipe preparations  in India are Dal Makhni , Dal Bukhara , Dal Tadka, Sambhar , Rasam , Khatti Mithhi dal , Dal Palak , Dal Shorba , Lakui chana dal , Amchur dal, Dal Muradabadi, Punjabi Dal , Rajasthani Marwari dal , Bengali chana dal , Bengali matar ghutni, Hingwali dal , Dal bati churma and many more delicacy of various dal flavours in every part of India 🇮🇳, since being a vast and multiple cultural country, every states and social culture having its own kitchen specialty for making yummy, healthy, delicious dal dishes that goes well with Indian rice , rotis , parantha , naan , chapati , bhature etc . Chole bhature , Dal Makhni & butter naan , Chur - Chur Naan & Chana dal , Idli & sambhar , Dosa & saambhar , Rajma & rice , Moong dal halwa, Moong dal jalebi, Vada , Chana dal vada , Stuffed chana dal parantha , Tomato dal Pappu, Kerai Kittu dal etc. , are few famous healthy & yummy dal  , pulses based Indian food dish .

The main reason behind Indian dal or pulses being so healthy food is that it’s is grown on very rich fertile soils through out the season in over all Indian agricultural cultivation practices, the farmers used organic fertility while growing dal , pulses, legumes for human consumption as very common basic and daily regular food in every Indian plates and Thali .

Almost all dal comes in three forms ; such as sabut dal or whole dal like sabut urad dal , sabut moong dal. Secondly is split or chilka dal that is dal with it’s natural skin and broken in two parts with skin intact and finally third one dal dhuli means it is washed and cleaned such as urad dhuli , moong dhuli etc .

The tasty and delicious ways to enjoy dal is with addition of ghee, butter, rogan oil , cream , chopped onion, tomato, radishes, cucumber, chopped coriander leaves, adding chaat masala, lemon juice etc. always enhances and improve the flavours and aroma of every cooked dal and pulses. The famous traditional Indian DAL MAKHNI which is also known as DAL BUKHARA or MAA KI DAL is made with combinations of three dal ingredients it’s Black urad dal 60% , Rajma 20% , Chana dal 20% with butter and cream and it’s is cooked for long time on slow charcoal fires in copper handi for approx 8- 10 hours to get its creamy and silky texture .

Cooked boiled dal contains 9% protein, 70% water, carbohydrates with fibre 8% , fat 1% , in addition it supplies a very rich of 20% or more required daily food value for human consumption such as vitamins B , Folate 45% , magnesium 25% , Thiamine 15% and dietary minerals and fibre with iron 19%, phosphorus 18%


1. LENTILS: Also known as Masoor dal having third highest level of protein other than soybeans and hemp. The masoor dal or red lentils is very commonly used lentils in the Indian cuisine. It is an extremely beneficial dal for healthy eating with any other greens vegetables. It’s fully loaded with protein, fibre, magnesium, calcium, vitamins B , folate acid that improves overall health, besides it also helps to lower cholesterol and control sugar level. 

2. MOONG DAL : Also known as green gram is one of the highly recommended pulses for vegetarian, the best way to eat it as sprouted moong in breakfast and snacks. It’s very low in fat and carries very higher protein, intact moong dal is considered to be one of the best plant based source of protein like soybeans. It having two varieties one with green skin and second one is without skin call yellow moong dal . 

3. BENGAL GRAM OR CHICK PEAS OR CHANA DAL : it is fully loaded with nutrients as well as super rich in protein, folate, zinc , and dietary fibre. One cup of chana dal gives 33% protein for the day besides it is good for heart and diabetes since it’s rich in fibre approx 30% , cholesterol 0% . The smaller size with skin called black chana and larger size with white skin called Kabuli chana used is also used to make Hummus dips. It also helps in anti inflammatory symptoms in human body. 

4. TOOR DAL OR ARHAR DAL : Also known as Pigeons pea , it is also very commonly used pulses in every Indian kitchen and is loaded with folic acid, iron , calcium, vitamin B , potassium. The famous Gujarati dal called Khatte Mitthi dal is made from this dal only. 

5. LOBIA : Known as cowpea or black eyed pea , it very healthy one since it is good source of protein and fibre in it and best suitable for weight loss. 

6. MATAR DAL : It’s dried green peas very popular in Bengali cuisine to make famous Bengali dish called Ghugni as well as it is eaten simply by boiling as lite bites munch. It is too very rich in protein, dietary fibre, copper, Vitamin B1, B5 and potassium. 

7. URAD DAL : This is very famous dal eaten in every North Indian house and mainly in Punjab region of India, this dal is also known as Maa ki dal and famous dal makhni is made from urad dal . It’s rich in protein. fibre, carbohydrates, calories and good for digestion and stomach wellness. 

8. RAJMA : This is famous dal from Punjab, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh region commonly known as red kidney beans. An excellent source of high calories and carbohydrates with rich food fibre and protein. 


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